Spiegel Reports India Adamant: “Economic Development Before Climate Protection” …To Triple CO2 Emissions By 2030!

The online Spiegel here writes that India has no plans of cooperating when it comes to CO2 reductions: “In India economic development comes before climate protection. The country is massively embarking on coal-fired power.”

Coal before climate

The German weekly writes that the country has 360 million people suffering under grinding poverty and 400 million people living in homes that are not even connected to the power grid. With such pressing problems it is no surprise that climate change does not have top priority for Prime Minister Modi.

That’s bad news for the proponents of massive global CO2 cuts and (expensive) green energies. Spiegel maintains that India will play a decisive role on whether or not climate protection targets get met. Currently the country is seeing rapid economic growth and its emissions of CO2 are accelerating like never before. Coal burning is set to double by 2019, Spiegel writes. CO2 emissions are projected to almost triple by 2030. That’s huge for a country with well over a billion people.

India rejects requests to cut back

The flagship German weekly also adds that India is not about to accept any requests from prosperous industrial countries that it scale back its coal-burning, especially in view that per capita CO2 emission is India is a mere fraction of developed western countries (see Spiegel’s first chart) and that is the western countries who have burned coal for 150 years and are responsible for alleged climate problems.

Spiegel writes:

India accuses the industrial countries of hypocrisy when it comes the environmental protection – a sentiment that many other developing countries have expressed.”

Industrial countries must pony up 155 billion a year!

Modi’s government is not going to accept any deal unless the industrial countries pony up big time, Spiegel describes. New Dehli estimates that just reducing the intensity of Indian CO2 emissions will cost 155 billion euros – per year! A number that Spiegel says is somewhat overblown and for the purpose of negotiation.

Expect industrial countries in Europe and North America to commit to substantial cuts, but developing countries to get a free pass. Globally CO2 cutbacks remain a distant fantasy and will continue their growth unhindered.


13 responses to “Spiegel Reports India Adamant: “Economic Development Before Climate Protection” …To Triple CO2 Emissions By 2030!”

  1. DirkH

    French state media meteorologist Verdier, sacked for climate-skeptical views, has been hired by RT, heaps scorn on COP scoundrels in Paris.

  2. Pointman

    Nominations for climate prat of the week are now open.


    1. AndyG55

      Its a bummer, but there can only be one possible winner this year. Its a “no-contest” situation.

  3. Mikky

    Greens have been very successful in peddling the myth that coal causes air pollution, which is only true when it is burned in homes for heat, or in nearby factories.

    Developing countries such as Africa, India and China need clean and affordable electricity, so that they can avoid air pollution. By far the best source of this clean and affordable electricity is coal-fired power stations. Natural gas, if available, also helps for cooking and heating.

    Greens will lie and cheat about it, but the coal+gas solution is the only way forward for billions in developing countries.

  4. Edward.

    “Greens will lie and cheat about it, but the coal+gas solution is the only way forward for billions in developing countries.”


    “coal+gas”: It’s the only way forward for millions here – in the west.

  5. DirkH

    For some occult reason, saving the planet from CO2 requires we build 2 giant transformers, 720 metric tonnes each, and drive them from NRW to the North Sea coast where they are needed to move offshore wind farm output into the grid. Fotos of transport.

    I am sure this is all sustainable and they’re not made from mined and refined metals but from fairy spittle, and that this is all a sign of how cheap wind power got – as some will doubtlessly try to tell us.
    I mean, look at how serious those Germans take those cult rituals.

  6. Mervyn

    The United Nations would like nothing better than to rid the world of capitalism in favour of the arrogant, ambitious, and unscrupulous ideology of environmentalism… where central planning and global governance by the UN will prevail in the best interests of the planet. Good bye freedom, good bye democracy, good bye the market economy and good bye prosperity. That is what these unelected and unaccountable UN authoritarians would like to see.

  7. mwhite
  8. Skeptik

    And Gavin (dear soul) gets his knickers in a twist when someone says “You’re killing poor brown (& black) people to make rich whites even richer”

  9. David Appell

    Obviously the US should lead the way in CO2 cutbacks — it’s emitted 366 Gt CO2 (1850-2012), according to WRI CAIT:

    Even Germany is far ahead of India: 85 Gt CO2 compared to 38 Gt CO2.

    When the US and Germany cut back, then India can begin to do the same. Until they, they deserve reparations for the damage already done to the climate that is already affecting them (e.g. 2500 heat wave deaths this summer).

    1. DirkH

      David, I’m astounded again. I thought you were worrying about coal particulates these days? Back to CO2 already?

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