50 Years Of “Consensus Science” Gets Scrambled, Battered And Fried!

Global warming alarmists like to tell us that we can all trust the global warming science – because “97% of all scientists – an overwhelming consensus -” agree with the science. They just couldn’t possibly be wrong, could they?

Unfortunately history shows us that whenever such claims of consensus are used as the main argument to support a science theory, then it is very likely totally wrong. Yes, the earth used to be flat.

Today we see the latest great example of this, made crystal clear by a new study just released by the University of Eastern Finland titled:

High-cholesterol diet, eating eggs do not increase risk of heart attack, not even in persons genetically predisposed, study finds

Recall how for decades we were warned of the serious dangers of saturated fats and cholesterol in our diets. By the 1980s, 99% of all physicians, heart surgeons, the AMA; NAS, AHA, nutritionists -you name it – all full-heartedly agreed. The US government and health institutions worldwide even made it official policy to promote the high carb, lowfat diet as consequence. Today we see the devastating result: a catastrophic global epidemic of obesity and obesity related diseases that is set to bankrupt health care systems internationally.

In the meantime, Big AG and Big Pharma raked in trillions with the blood of tens of milllions dripping from their hands.

Remember how were told to limit out intake of eggs. Well, the University of East Finland has just released the results of a comprehensivbe study on eggs and heart health. They show:

…a relatively high intake of dietary cholesterol, or eating one egg every day, are not associated with an elevated risk of incident coronary heart disease. Furthermore, no association was found among those with the APOE4 phenotype, which affects cholesterol metabolism and is common among the Finnish population.”

The findings were published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Again recall that this all totally flies in the face of almost 50 years of science once deemed as indisputable, as is junk climate science today.

Science Daily writes the dietary habits of 1032 men aged between 42 and 60 years were assessed and the study found that the consumption of eggs, which are rich in dietary cholesterol, was not associated with the risk of incident coronary heart disease.

The study did not establish a link between dietary cholesterol or eating eggs with thickening of the common carotid artery walls, either.”

They found nothing, absolutely NADA! No risk!

The fact is that the story of cholesterol is one of scientific fraud (see starting at 19:00) conducted by the shady manufacturers of plant-based “food” oils and Big Agriculture.

The real heart killer is turning out to be plant-based oils (e.g. canola, cottonseed, corn oil, etc.) peddled by Big Ag, and the highly processed carbohydrates from US food industry, in part with the blessing of a greedy pharmaceutical industry.

Slowly we are finding out that the 50-year long high-carb low-fat scam is turning out to be the crime of the 20th century.


21 responses to “50 Years Of “Consensus Science” Gets Scrambled, Battered And Fried!”

  1. patrick healy

    About 15 years ago, when I was 69, my doctor diagnosed high blood pressure.
    He recommended the killer diet of low fat and drugs.
    Luckily a friend got me a copy of “Protein Power” by Doc’s Eades.
    I have never looked back.
    Seripenditiously, this was about the time I became a Mann Made Global Warming agnostic.
    Strange old world indeed Pierre.

  2. yonason

    Looks like he has a website?

  3. BobW in NC

    Consensus…ah, yes. I especially like the oxymoron, “scientific consensus.” I still haven’t figured that one out…

  4. DirkH

    I can’t even imagine how my fingernails and my hair would look like without my daily egg. Boiled just enough so that the yolk stays liquid. Prepared on a German bun with grass fed butter.

    I’m getting more vain as time goes buy.

    1. yonason

      I don’t know about vain, but you’re making me hungry.

  5. Ingvar Engelbrecht

    After reading several books by Bruce Fyfe, “the coconut man” I am 100% convinced about the marvels of coconut oil and palm oil and the evil of polyunsatured fats and anti cholesterol drugs. And of course, I eat 2 eggs for breakfasttogether with butter or coconut oil.

    His main point on cholesterol is that cholesterol is produced in the body too repair blood wessles that has been injured by free radicals coming from polyunsaturated (rancid) fats and the body try to repair it with cholesterol.

    I highly recommend his books. They are full of facts, testemonials and refences to scientific studies.

  6. M E

    I came across some interesting information when looking on line for information about anti oxidants. Many are not shown on packets because they are used to prevent oils from plants and varnishes and lacquers from oxidising while in storage and not being food ingredients do not need to be listed.

  7. RCS

    The role of dietary cholestorel has been widely debated in the medical literature. At least 50% of serum cholesterol is endogenous, in other words, it is synthesised in the literature.

    What is known is that inhibition of cholesterol sythesis in the liver by HMG-coA reductase with statins has a very significant beneficial effect on the progression of arterial disease in patients with elevated cholesterol.

    In short, if your cholesterol is normal, dietary restrictions are probably ineffective, but if you have a pathologically high cholesterol, reducing this through drugs and dietary means is beneficial.

    1. DirkH

      Well that was how they pushed the statins.
      Now that patent protection for the most important ones is over, suddenly researchers find out that, well, cholesterol is not such a killer after all.
      As to the “What is known…”, well, it is also “known” that CO2 kills the planet.
      I guess once the big gravy train of warmunism has run its course, researchers will suddenly find out that that was a pile of horse manure as well.

      1. RCS

        Warmism and high serum cholesterol are not comparable. Numerous studies have shown that there is a significant correlation with ischaemic heart disease and that reduction of elevated cholesterol reduces the risk of stroke and myocardial infarction. The lipid deposition in arterial walls has been shown to be related to serum cholesterol in man and experimental animals and the resultant inflamatory reaction forms the atheromatous plaque.

        Statins were developed to lower pathologically high serum cholesterol due to synthesis is the liver. The evidence is that they a) lower serum cholesterol, particlularly in the LDL fraction and b) they reduce the incidence of aterial events, i.e.: stokes and myocardial infarcts by ~30% in patients with elevated cholesterol.

        To say that this is equivalent to uncritical warmism is simply incorrect because of the weight of evidence to relate elevated serum cholesterol and vascular events.

        The role of dietary cholesterol is far more controversial (and has been for many years). While it is true that cholesterol can be modified by dietary means, eitherby reducing intake or by reducing the its entero-hepatic circulation (where the sterol form is reabsorbed in the lower bowel and resynthesised to form cholesterol in the liver) through dietary fibre, this only causes minor changes as opposed to the statins.

        In short, statins do what they are designed to do and there is substantial evidence that they reduce cardiovascular mortality and morbidity. The money and effort expended by pharmaceutical companies in developing and testing statins is massive and, while “Big Pharma” has many faults, this is not one of them.

  8. Dr Tim Ball-Climatologist

    Latest book and documentary.
    ‘The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science’.


    Debate between Dr Tim Ball and Elizabeth May
    Scroll down to Ian Jessop part 1

  9. David Appell

    Pierre, you sound bitter.

    Are you angry you got cheated out of eating a few hundred eggs?

    1. Colorado Wellington

      David, you sound callous and stupid.

      Many good people have died prematurely because of this fraud. Their only error was believing the “scientific consensus”.

    2. DirkH

      “Are you angry you got cheated out of eating a few hundred eggs?”

      No, he’s angry for all the poison his doctor made him swallow, airhead.

  10. Steve Borodin

    This seems similar to some research (2 papers) that a friend drew my attention to 10-15 years ago. Research was done in UK I think. I will search for the links. The key points were:

    1. We manufacture cholesterol and make up any shortfall in the diet. So diet is irrelevant (except in a few people with a genetic mutation that causes very high cholesterol). This has been shown by some but not all of the many studies. Researchers can always quote the study that suits them.

    2. Cholesterol is used in the repair of arteries after bacterial infection. From memory, I think it temporarily seals off the infected portion of the artery wall until new tissue is created. Hence, the associated between cholesterol and constricted arteries.

    A good principle seems to be: a normal body is not stupid. Why manufacture cholersterol if it kills you?

  11. Ingvar Engelbrecht

    Beautiful last point

  12. Stephen Richards

    Eat a balanced diet and not too much quantity. It’s that simple. You need fat, protein, carbs. Not too much unsaturated fat, not too much saturated fat. C’est tout simplement comme ça.

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