Spiegel: Even Warmist Scientists Dismiss Climate Change As Cause Of Syrian Conflict, Refugee Crisis

Drought Tomas CastelazoAgain today we see yet another example of why alarmist climate scientists, those with the habit of spreading doom and gloom visions, are simply not credible.

Photo: Tomas Castelazo, CC BY 3.0

Spiegel science journalist Axel Bojanowski reports at Spiegel on the claim that climate change is the big factor behind the Syria conflict: Syria: scientists dispute climate change as cause of war.

A number of activists and some climate scientists have claimed or suggested that the war in Syria was due to the 2006-2010 drought (caused by man-made climate change, of course).

Fortunately many experts have come out called this claim a rather wild stretch of the imagination. And now even German warmist scientists have come out and dismissed the claim as well, citing a lack of evidence and an array of other factors at play.

The German Climate Consortium (DKK) issued a press release on the subject two weeks ago. According to this press release, Dr. Paul Becker, Vice President of the DWD German Weather Service, reminds that climate change itself is only one of many factors involved in migration and conflict, and that the issue is very complex and needs to be researched more.

Moreover, according to peace researcher Dr. Christiane Fröhlich, results of a survey of Syrian farmers and workers who were hard hit by the 2006-2010 drought showed:

The often claimed causality between drought, migration and conflict outbreak is not tenable. Though the migration of people rose domestically during the drought, neither was the drought the single conflict initiator nor was it ‘climate migrants’ who sparked the protests.”

The press release adds that the conflict was in fact mostly due to bad policies by the Assad regime. Bojanowski adds:

When it comes to who to blame for hunger, the climate argument enables politicians to find guilty parties outside of their countries when in fact they themselves are responsible because of their mismanagement.”

On whether climate change is having an impact on droughts worldwide, The press release adds (emphasis added):

The impact of climate change on the developments with respect to the dangers of drought, according to Paul Pecker, is not statistically significantly verifiable due to the high range of variation in precipitation.”

This is yet another surprisingly reasonable statement coming from a German scientist who has been known to be excessively warmist.

We hope Dr. Becker will also acknowledge the fact that the Sahara region has in fact been greening over the past couple of decades and so climate change is not all bad. In fact history shows that a warmer planet is far more agreeable to life than a cooler one.


11 responses to “Spiegel: Even Warmist Scientists Dismiss Climate Change As Cause Of Syrian Conflict, Refugee Crisis”

  1. yonason

    What we need is to have Al Gore lecture ISIS about the importance of not adding more CO2 to the atmosphere.

    1. Colorado Wellington

      We also need to dispatch nutritional advisors Balluch and Edell to lecture ISIS fighters about their high consumption of meat and convert them to veganism.
      Spiegeleir Vegan
      by Martin Balluch

      Does Feminism Require Vegetarianism or Veganism?
      by Cecilia Edell

      1. Colorado Wellington

        Errata: Spiegeleier Vegan

        1. yonason

          “Aufregung bei den VeganerInnen – wo gibts das zu kaufen?” – Balluch article

          LOL! Hey, Vegans, do you ever wonder why you crave the REAL thing? Why do you think that the more real it looks, the less fake it well be? It isn’t going to happen. There’s a reason for the appeal of REAL food. There’s a reason why you’re tired of that unappetizing nutrition-less garbage you’ve been eating.

          “…we are open to how all people feel about the relationship between one’s diet and one’s feminism.” – vegetative ersatz females

          I.e., “There is more than one way for you to come around to our way of thinking.”

          And where is sod? Still over on the other thread, taking care of some unfinished business?”

          1. yonason

            Another observation about the feminist essay, requiring a separate comment. Let’s look at that sentence fragment again:

            “…we are open to how all people feel about the relationship between one’s diet and one’s feminism.”

            “…how ALL PEOPLE feel about…ONE’S diet…”???

            The cognitive dissonance is strong with that scribbler.

            Curiosity got the better of me, and I took a peak at some of her(?) other titles, like this one:

            “Why It’s Racist When White People Dismiss People of Color’s Lived Reality”

            What about when people of color dismiss the lived reality of “White” people? (except for arrogant spoiled rich kids, like the silly author, who want to dictate how I should live, but who themselves have no “lived reality” to speak of. I dismiss them just as I dismiss the idiot activist “People of Color” who have no clue what MY “lived reality” has been, or should be.)

            And besides, doesn’t that bimbo know that White IS a color? And not only is it A color, it is ALL colors.

            And “Black?” Sorry, but it is the ABSENCE of color, which makes calling people of African descent “people of color,” an oxymoron.

            OK, I better quit before I gaze too closely on the visage of the Medusa. I wouldn’t want to end up as crazy as she.

        2. yonason

          OK, I did get a bit carried away below, but it felt good!

          And yes, I heartily endorse your plan, because . . . why not, nothing else (short of extermination, like we used to do with all other fatal diseases) seems to be workng?!

          1. yonason

            Oh, it’s “above” not “below.”

            I’m still not on top of the fine details of how these things get prioritized.

          2. Colorado Wellington

            You went to town on that demented lineup but how can one resist when they keep pitching these bizarre softballs?

      2. DirkH
        1. yonason

          There’s always one in every crowd.

  2. yonason

    “how can one resist when they keep pitching these bizarre softballs?” – Colorado Wellington

    AKA “target rich environment”

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