Winter Buries Germany’s Spring Under Snow, Ice And Cold …”Spring Nowhere In Sight” (In Late April)!

This morning, even here in the North German lowlands, close to sea level, snow fell as temperatures hovered near the freezing point.

Currently many Germans are struggling under snow, ice and cold as winter terminates spring for the time being. The cause: a low pressure centered over the Baltic Sea pumping in cold polar air through Europe.

Winter massberg April 26, 2016

Winter transforms Germany’s Thuringia Forest into a winter wonderland today. Massberg webcam photo 11.07 a.m.

Newsite Thuringia Antenne here writes that winter has returned and will stick around for awhile, reporting of icy roads, accidents and cold. Meteorologist Dominik Jung of forecasts 5 to 10 cm of snow across wide regions of Germany, especially Bavaria and Thuringia.

The Rheinbrücke at Rees had to be closed for over an hour and a half early this morning due to accidents from icy conditions, the RP Online reports here.

Sub-zero temperatures were recorded at a number of weather stations throughout Germany this morning.

In the northeastern state of Saxony Bild national daily reports by video of a snow chaos as travelers struggle with an “enormous snow mass” as roads become impassable from the snow and snow plows are unable to keep up. The snow is expected to stay at elevations over 400 – 600 meters, reports.

Much of Europe is forecast to remain cold at least for the next 7 days, as the following chart shows negative temperature anomalies:

Winter_April 26 2016 7 day forecast

 In his viedo forecast from this morning, meteorologist Jung says for now, “Spring is nowhere in sight.”

66 responses to “Winter Buries Germany’s Spring Under Snow, Ice And Cold …”Spring Nowhere In Sight” (In Late April)!”

  1. Mike Haseler (Scottish Sceptic)

    Children won’t know what snow is!

  2. Colorado Wellington

    And sod is shocked, shocked that anyone would pay attention to this.

  3. A.B. O'Brien

    And obama is visiting Germany to preach about “global warming”. Guess it’s the gore effect.

    1. Papy Boomer

      Yes. We will call it the ObamaGore Effect. They are linked forever now. Both their reputation is “settled”.

  4. Ralph

    I can hear it now. “OMG IT’S GLOBAL WARMING”.

  5. Loodt Pretorius

    Over here in the UK our Met Office just added a new term to weather forecasting. What we are seeing is not snow but actually soft hail.

    The warmistas are in total denial.

    1. Colorado Wellington

      We haven’t heard it all. Next time they’ll say hail in August is not hail but “big hard snow”. Extreme weather, consistent with global warming.

  6. DICK R

    West Yorkshire’s weather today has been mainly dry snow blowing in on a cold northerly wind Global, warming of the worst kind!

  7. sod

    Good article, asking the question “is this normal?”:

    “Schnee Ende April: Ungewöhnlich oder nicht?

    Sind diese für April sehr niedrigen Temperaturen und Schneeschauer gewöhnlich oder ungewöhnlich für Deutschland? Ein Blick in die Vergangenheit gibt Aufschluss:

    Wie schon bereits in dem Kälte im April-Artikel von Ronny Büttner erwähnt wurde, ist der Vorstoß dieser arktischen Luftmassen für diese Jahreszeit nicht ungewöhnlich. Im Mittel treten im Flachland entlang des Rheins sowie in Ostfriesland die letzten Schneedecken von Mitte Februar bis Mitte März auf, wohingegen man in Bergregionen bis Mitte Juni mit Schnee rechnen kann. Ein Rückblick in die 80-iger Jahre zeigt, dass dort ebenfalls Ende April im Flachland bis zu 40 cm Schnee gefallen sind.

    Die Station Chemnitz meldete am 25. April 1980 eine 37 cm und Gera eine 20 cm dicke Schneedecke. Im Erzgebirge schneite es teilweise innerhalb 24 Stunden bis zu 50 cm Neuschnee. Im Jahr darauf blieb auch der Norden nicht verschont. So wurde am 23. April 1981 im an der Nordsee gelegenen Städtchen St. Peter-Ording eine Schneedecke von 3 cm verzeichnet, in Cuxhaven sogar 8 cm. Ein paar Tage später, am 28. April 1981, schneite es dann in Trier bis zu 20 cm und im Saarland bis zu 22 cm. Daher ziehen wir das Fazit: Schnee Ende April ist im Flachland zwar selten, aber nicht gänzlich ungewöhnlich.
    Gute Nachrichten zum Schluss

    Schon am Ende der Woche können alle Frühlingsliebenden und Kältehassenden schon wieder aufatmen. Dann kommt der Zustrom kalter Polarluft zum Versiegen, und die Temperaturen steigen zum Beginn des Wochenendes auf wieder frühlingshafte 15 Grad an. ”

    The weekend looks rather ok already again…

    1. DirkH

      According to James Hansen we are now 1 full deg C warmer than in the 1980ies!

      Of course I use his MODEL and that not the observations by his apprentice Gavin Schmidt for this. We all know that the models are right and that observations are imperfect.

      But even according to his apprentice we are now 0.4 deg C warmer.



    2. Analitik

      Thanks sod – the weather is normal so the climate hasn’t changed since the early ’80s. Now go and tell all your friends.

      1. Colorado Wellington

        No, you got it wrong. The weather is not normal!

        It is only this weather that is normal. The other weather is not normal. That’s climate weather. Not this normal weather weather.

        It’s like the Polanski rape case. Whoopi explained the difference here. She knows it wasn’t rape rape.

        Weather weather is like rape rape.

        Rape is not your normal rape but rape rape is. Weather weather is the normal weather. End of April was weather weather. When it gets hot it’s not weather weather. It’s not normal. It’s climate weather.

        Is it clear now?

        I have to run. When sod comes out of his shock he may explain it better.

        1. Robert Folkerts

          Hi Colorado Wellington.

          That has got to be the best explanation, ever!!

          1. Colorado Wellington

            Thank you, Robert, but the full credit belongs to sod and Whoopi. I just organized their intellectual forays into a single post.

        2. AndyG55

          “When sod comes out of his shock ”


          I suspect sod is always in a permanent state of shock.

    3. ClimateOtter

      Thanks sod! Since 1980 is nearly 40 years ago and they keep telling us snow is going to disappear from the face of the earth (annnnnnny day now) due to ‘man-made’ global warming, this gives a good indication that they are completely wrong. Along with pretty much every other FAILed prediction.

      Thanks for backing us up!

  8. DirkH

    Glaciers Melting! Sea Level Rising! Hurricanes! Snowstorms!


    It’s been snowing on and off yesterday and today in Munich.

  9. AndyG55
  10. AndyG55

    All this cold in the NH.. It will be interesting to see the UAH and RSS calculated global anomaly for April.

    1. Graeme No.3

      They have just started the first stage of the Noor project, the giant solar heat electricity plant. So you see, the heat is being sucked up by the solar plant, leaving less for the people. The ‘greens’ have always claimed they would stop global warming and here is ‘proof’.
      The population then has to use more electricity and fuel to keep warm. The solution is obvious, shut down all solar heat plants and save money too.

      1. Mindert Eiting

        Graeme: the best and cheapest way to get it warmer is to change the definition of that word. The present weather here would have been called mild or even warm in the middle of January. It’s really warm in Amsterdam.

    2. Analitik

      Fear not, the BoM will still pronounce it as the hottest April EVER


    Now agreeing to test concentration of seawater at different levels.


    Raveendran Narayanan USA

  12. Ken Petkau

    So, wasn’t snow supposed to be a thing of the past?

    Please send more taxes and we will control more of your life and reduce your standard of living. (sarc)

  13. Vermeer
  14. sod

    sorry, those snow pictures are early morning, directly after a snow event and/or in the higher regions.

    Where i live in south Germany, we just had typical April weather: some snow, directly followed by sunshine.

    This april will not be remembered as anything special, because it was not.

    1. DirkH

      There were multiple snow showers in Munich on Monday and Tuesday and one today.

      I’ve never seen that much snow in an April in Germany. Usually the snow barely reaches the ground.
      Photo from Monday:

    2. DirkH

      sod 27. April 2016 at 7:10 PM | Permalink | Reply
      “sorry, those snow pictures are early morning, directly after a snow event and/or in the higher regions. ”

      -Sounds like snow-denial to me.

      -We call snow showers “snow events” now.

      -Next you’ll be telling us that the photo was taken in a forested area.

      1. sod

        “-Next you’ll be telling us that the photo was taken in a forested area.”

        the vast majority of the snow pictures were indeed taken in forest arras.

        That is, because those are the “middle mountains”. and snow there is not so special.

        1. DirkH

          Thanks. You know, I mistook it for a shopping mall in Dubai.

    3. bit chilly

      “This april will not be remembered as anything special, because it was not.”
      surely you jest. we were told snow would be a thing of the past at the height of winter . i would suggest in light of that ,late april snow really is “special”.

      1. AndyG55

        Its been a BEAUTIFUL April down here in Newy.

        A bit above average (around 23-27C max), cool nights…

        … BLISS. 🙂

        1. AndyG55

          Eat ya hearts out, all you guys in the freezing NH… the PERFECT east Oz coastal mid-Autumn. 🙂

          1. Colorado Wellington

            Green with Envy is a strong stuff. You could build a coalition on it. And if it wasn’t for Green paedophiles you could have had RedGreen instead of GroKo.

          2. AndyG55

            Please Pierre.. don’t go Green on us…

            You care too much about the environment to do that.

      2. sod

        “surely you jest. we were told snow would be a thing of the past at the height of winter .”

        Reread the original source of that abused citation:

        “heavy snow will return occasionally”.

        1. DirkH

          I read it. It says
          “Children just aren’t going to know what snow is” (Viner, CLIMATIC RESEARCH UNIT).

          Well the children here were not too surprised by white stuff falling from the sky even in April.

          Warmunism Prediction Fail. And that after the HOTTEST JANUARY EVER. Talk about a RAPID cooling. In August we should be in full blown glaciation at this rate.

          1. sod

            “I read it. It says
            “Children just aren’t going to know what snow is” (Viner, CLIMATIC RESEARCH UNIT).”

            you did not understand it. because Viner also says in the same article:

            “heavy snow will return occasionally”.


            So obviously a total lack of snow is not the reason for the “children will not know snow” or “snow will be a thing of the past” remarks.

            Those remarks are talking about the real experience: snowcover that stays for a week or two, as it did in the past. snow cover that allows a small skiing resort to operate on rather low mountains, as they could in the past.

            What we get are snowcovers, that statistically do not even seem to be much smaller, but which are completely useless because they are snow mud most of the time.

            What we get is these couple of snow flakes in april, which melts within hours in the majority of places and which is totally useless for skiing in 90% of places.

          2. sod

            The text is available for everyone to see.


            Just read beyond the headline.

          3. DirkH

            Sod, you’re harping on and on about that idiotic misprediction by the Central Church Of Warmunism in Europe, the CRU. You’re not making it better with your sophistry.

            Warmunists can’t admit a mistake because their’s is a house of cards.

        2. AndyG55

          So, sob is say that Viner said there will be no snow (Children won’t know what its is), but there would be snow.

          Seems like Viner was HIGHLY CONFUSED…

          … or it was just another AGW snow-job.

  15. AndyG55
    1. sod

      “During the “hottest year evaaah””

      now you got the proof! and those warmistas made the claim, that “snow would be a thing of the past”.

      But now, 16 full years later, there still is snow in Canada and Alaska. This clearly shows, that they know absolutely nothing!

      1. Graeme No.3

        speak to your Doctor about increasing the dosage.

      2. DirkH

        They sure know how to grab tax payer money and billions and billions of subsidies.

        Warmunism should be analyzed not as a branch of science but as an organized crime syndicate. They will say whatever is expedient to maximize their political and financial gains. They are close to killing the host economies – as the entire reason for our ability to feed that greedy scoundrel class hinges on the availability of energy – which they are close to cutting off.

        Warmunists are like a robber throttling your throat, threatening to suffocate you lest you give him all your money and credit cards. And, he comes back all the time.

      3. AndyG55

        “there still is snow in Canada and Alaska”

        And basically everywhere else in the NH !!

        Yes… we know they know absolutely nothing. 🙂

        Thanks for reiterating the point. DOH !!!

  16. Eisheilige oder Heissheilige ? CFSv2 und Statistik sehen eher kühlen Mai 2016 in Deutschland! – wobleibtdieglobaleerwaermung

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