Germans Rejecting Wind Power …Public Health Issues, Industrial Blight, Damage To Ecosystems

Once welcome as a clean alternative for producing energy, wind turbines in Germany are today faced with ever more hostile political and social environments.

As the turbines increase in size, so do their impacts on people and ecosystems that are near them. In the southern German town of Winterlingen hundreds of people recently packed into a sports facility to listen to a talk by sound expert, Dr. Johannes Mayer on the effects of low frequency sound, so-called infrasound, on humans. Ten years ago not even a handful would have shown up. But today as interest in the adverse effects of infrasound from wind turbines are surfacing and becoming a major public issue, citizens who face the possible invasion by a wind park are taking a keen interest in the topic.

According to the online here, Mayer issued strong warnings on the adverse health-effects wind turbines can have on people.

Using the available research results, he emphasizes that people do not hear the infrasound emitted by wind turbines, but that they can feel them. “For 20 to 30% of the exposed persons there are massive consequences: The body comes under a state of constant, uninterrupted stress ,” said the speaker. Difficulty sleeping, disturbed concentration and irritability and depressive mood are the consequences says Johannes Mayer.”



13 responses to “Germans Rejecting Wind Power …Public Health Issues, Industrial Blight, Damage To Ecosystems”

  1. Derek Colman

    As I understand it planning applications for wind farms only include a measure of Audible sound. Infra sound is ignored, and as it carries further, it is likely to have a serious effect on nearby residents. There are cases of people abandoning their homes because they got so sick after wind turbines were installed nearby. These unfortunate people are often labelled cramks and are denied the right to compensation. If the truth be know, probably half the onshore wind turbines in the country would have to be shut down if they were properly assessed for infra sound.

  2. Tony Porter

    Apart from that the hideous looking windmills (13th century technology) are NOT a viable source of electrical energy anyway. The world’s corrupt, Leftist elite (Stalinist) governments are wasting literally astronomical amounts of money on completely worthless junk, that could NEVER replace the current (fossil fuel / nuclear) electrical power anyway. Solar power, of course is even more laughable!(However, they KNOW that and it’s all part of their master plan – Agenda 21). I used to think that was nothing more than a typical loony propagated ‘conspiracy theory’, however, I have now discovered it is very REAL. They have declared war on HUMANITY, demonizing fossil fuel is merely their mask.

    The only thing this ‘renewable energy’ or ‘green’ energy is achieving and will ever achieve, is the outright destruction of (industrialized) Western society: by destroying industry, jobs and the economy itself. Without reliable energy: widespread poverty, starvation and disease will ensue and anarchy will go hand in hand with those – our world will rapidly descend into a dog-eat-dog existence.

    We need to do something about these leftist elites NOW. BREXIT has been the first positive step towards that ideal, so hopefully a lot of other nations will now wake up to what’s really going on and finally see the huge elephant in the room – stop believing these lunatics and stop listening to their FALSE and very dangerous mantra.
    AGW is a dogma designed to destroy humanity itself…

    1. DirkH

      “We need to do something about these leftist elites NOW. BREXIT has been the first positive step towards that ideal,”

      Notice that the regime was at the height of its power in 2008 and has been crumbling since then. Why? Because the people always knew these were crooks but as long as the crooks were able to distribute stolen goods they tolerated them. The explosion of the debt bubble in 2008 terminated that.

      The Pan-Europa movement (or NWO) is losing its grip for 8 years now and is in no position to ever distribute loot again, so it will be exterminated.

      1. yonason

        BREXIT – a wake up call to the rest of Europe?

        “The question of today is: Who could have imagined that British people were so tired of being members of The Club? The question of tomorrow is: What country will be next?”

        1. sod

          “BREXIT – a wake up call to the rest of Europe?”

          celebrating something that even many of those who voted for it (and basically everybody with knowledge on the subject) find stupid by now?

          1. yonason

            “BUYERS REMORSE”

            Manufactured by clowns like sob:

            “It initially appeared that many voters quickly developed buyer’s remorse after the vote, with more than 2 million people apparently signing an online petition calling for a second referendum to be held. But it was revealed Sunday that many of those signatures were faked, with hackers from Anonymous and the online community 4 Chan likely responsible”


    2. CraigAustin

      They have known for centuries that the current style are not as effective as turbines that rotate perpendicular to the ground. They don’t care about energy density or reliability, their goal is to depopulate the planet, anything that achieves that goal is “for the good of the planet ” as if the earth somehow has a preference as to the arrangement of its elements

  3. yonason

    What country will be able to afford the massive cleanup that will be necessary when they realize what a horrifically massive destruction they have been conned into.

    How will they recover, and from whom will they collect damages?

    Anyone who supported this debacle ought never to have any position of responsibility again!

  4. tom0mason

    From what I understand many limbs and organs have cavity/longitudinal resonances in the ~10-50 Hz region.
    and (3.2Mb pdf file)

    For a standing adult “the overall range of resonant frequencies was found to be from 9 to 16 Hz and independent of mass, height and mass to height ratio. The mean values (+/-1 s.e.) were 12.2 +/- 0.1 Hz for males and 12.8 +/- 0.2 Hz for females with an overall mean population value of 12.3 +/- 0.1 Hz…”

    From this IMHO, uncontrolled exposure to vibrational energy in the subsonic frequencies from these windmills would cause some metabolic effect and should be fully investigated.
    Mitigation by physically attenuating theAse frequencies is particularly problematic as they are able to penetrate most building materials and formations, indeed some building structures may exacerbate the effect by being at or near resonance themselves.

  5. ClimateOtter

    Those 77 Monsters I mentioned for our area on the Niagara Peninsula, Ontario, are now pretty much finished as you can see here:

    Each one is close to 600-feet tall, which includes to the tip of the blade when it is vertical.

    The two on the right are a bit over a mile from our house. The ones on the horizon are Miles away and still easily visible!

    They haven’t activated yet but we’re going to be paying attention. What’s worse is that I have heard even Bigger ones will be going up somewhere between here and Niagara Falls!

  6. NoFreeWind

    >Those 77 Monsters
    And you need 3,000 of those MONSTERS to equal the output of a Nuclear plant, and ha ha ha, the jokes on us, we still need the nuclear plant, because on a day like today there is not a puff of wind blowing and the turbines sit completely worthless, except of course as a tribute to the morality of the global warming cause.

  7. john jansen

    why do they ignore these problems in ont canada !!

  8. Segue C

    Someone on Twitter wondered if Britain’s punishing “green”energy mandates contributed to the successful BREXIT vote; it is said stats show there was a big rural turnout relative to urban and that would tend to support energy follies as motivation since the countryside and its communities bear typically the brunt of the green offensive.

    Many of us confronting the green meme and the imposition of giant property-rights-extinguishing wind developments eventually awoke to the larger threat when we asked ourselves why the facts about wind’s dismal economic,social and environmental performance and real climate science don’t matter…we all celebrate BREXIT as the first big sign that we can defeat the NWO types and choose our own destiny.

    Canada is in a particularly dire situation going gung-ho green; both Federal and most Provincial governments unison-chanting their “sustainable development” mantra. It is therefore a morale boost that our Constitutional Monarchy is bound to Britain which once again fought for freedom and won.

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