“Red Blood On Green Hands”: Germany’s ‘Energiewende’ Turns Into a Wrecking Ball …”The Rescue That Isn’t”

Dr. Sebastian Lüning and Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt look at recent news articles on the Energiewende (transition to green energies) in the German mainstream media. Finding: the Energiewende has turned into a folly and the media are waking up.

Due to a shortage of time, I will present the main points of the DkS article.

The Energiewende Disenchantment

Things are not going well for Merkel’s Energiewende, and it would be almost entertaining if it were not such a serious issue. Globally countries looked at Germany with keen interest, wondering if the ambitious project would ever succeed. Now we see that the project has run aground. In Switzerland people are starting to feel pity for their northerly neighbors.

The Neue Zürcher Zeitung did not mince words in a June 15 article:

Berlin’s project of the century now in a precarious situation: The disenchantment with the Energiewende
In the discussion over the Energiewende, illusions and myths dominate. […] indeed the euphoria is gone. Recently the director on the Mining, Chemicals and Energy Trade Union, Michael Vassiliadis, depicted a ‘High-End-Version of GDR central planning economy’ as the state intervenes in increasingly more sectors in order to organize the ‘greenhouse gas-neutral’ society by 2050.”

A week later at Die Welt, Daniel Wetzel wrote on the Energiewnde madness – with drastic words:

The absurd excrescence of climate protection
Greenpeace revealed a study on what the world climate treaty of Paris would mean for the citizens. If implemented Germany would be unrecognizable in just a few years.”

On June 14, 2016, even the climate activist Focus allowed concerns by Florian Asche to be printed:

Climate protection-paradox. Commentary:
Energiewende is causing more damage than climate change itself is.

The Energiewende is supposed to rescue our planet. Here no cost or effort is to be spared. However, the good intentions will fall flat if we barrel over the original aims, FOCUS-Online-Expert Florian Asche believes. Politics seem to be ignoring this paradox. […]

A rescue that isn’t.”

So crazed is the rush to rescue the planet, that Asche writes:

Suicide because of the fear of death

Currently it is not climate change that is the big threat, but rather it is much moreso the unplanned climate protection that is threatening our spectrum of species. So here the German Wildlife Foundation estimates a quarter million strictly protected bats are lost per year because of wind turbines. The red kite, a species found only in Germany, has a total population of 13,000 birds. With an annual loss of 1000 birds, the days of this species will soon be numbered.”

Also at Spiegel the German government gets only sharp criticism:

Energiewende: No signs of Merkel
As the Schildburger fools noticed that they constructed their new town hall and forgot the windows, they came up with the brilliant idea simply bringing sunlight inside with buckets. This was also the same type of optimism that the architects of the German Energiewende demonstrated, as a recent report of the German Federal Grid Agency shows. As new wind turbines and solar systems get installed, almost everywhere transmission lines are missing. […] Acccording to the report, a total of 6000 kilometres of new power lines have to be installed.”

On May 30, 2016, the German Employers Association (DAV) disclosed that a very expensive Mother’s Day present was made.

On Mother’s Day 21 million euros were given away in 7 hours: More socialism is not possible.

The fun and games cost us 21.3 million euros. No, not the presents for mothers on Mother’s Day – rather to those who were kind enough to accept our surplus power. On Sunday, May 8, 2016, there were blue skies with lots of sun over the country, and much wind along the coast. […]

It works! The Greens cheered; sun wind and everything else could supply Germany with power completely. Such wacky aphorism spew green parliamentarians again and again across the country. When you don’t count the costs, it works.”

What remains ahead? The outlook is grim Die Welt stated in clear terms on June 10, 2016:

Energiewende – The worst remains ahead”

Especially wind turbines have become notorious. On May 10, 2016 Jan Grossarth described in the FAZ the incredible destruction of nature now taking place in Germany in the wake of the wind energy growth:

The countryside, a wind industrial park
Is the Energiewende leading to ‘more nature’? Absolutely not. We used to think that it would. Now it is clear for everyone to see in the countryside how the solar era looks: rapeseed, corn and wind turbine monocultures everywhere.”

Lüning and Vahrenholt add at DkS:

Not only the landscape is in danger, but also millions of birds have been killed. The Green Party has been quiet about this. Collateral damage that is to be tolerated? Blood is stuck to Green hands. In a few years, when the euphoria over wind disappears, there’s going to have to be an investigation. How could the green movement have gone so awry as to damage nature and wildlife – all motivated by a supposed climate protection, whose neffectiveness and necessity is becoming ever more questionable?”


22 responses to ““Red Blood On Green Hands”: Germany’s ‘Energiewende’ Turns Into a Wrecking Ball …”The Rescue That Isn’t””

  1. chris mahoney

    The Morgenthau Plan, self-imposed.

    1. Posa

      Ouch… (though I doubt many know what the M-plan was)

  2. DirkH

    So those stupid backward Swiss didn’t invest hundreds of billions in the planet-saving future technologies solar and wind and now they’re richer than us? Now how did THAT happen? Can some warmunist explain this paradoxon?

    1. Harry Dale Huffman

      When you ask insane people hard questions like that, you can expect only cognitive dissonance in their answers – nothing else is possible – so I am just waiting for multiple-personality disorders to start appearing among them. And of course it will be our fault for asking them those hard questions. Then sanity will be illegal, the way things are going.

  3. yonason


    People worry and fret protectively over the climate like a mother hen, while the climate doesn’t give a flying rat’s tail about them.

  4. yonason

    “there’s going to have to be an investigation.”

    Yeah, I’ve got your “investigation” right here.(24 – 43)

  5. AndyG55
    1. yonason

      Sounds like they are DESPERATE?

  6. terastienstra
  7. edmh

    Professor Mackay died prematurely in April 2016. He was a green supporter and was for a period the scientific advisor to the Department of Energy and Climate Change, DECC. He also agreed with a rational de-carbonisation of the Western economies

    But at same time he was devoutly rational, preferring mathematics to Green religious conjecture.



    Accordingly, one of his most recent quotes was that the attempt to try to power the UK economy with weather dependent Renewable Energy was as he said “an appalling delusion”. “eine entsetzliche Wahn” I think that might be the translation.

    See his final interview


    Another of his favourite “back of the envelope calculations” when asked how wide does the edge of the motorway have to be to supply biofuel of the cars. His answer was about 8 kilometres.

    This sort of thing derived from simple sums makes one ask questions about green dogma.

  8. terastienstra

    Here is a link to an article with a/o an interesting graph, derived from official data gathered by the Dutch statistics authority.
    The graph shows that more wind energy on the grid led to more CO2 emitted by electricity generation, as soon as the wind energy fraction rose past 4% in 2013.
    I’m sorry the article is in Dutch, but hey, I read articles in English…
    Interesting: the Dutchwebsite has a couple of GP trolls orders of magnitude worse than poor sod (GP head office is in NL). So we can count ourselves sort of lucky on this blog…

  9. yonason

    “I’m sorry the article is in Dutch, but hey, I read articles in English…” – terastienstra

    No worries. I’ve got Google Translate.

    e.g., here’s the title…
    “Wind and solar power have no value. Worthless! Literally!”

    We’re off to a great start!


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