Wind Turbines Catch Fire, One Self-Destructs Spectacularly, In Idle Wind Park

What follows is a video posted at Youtube showing how a wind turbine caught fire and self-destructed in a spectacular fashion. Certainly nothing you’d want to be close to as debris is seen flying over a large area.

Hat-tip Gerti at FB.

What’s interesting is that in the background we see there is also a second turbine on fire. The other turbines in the park are not even operating, even that the wind is blowing, which tells you just how useless these things are in helping developing countries get electrified and modern.

Most likely this was some feel-good project financed or even funded by the UN, World Bank or some renewable energy development and technology transfer fund of some type. This is what we get for the money.

One can only speculate on the root cause of the problem. In many third world or emerging countries, however, maintenance standards are often inadequate, and so such systems break down far more prematurely, thus making them even bigger money losers.


26 responses to “Wind Turbines Catch Fire, One Self-Destructs Spectacularly, In Idle Wind Park”

  1. DirkH

    Obviously storm force wind, failure of emergency shutdown in two wind turbines, overheating. The ones that don’t move have shut down in controlled fashion. spectacular! Burning Bladethrow!

    The output power is proportional to the third power of the wind speed – so when wind get stronger, you get a cubic ramp up in power, followed b vertical cutoff when the limit wind speed is reached (or not, in case of the burning ones)

    1. yonason

      Are you ready for the most challenging survival game ever?! Play BURNING BLADETHROW! … if you dare.

      Comming soon to a GameStop near you.

      1. ClimateOtter

        … probably right through your living-room window. At high speed.

        1. yonason
    2. John F. Hultquist

      Agree about the wind — ground level trees are moving rapidly.
      Our local company claims:
      The rotor spins clockwise at 6-16 rpm; the
      turbines generate electricity at wind speeds
      as low as 9 mph, reach peak generation at
      28 mph, and shut down at constant wind
      speeds of 56 mph.

  2. sod

    A truly horrible accident. I am very happy, that India is also investing strongly in a safe technology (nuclear).

    1. DirkH

      A warmunist told me solar and wind are profitable now.
      I congratulate you, sod. Now give back the trillions of subsidies you and your ilk have robbed from us for electricity that is overpriced and never available when needed – i.e. has a market value of zero or less.

      I think it is high time to let the wind and solar subsidy tycoons pay damages for
      -blackouts caused by overload
      -their extinction attempts of birds of prey
      -the eyesore of their contraptions
      -the infrasound health damages
      -the property value losses caused by the blight of their fetishes.

    2. Dave Ward

      “I am very happy, that India is also investing strongly in a safe technology (nuclear)”

      Along with plenty of new coal fired power stations! Anyway, I thought you greens didn’t want nuclear power?

      1. yonason

        Let’s get into our wayback machine and see what sod has written in the past.

        “The direct comparison between wind and nuclear shows wind being ahead nearly everywhere.” – sod wrote approvingly

        sod knows all about the accidents that happen with wind power, or should as much as has been posted about that. Yet only above he expresses his concern? Never seen him do it before. New tactic for him? I’m not buying it.

    3. tom0mason

      That’s OK sod, with Europe’s massive investment in useless technology, very soon European electricity supplies will be as reliable as rural India.

      If India carries on with it’s investment in reliable and cost effective coal and nuclear power technology India will become the beacon that shows the world the way to go to easily better lives of everyone in the country.

      The west used to understand this but the unscientific, unintelligent, crony-capitalist greens and leftists got in to power.

    4. David Johnson

      Glad to see you talking sense SOD. Care to give us some stats on the terrible safety record of the nuclear industry?

  3. yonason

    I think this photo sums wind power very nicely.

  4. yonason

    Perhaps it’s a good time to revisit this compilation of wind turbine failures.

  5. Mindert Eiting

    ‘This is what we get for the money’. I would certainly spend a few euros to this kind of show. What we see here, is the reason why centuries ago windmills were not allowed in our cities with wooden houses around. Presently, the Dutch government is deciding to built a similar industrial complex as we see in the movie in the North Sea at a short distance of our beaches, spoiling the landscape till all monsters have come down. Delingpole calls this organized crime in which our governments are involved. I think he is right.

  6. AndyG55

    Now that is what I call AIR POLLUTION !!!!

  7. tom0mason

    Umm, that does not look renewable or recyclable.

    Neglecting the installation cost, the grid connection costs, the land cost, insurance costs, and the maintenance and repair cost, this method of producing electricity is free, right?

    1. A C Osborn

      You forgot the backup costs LOL.

  8. Mike Restin

    I wonder if that windmill is CO2 neutral?

  9. Curious George

    I could watch the video yesterday. Today it asks for a login.

    1. oeman50

      Same here.

  10. Thomas

    The video says it’s private. I’m in the U.S. Any suggestions? I am also logged into YouTube.

  11. DirkH

    The greedy Greens are furious: The politically dead SPD-CDU government blinked and decided to not let the ruinous, voracious offshore wind subsidy industry grow even faster. Limits growth to 500MW per year.
    The money is likely needed for the millions of Muslims that the SPD-CDU imports (about 1 million this year: 200,000 already applied for asylum, so that’ll be another 200,000 til year’s end, plus an estimated minium of 500,000 imports via “family reunion”, flying in comfortably from Turkey “legally”.)
    Warmunism has met its master: The even bigger fraud of the asylum industry.

  12. ole jensen

    It brings a big smile on my face every time I see an inefficiant, intermittent birdblender burning itself into history

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