Media “Phonies, The Fraud And The Corruption” Exposed…Credibility In Freefall

I’m short on time today, as will be the case tomorrow as well, and so here’s something way off topic – from last week. Recall I recently wrote about the glaring hypocrisy and deceitfulness of an all-white German media here.

It appears that the heydays of the media are almost over. Their credibility has been rocked. On wide range of issues they have been misleading, outright lying and covering up for too long and it is now all coming home to roost.

They are being exposed in a big way for what they’ve really been over the past couple of decades. The public has woken up. The media is deservedly a despised institution in the eyes of many citizens.

I was really impressed by the powerful speech made by Laura Ingraham. If you’re short on time, start at about the 13:30 mark.

If you have had it with our media, it’ll resonate like, wow!

And here’s one of my favorite politicians (because he actually got things done). Guliani tells how he’s sick and tired of the media defamation of Trump:

He ought to come to Germany and witness the absolute universal bias here. Here they make Hillary look like a shining role model of a law-abiding citizen.


85 responses to “Media “Phonies, The Fraud And The Corruption” Exposed…Credibility In Freefall”

  1. Harry Dale Huffman

    The most immediate problem I see is the complete divide between those in the present Cult Of The Left (the Insane Left, as I have understood and been calling them throughout the Obama years) and anyone who can think independently of ideology, or favorite dogma. The Democrats are pretending this week that the Republicans have nothing to say, and I’m sure instantly dismissed, or ignored altogether, what was said at the Republican convention. The mainstream media should do what this post does, remind people, in the most forceful way, and they should be doing it continuously, as their main job.

  2. Ron Clutz

    The media personnel, along with most college-educated urban dwellers are now mostly true climatism believers. So what we are witnessing is posing to show who is most virtuous about “saving the planet.” It is not about science any more, it is those on the higher moral ground against the rest of us, facts to the contrary.

  3. mcraig

    A good example was the DNC leaks. I could care less about the inner fighting of the Democratic party. The interesting part was their connection to the media. That part was not reported at all as far as I could tell. Instead, the created one scapegoat and then fully focused on the Russians and Trump.

    About half of Americans are fed up with the establishment and they don’t even hear about the real dirt (i.e. from the mainstream media).

  4. DirkH

    Well the German media are 1968ers; Adorno cultural marxists.

    Luckily these days the writers don’t have a fixed employment anymore, get payed a pittance for their drivel and write it in their pyjamas at home just like a blogger, only they get it printed. I’m not kidding. In the 1970ies the German press made so much money with ads that Spiegel reporters and the likes drove Porsches and were seen as cool and hip. Today they are reduced to degenerate SJW’s – and as no money can be earned, no talent is attracted. They are held in freelance positions and make less than a welfare recipient. And deservedly so.

    An exception is the lavishly funded German state media. I guess 98% of the 8 billion EUR Germans are forced to hand over for them in a year get stolen by top level apparatchiks though to feed their parasitic family clans.

  5. yonason

    Ingram’s brothers picked tobacco in New England?!

    Wow. So did I. First job I ever had.

  6. gallopingcamel

    The ruling elites (Democrats and Republicans) are both corrupt and arrogant. They believe they can do whatever they want in defiance of common sense and the voting populace.

    We have ourselves to blame. We should have prosecuted the Clintons when they were still petty criminals stealing furniture from the White House. Our failure to act encouraged their greed so now they steal millions at a time. The Giustra uranium deal alone netted $145 million for the Clinton Foundation.

    Obama is not as greedy as the Clinton’s but his ideology is even more harmful to the USA.

    Obama is purging the military with the result that our friends (e.g. Israel) fear us more than our enemies (e.g. ISIS).

    The only hope for this nation is to purge the ruling elite. On the Republican side that has been partially accomplished through the rise of Donald Trump. On the Democrat side the party has lurched to the left so things will get much worse if Hillary Clinton wins on November 8. The flood of Syrian “Refugees” will become a tsunami. Deficit financing will continue while our industrial might fades.

    The UK rejected the tyranny from Brussels and that should encourage us to reject tyranny from Washington. If we fail the USA as we know it will be doomed; states will secede starting with TEXIT.

    1. sod

      ” The flood of Syrian “Refugees” will become a tsunami.”

      There is no flood of Syrian refugees to the USA. Please show some numbers!

      1. yonason

        Nothing to see here. Move along.

        I blame sod’s parents. They must have fed him stupid-pill daily supplements from birth.

  7. sod

    The media attack by Laura is plain out insane. The media is fact checking Trump. The result is his exposure as a lying liar.

    The media is doing all right, Trump does not.

    1. AndyG55

      “The media is fact checking Trump.”

      WaPo……. seriously..

      They are FAR-LEFT BullS**Ters.

      Like You. !!

      1. sod

        look, you can see the list here and contradict every point. You will not do that, because the fact checkers are right and Trump was lying.

        This is not effected by the political position of the WaPo at all.

        But perhaps Russia can hack the newspaper and find some arguments for your friend Donald?

        1. AndyG55

          Of Course its affected by the MASSIVE anti-Trump BAIS of the WaPo journalists..

          You are just way to blind and dumb to see that bias, because that is the your whole persona. That is what you ARE.

          An unthinking, gullible, left-wing PARROT !!

        2. David Johnson

          Argue with this, if you dare SOD

          1. yonason


            Vote fraud is a wholly owned Democrat subsidiary.




            And that’s where the Rinos come in. They do NOTHING to stop it, and even side with Dems to block reforms. It’s a disgrace.

          2. yonason
      2. yonason


        I see snotty is back, as ignorant and proud of it as ever. And, as usual, he seems to have beamed himself one too many times while he was away.

        Hillary ALWAYS tells the “truth.”

        At least snotty is good for a laugh, now and again.

    2. DirkH

      sod 30. July 2016 at 8:06 AM | Permalink | Reply
      “The media is doing all right”

      Well, the media has lied for years about Global Warming, for the solar + wind crooks, and for the Fabian wannabe World Dictators from the UN; so you must defend them in order to keep your liar army working for you…. but that means that you also have to defend them for lying about the Syrian sunni Arab Ali David Solborny, the mass murderer of Munich, whom they turned into a “German-Iranian” Shiite “David S.”… by now they’ve dropped the shiite, dropped the Iranian, only talk about “David S.”, I guess they slowly want to transform him into a Jew, we will see.

      1. DirkH

        The interesting thing is that this renaming from Ali David Solbony to David S happened at the same time in the German system press and at the BBC, so how come that the “journalists” both sides of the channel feel the irresistible urge to lie the same way at the same time, like a global collective many-bodied lying alien life form. I do understand why a German journalist wants to erase the “Ali”, he wants to make the name sound non-Muslim because he wants more Muslim immigration and lie about the fact that the mass murderer was a Muslim – but why do the liars at the BBC want the same thing at the same time?

        Now I know why, and you know as well, but let’s just ask the question. Why do they lie the same way at the same time even though they do not even use the same language?

      2. sod

        he made his attack on the same day as Anders Behring Breivik did.

        Do you believe in every conspiracy theory that you can find on right wing internet sites

        1. Analitik

          So are you saying Ali David Solbony was copycatting Anders Behring Breivik?

          1. sod

            he liked him.

        2. DirkH

          sod 31. July 2016 at 9:11 AM | Permalink | Reply
          “he made his attack on the same day as Anders Behring Breivik did. ”

          Nope. That would have been 5 years ago.

          But. As you claim that doing something on a day of the year as something else historic proves a connection. Let’s look…

          Earth Day is a celebration of Lenin’s birthday. This proves that Warmunists are indeed Boshevists.

          See how easy that is?

          BTW. There is literally no day without a massacre perpetrated by a Muslim terrorist. So a Muslim who blows up people on Apr 20 is a Hitler fan, one who does it 2 days later is a Lenin fan?

          You should try to check your logic.

        3. DirkH

          sod 31. July 2016 at 9:11 AM | Permalink | Reply
          “he made his attack on the same day as Anders Behring Breivik did.
          Do you believe in every conspiracy theory that you can find on right wing internet sites”

          Wait. I called him Ali David Solbony. You didn’t correct me, even though all German media say his name is David S.

          So when you are refering to that Norwegian terrorist, are you talking about Behring B.? I have never heard of that Anders guy.

      3. yonason

        Everything sod “knows” is wrong


        (If pols set international agendas, MSM goons working for multinational corporate propaganda mills certainly do.)

    3. DirkH

      The question is: Once one understands that the purpose of the system media in the West is to lie, would one then not EXPECT them to recommend a crook for high office?

      and isn’t it totally amazing how the German system media celebrates Hillary Clinton? Why in Adorno’s name would they? See: Germans don’t vote in the USA.

      They are so stupid. All they do is cement their reputation as total liars. Well Adorno’s Critical Theory sure MEANS lying all the time, but why be so obvious about it?

      I had a free newspaper in my mail. I think they want to show me how great their product is. I threw it away without reading it. I don’t want their crap even for free, it’s gotten SO bad.

      1. Colorado Wellington

        The disciplined old Commies were schooled to lie for the benefit of the Party and the proletarian revolution but at least they knew what they were doing.

        Today’s little sods don’t. I guess second time around is a farce so the dirty old Moor got at least one thing right.

    4. Jeff Wood

      Trust sod. They are “checking” Trump, but Clinton gets a free pass.

      Were I such a fool, I would stay in my mother’s basement and pretend not to exist.

    5. stan stendera

      sod you know nothing about America or anything else for that matter. I frequent JoNocva’s blog in Australia and, as I have stated on the blog itself, refrain from commenting on Australian politics. I suggest you follow my example. Better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool then to open it and remove all doubt. In your case all doubt as long ago been removed.

      1. sod

        that is funny, because we are posting her on a blog, which is mostly discussing stuff happening in Germany (and that is a good thing, because outside views are often valuable, even if you do not agree with them).

        Your post is the ultimate masterpiece of hypocrisy. congratulations!

        1. stan stendera

          I should know better then to engage a fool. I take what I believe to be a principled stand and sod accuses me of hypocrisy. I guess I should consider the source and treat his remarks as compliments.

        2. David Johnson

          No, your post trumps his in the hypocrisy stakes, with ease.

      2. Colorado Wellington

        He is a little know-it-all, isn’t he?

        Omniscience used to be a strictly theological concept but Marxism gave every little twerp the recipe.

        1. yonason

          And he always brings that extra special something to the discussion, too.

          1. Colorado Wellington

            … and Hillary would like him.


          2. Colorado Wellington

            with fewer distractions …


          3. yonason

            If she becomes President (hope not!) she can put him on a leash and call him “Bo-2.”

          4. sod

            wow, you really have no arguments.

            Is this how discussions are supposed to be on this blog?

          5. yonason

            @sod 1. August 2016 at 8:07 AM

            We’re making every effort to communicate to you on your level. The least you could do is appreciate our effort.

  8. David Johnson

    Trump and Clinton, a Hobson’s choice if ever there was one.

    1. sod

      “Trump and Clinton, a Hobson’s choice if ever there was one.”

      You can find problems with Clinton, but there are multiple order of magnitude between her and Trump’s problems.

      Yesterday he decided to insult the parents of a fallen soldier and to compare his sacrifices to those who gave their lives in combat.

      1. stan stendera

        sod, if there was any doubt in my mind who to vote for you have resolved it. Trump 2016!

        1. sod

          “sod, if there was any doubt in my mind who to vote for you have resolved it. Trump 2016!”

          so you were convinced by his insults to a fallen hero and his family?

          here is McCain on the topic:

          1. stan stendera

            No, I was convinced by YOU liking Hillary.

          2. yonason

            At least Trump wasn’t responsible for his death.

            Not like Hillary who was complicit in the murder of an American ambassador and those trying to save him.

            But, as always, you side with the worst of the worst. No surprise there.

          3. yonason

            It was a setup.

            Trump doesn’t appear to have initiated the exchange, but was responding to the hate emitted by the scumbag at the DNC.

            A mooslime hurls an insult at you, and you respond, then he blames you. It’s how they operate. All the more reason to vote for Trump, as opposed to the tramp, uh, I mean the scumbag.

          4. yonason

            I REPEAT – IT WAS A SETUP!!!


            But sod has no critical thinking ability. He just swallows whatever garbage his leftist handlers feed him, and happy as a u know what in u know what…

      2. yonason

        “You can find problems with Clinton, but there are multiple order of magnitude between her and Trump’s problems.” – snotty

        Couldn’t agree with you more.

        Trump is human.

        Hillary is just plain evil.

      3. David Johnson

        Trump, for all his faults, actually achieved something off his own bat. Clinton owes everything to her husband’s formewr position and is far more of an economic illiterate than Trump. Clinton comes from the very deepest pit of self serving working class loathing political liberals

        1. yonason

          Nice sum-up.

  9. gallopingcamel


    Like the Democrats at their convention you live in a fantasy world, while the rest of us live in the real world.

    The DNC convention fantasy has the USA soaring like an eagle while the reality is that seven years of Obama set race relations back thirty years while making us less safe at home and abroad.

    At home Obama put a target on every cop’s back and overseas he undermined our friends while encouraging our enemies.

    1. yonason

      sod doesn’t see anything wrong with this picture.
      Nor do any other democrats

      Also, here’s some of what the Leftist media don’t want Americans to know.

  10. gallopingcamel
    1. sod

      “Even left wing Politifact admits Trump is right about Syrian refugees:”

      Taking up 70000 Syrians while multiple million are fleeing from the destruction of their country is a disgrace for a big country like the USA.

      The 500% number is just an absurd method of comparing a small number (70000) to a very small one (10000).

      The IS was created mostly by the attack on Iraq. Bush should take up those 70000 personally and at his own costs.

      1. yonason

        “The IS was created mostly by the attack on Iraq.” – sod the idiot

        That’s right. As every addle headed fool knows, Muckmudd(SPIT) the perverse had nothing to do with it.

        As to the necessity of the Iraq War.

        “I think Baghdad was actually becoming more dangerous in the last two years than even we realized. Saddam was not controlling the society any longer. In the marketplace of terrorism and of WMD, Iraq well could have been that supplier if the war had not intervened.” – David Kay, lead investigator for WMD

        See also here.

        Demoncraps lie, and empty headed idiots believe them.

        1. sod

          What part of “There were no weapons of mass destruction” did you not understand?

          1. Analitik

            Which part of “In the marketplace of terrorism and of WMD, Iraq well could have been that supplier if the war had not intervened” did you not understand?

          2. yonason
          3. yonason

            Bush never said Iraq was an “imminent treat.” Can you guess who DID?!

          4. sod

            “Bush never said Iraq was an “imminent treat.” Can you guess who DID?!”

            That is garbage.


            Could you please stop making claims that are totally false? His press guys did answer multiple questions about “imminent threat” by simply saying “yes”.

            You are taking all your information from right wing internet sites with zero connection to reality.

          5. yonason

            Show me the tape of Bush saying it was an “imminent threat,” or shut up! An official transcript will do, but NOT the made up mis-quotes of hate-filled leftist activist idiots.

        2. sod

          “Which part of “In the marketplace of terrorism and of WMD, Iraq well could have been that supplier if the war had not intervened” did you not understand?”

          I understand that sentence. Kay was very aggressive about the war and found nothing. so admidst admitting that he was basically totally wrong he hinted at some small possibilities.

          Iraq could have had chemical weapons if it had worked on it 10 years. Like every other country. Then it could have given it to terrorists. Like every other country.

          1. yonason

            “Iraq could have had chemical weapons if it had worked on it 10 years.” – sod

            Shame on us for not giving him the time he needed. And, no, with the pressure off and money coming back in, he’d have had everything back on line in no time at all.

            Karl Rove is a bigger kraphead than sod. They did find WMD, but that idiot chose to suppress the evidence. (funny, but I thought Bush was president. I guess I was wrong.)



          2. yonason
          3. Analitik

            sod mistakenly said “Iraq could have had chemical weapons if it had worked on it 10 years.”

            a cousin of Saddam Hussein widely credited with launching a 1988 chemical attack that killed up to 100,000 Iraqi Kurds,


          4. David Johnson

            I have to disagree with you on that Yonason. There were no WMDs. The problem was that Saddam Hussein convinced the US and others that he DID have them, thanks to his lying, obfuscation and his obstruction of the UN. Why did he do that? Simply to convince his rivals in the Middle East that he was stronger than he actually was.

          5. DirkH

            yonason 2. August 2016 at 1:29 AM | Permalink
            “Only a fool would trust Saddam”

            Careful there. Your genius deep state cronies actually trusted a complete phantasist so they would have an opportunity to bomb another country.

          6. DirkH

            “Karl Rove is a bigger kraphead than sod. They did find WMD, but that idiot chose to suppress the evidence. ”

            Maybe because of the Made In USA label on it.

          7. yonason

            “Maybe because of the Made In USA label on it.” – DirkH

            Maybe not.

            “Italy gave Iraq plutonium extraction facilities that advanced Iraq’s nuclear weapon program. 75,000 shells and rockets designed for chemical weapon use also came from Italy.”

            From the USA Saddam got Dual use computers and tissue culture materials, which in hindsight should have been more restricted than the were, but whose sale to Iraq can’t be traced to be a deliberate choice by the government. Like airport security, we didn’t realize at the time how important it was given how the islamic crazies would exploit that weakness.

            Europe sold him far worse stuff, but again some was via private companies, not governments. Still, a lot of the worst stuff was European Govt approved.

            Plenty of blame to go around, but America was a lot less culpable than the Lefties want us to appear. More than enough blame to go around.

            I’ll need a more reliable source than wiki on that one.

      2. yonason

        “The IS was created mostly by the attack on Iraq.” – sod

        Yeah, it would have been much better if we had left Saddam in power. //s//

  11. sod

    Trump is being ripped apart, and that is not the media but fellow republicans.

    1. yonason

      They are Rinos, the same kind of scum that have allowed the Demoncraps to get away with murder all these years, LITERALLY.

      They hated Reagan as well. So their attacks on him mean they are worried he’ll expose them for the crooks they are.

      1. sod

        yeah, John McCain. Republican by name only. While Trump is the real thing. That is just nuts.

        1. yonason

          They don’t call him “McAmnesty” for nothing.

          If someone will trade his country’s security for votes, he’s a scumbag, whatever party he’s in.

          Yeah, he’s a Rino.

        2. DirkH

          sod, you would learn quite a lot by accustoming yourself with the term “progressive” – what Germans would lately call “Gutmenschen”.

          As we have seen in Germany, they exist in all establishment parties, though, with a higher concentration the more you go to the left (so if you want to catch one, go to a Black Bloc riot!)

          1. yonason

            Verstanden. Danke.

    2. David Johnson

      And yet SOD, despite that and some shamefull opinion poll fiddling by Reuters ( I think), there is very little to choose between the two of them in the polls. But you go on living in your own little echo chamber if it keeps you happy.

  12. Ron Clutz
    1. sod

      For once i will just say: Thank you!

      This is really how you see Trump and Hillary. It is very interesting to see this.

  13. Ron Clutz

    Meanwhile the Democrats Convention treated us to Hollywood’s Climate Fantasy.

  14. yonason


    The lefty MSM hound Trump for defending himself against a DNC Khan-man,…

    …BUT, they don’t issue a peep about Hillary’s disrespect of the families of the men she helped murder.
    “Hillary Calls the Families of the Benghazi Victims Liars.”

    It’s a perfect illustration of the bias Pierre is writing about here.

    For those who can’t remember what happened before they got up this AM, here’s another excellent e.g., of a deliberate provocation around which the MSM circled the wagons. Remember that poor innocent persecuted muslime kid who “just made a clock?” Yeah, not so “innocent” as the MSM painted him, it turns out.

    Here’s the little schmuck with Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir,

    Who is al-Bashir? Just another muslime terrorist.

    What media bias? Riiiight!

  15. yonason

    America’s media totally corrupt socialist scum.

    I have no doubt Europe’s are, as well.

  16. yonason

    There’s a reason that all the media spin their stories to the Left, not only in America but elsewhere around the world.

  17. Crisis what Crisis? |

    […] Media “Phonies, The Fraud And The Corruption” Exposed…Credibility In Freefall […]

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