Another One Of Climate Science’s Central Claims To Go Down In Flames Tomorrow – Stay Tuned!

Today I can only offer a trailer on what will be published tomorrow, as the finishing touches are still ongoing.

Over the past weeks NTZ has assisted in a comprehensive analysis of a large body of climate science literature. At this point I can only say that the results have one climate science’s central claims going down in flames.

Tomorrow the results of that analysis will be published and once again it will reveal science that was shoddily, sloppily and deceptively done, and thus produced a totally erroneous conclusion.

It involves a higher profile actor in climate science.

As we all know climate science over the years has been filled with nutty predictions, bogus claims and outright dubious science. Over the years the field has been hopelessly politicized – taken over and corrupted by activists and bureaucrats who seem to stop at nothing to twist and warp the science to get the results they want to see, and those they feel the public only should see.

One example is the infamous hockey stick chart by Mann et al, 1998, which through the tenacious scrutiny of Steven McIntyre, was shown to be flawed and was later (stubbornly) dismissed by the scientitfic community. Another shown to be flawed is the 2013 Cook et al “97% consensus” paper.

Tomorrow another will be revealed to be of the same dismal quality, and it involves one author who has long been known for bold stuff.

Stay tuned!


7 responses to “Another One Of Climate Science’s Central Claims To Go Down In Flames Tomorrow – Stay Tuned!”

  1. Mike Haseler (Scottish Sceptic)

    Tomorrow is one day closer to the end of the world – so why not be safe and publish it today when there is a higher chance that we will all still be here?

    1. Manfred

      Classic. LOL. Thank you MH (SS).

  2. Jeremy Poynton

    “the tedious scrutiny of Steven McIntyre”

    “tireless”, not “tedious” perhaps?!

  3. Manfred

    “tedious scrutiny”
    I’d tend to go with ‘tenacious’ as a preferable and more accurate adjective in this instance. ‘Tireless’ will do quite well.
    Looking forward to the upcoming post!

    1. A.D. Everard

      Manfred, you beat me to it. Tenacious is exactly the word I thought of too.

  4. Bitter&twisted

    Oh please let it be Mann!

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