Germany’s Social Violence Against The Citizens …Green Feed-In Tariffs Set To Jump Painful 15%!

Michael Krueger at Science Skeptical writes that Germany’s renewable energy feed-in tariffs paid by power consumers are to risen to new record, painful levels.

Germany’s renewable energy feed-in tariff is expected to skyrocket another 0.75 euro cents/kilowatt-hour – to 7.1 euro cents. The following chart shows the annual growth of the feed-in tariff in cents per kilowatt-hour since 2000:


Source: Science Skeptical

After rising sharply since 2009, Germany’s so-called EEG feed-in tariff dropped slightly in 2015. This led to renewable energy proponents proclaiming that the sharp rises were over and that consumers could relax and expect a gradual drop. Of course few believed it.

Today Germany joins Denmark in having the highest electricity rates in the world. The EEG feed-in tariffs, which pay for the energy produced by renewable sources such as wind, solar and biogas, are set to rise in 2017 from 6.35 cents per kilowatt-hour to a staggering 7.10 cents, according to Germany’s number daily “Bild”.

In fact reports even say that the tariff could even jump to 7.3 cents per kilowatt-hour, which would be a whopping 15% jump in a single year. The reason of course is the expansion of the volatile renewable energies, which power companies are forced to buy before purchasing from fossil fuel plants.

For a family of three, the rise will mean an additional expense of 35 euros annually. Currently each citizen pays on average 250 euros annually for the feed-in tariff alone, costing Germans a total of 20 billion annually.

For all the money, Germans are only getting pain for it. Not only are thousands of Germans seeing their power get cut-off because they are no longer able to afford it, the power supply and grid have grown more unstable than ever before. South Australia type blackouts now threaten the country. In short: A junk product for a luxury price.

No CO2 reduction in Germany since 2009!

The reason for the massive investments in “green” renewable energies was of course to reduce CO2 emissions. However Krueger also writes that Germany’s CO2 emissions have not dropped at all since 2009. The following chart shows CO2 emissions in millions of tonnes (note in German 1.400 means 1,400 tonnes in English):


Moreover from 2009 to 2016 2009 und 2016, Germany’s installed capacity of renewable energies grew from 48 GW to 102 GW.


However, there’s been no reduction in CO2 emissions.

In summary, Germany’s Energiewende has failed to reduce CO2, and has only succeeded in driving costs to record highs, costing thousands of jobs, making the power grid more unstable than ever, leaving increasing numbers without power and theoretically lowering the global temperature a couple of a hundredths of a degree.

This is nothing less than social violence against the common citizens.


16 responses to “Germany’s Social Violence Against The Citizens …Green Feed-In Tariffs Set To Jump Painful 1516!”

  1. Analitik

    cue sod “Germans use less power so they pay the same”

    1. ClimateOtter

      Note to sod: Germans using less power will freeze to death in larger numbers.

    2. Nigel S

      The opposite effect in USA too, where improved fuel consumption has lead to people driving more and using the same amount of evil fossil fuel.

  2. Graeme No.3

    Thanks to 40% renewables South Australia’s emissions reached a record low last week. Of course that is before counting those from the wood fires and BBQs and the kerosene lamps and candles burning.

    1. DirkH

      Candles are Good CO2. On each Earth Hour when all the lights go off the Greens celebrate in front of darkened monuments with candles, torches and fire eaters. They *LOVE* combustion. They are in fact very complex creatures. Do we find video? Hell yes we do.

      1. DirkH

        Look at how MANY candles.

      2. Analitik

        Of course the greentards cannot do the math to check if Earth Hour actually reduces CO2 emissions.

        Someone who can showed that the candle burning emits 8 times the amount of CO2 vs the equivalent incandescent (inefficient!) lighting powered by a coal station.

  3. Dave Ward

    “The power supply and grid have grown more unstable than ever before”

    Which I’m sure sod will claim is simply untrue…

    1. sod

      “Which I’m sure sod will claim is simply untrue…”

      I do not claim this to be untrue. It is untrue. Fact.

      1. Dave Ward

        From your link:

        “But grid operators in Germany have to go to great lengths to balance asymmetric production of green electricity across their networks. The amount of so-called “redispatch measures” has risen strongly. Redispatch is when the grid operator forces a power station to lower production in a region with oversupply, and directs another plant in a low-production region to higher output. The cost is passed on to consumers. A fleet of costly backup power plants has also been put in place”

        So even one of your “Green” sources has admitted what we’ve been telling you for ages – more “unreliables” on the grid causes more problems keeping it stable, and requires more high CO2 producing backups. Not forgetting that until recently the German grid operators have been able to utilise their neighbours grids to “balance” the network, something they are all taking measures to stop.

        Quoting how many minutes per year customers are without supply does not show the whole picture – what really matters is how close to a complete collapse the grid has come, and that figure is undoubtedly far, far higher than it was 10 years ago.

        Sooner (rather than later) it will all fall over – ask the South Australians…

  4. sod

    “skyrocket another 0.75 euro cents/kilowatt-hour”

    sorry, but i nearly fell from my chair laughing. Yeah, such insane price increase of nearly a full cent are a real burden to everyone.

    This tiny increase is mostly an effect of the FALLING market price of electricity.

    1. DirkH

      Well the subsidies are rising with the usual 15% a year – as politicians seek desparately for any old trick to cause inflation – to weaken the Euro and make the dreaded deflation caused by collapse of demand go away.

      The initiative of the Greens to outlaw cars is another step. The Greens are the idea factory; the SPD and CDU are the executors. Just like the Greens invented the Solar and Wind subsidy and the SPD and CDU turned it into a giant monster consuming as much money as the GDP of Gadafhi’s Libya; so will they pick up any old idea by the Greens to force people to exchange perfectly working cars into electric cars that are 4 times as expensive while having worse performance.

      The welfare state needs to impoverish its citizens: Our money supply is coupled to debt – when the citizens are rich, the state must be the ultimate debtor. The welfare state constantly needs to siphon off the income of productive people – taxes are unpopular – so other means are chosen: Mandated expensive virtue-signaling with pointless overprized gizmos replacing simple cheap technology.

      This is the reason for the collapsing productivity of Western nations.

  5. DirkH

    Another possible reason for the decision of the Green Coalition SPD-CDU to ramp up the theft continuously by 15% a year, reaching 35 billion EUR a year in 2017:

    Grid electricity must become ever more expensive to make battery storage cost-efficient. Currently installing battery solutions at home is throwing away your money. Industry needs to sell new products. Cue the political caste: By price fixing they can force the population to buy these currently useless storages.

    Of course, price rigging ALWAYS kills productivity of an economy – but the political caste gets many paybacks in the form of board member posts.

    I recommend exterminating the corrupt Green parties SPD and CDU.

    1. DirkH

      The biggest PROGRESS, the biggest BARGAIN lies in throwing out the scoundrels! Kick’em out for fun and profit!

  6. gallopingcamel

    Clearly I have missed something important…..I hope “sod” or some of the other luminaries here can set me straight.

    This post says that feed in tariffs are now 7.1 euro cents/KVAh. Elsewhere I find that retail consumers in Germany are paying 26.7 euro cents/KVAh thus leaving 19.6 euro cents/KVAh to pay for losses in transmission, storing energy when the sun is not shining and so on.

    If those numbers are correct “Wind & Solar” should drive the price of electricity down in Germany. Clearly that is not happening given that on the Space Coast of Florida we pay less than 9 euro cents/KVAh.

  7. JohnM

    That’s not a tariff. Australia has a tariff. Up to 44 c/KwH, but 22 c/Kwh is common and even down to 5c/KwH.
    Details on a state-by-state basis at

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