Climate Protection Goes Medieval…Ushers In New Age Of Indulgences And Almsgiving

The other day as I was looking to book a hotel in the city of Hamburg I came across the Novum Style Hotel Hamburg.

What caught my eye was that the booking and price conditions allow guests the option of offsetting the CO2 emissions that their stay produces.

According to the Novum’s reservation page and price calculator, a two-night stay in a “Style Class” room (for example) from November 25 to 27 costs 458.00 euros, but that such a stay would produce some 144 kilograms of climate-damaging CO2. But not to worry, for only €3.86 extra, it is possible to offset these emissions and allow you as the guest to sleep soundly without any burdening of your green conscience.


Pay it and you’ll feel as if you’ve done a great deed and played your part in protecting our supposedly increasingly agitated climate. You’ll then be able to relax with a clear conscience as you go sightseeing along the Reeperbahn or Herbertstrasse.

Thie Novum’s CO2 offset scheme of course reminds us of the old scam of almsgiving and paying indulgences to the Catholic Church to dodge going to Hell and suffering eternally.

Indeed the Novum’s site here explains that “climate change is the greatest challenge of the 21st century” and hints that it is all causing “increasing weather extremes, glacier melt, more frequent droughts and floods” and many other terrible things. However, this all could be avoided as the site assures visitors that it’s a “small contribution with a big impact“. The Novum site adds:

For offseting the CO2 emissions, additional costs of only 0.5 – 2.0% of the accommodations expenses are incurred.”

What a deal!*

Earmarked for climate protection projects

So what happens to the CO2 offsetting €3.86 that guests agree to pay?

The Hotel Novum’s site writes that it will “support a climate protection project that is certified according to international standards, one that otherwise would not be possible without your contribution.”

The project is proven to save CO2 and is checked by an independent third party on a regular basis.”

And naturally there’s full transparency, the Novum Hotel site promises. Guests who choose to have their emissions offset receive an ID number, which they can later enter at to make sure that the voluntary contribution indeed leads to “climate neutrality”.

You can precisely check the level of greenhouse gases resulting from your overnight stay and which climate protection project was used for offsetting.”

Note that we are not singling out the Hotel Novum here, as surely many other hotels now offer their guests these conscience-soothing CO2 offsetting schemes. Also a host of other industries, like airlines, also offer the opportunity of climate almsgiving.

 * (Note: No money back guarantee).

26 responses to “Climate Protection Goes Medieval…Ushers In New Age Of Indulgences And Almsgiving”

  1. DirkH

    There is hope! Climate Change now so discredited that it ranks behind Clowns in the list of public worries!

  2. Kevin Benn

    The religion is Settled!

  3. ClimateOtter

    Sod has GOT to be booking rooms even as we speak.

  4. DirkH

    Oh, and re the carbon-offsetting: You too can travel CO2-neutral with German Rail! BUT, you must buy one of their Bahncards! Everybody else goes to climate hell!

    1. yonason

      I know how you can travel in any vehicle known to man, and do it entirely CO2-neutral. Problem is, you’ll never get anywhere.

  5. Mark M

    How many offsets must be purchased before guests prevent their first drought?

    1. John F. Hultquist


      1. Oswald Thake

        Dammit, JFH; there goes another keyboard!

      2. yonason

        Come on, John! You know perfectly well that knowing the answer doesn’t help unless you know the question.

      3. Analitik

        I thought it took 97

  6. DirkH

    Global Warming back with a vengeance! Exactly as predicted by Climate Scientist Roland Emmerich in his documentary Day After Tomorrow, Global Warming now manifests in freezing temperatures! Hollywood Movies – It’s All True!

  7. Nigel S

    Driving people off their land to plant oil palm perhaps?

    1. tom0mason

      Or work in the snake oil factories of academe forging new aspects and methods to the religious colonization of ‘climate science™’.

  8. ColA

    “a stay would produce some 144 kilograms of climate-damaging CO2” …… 144kg in 2 nights?? That’s the weight of 2 people, but we are not made of CO2 we are mainly H2O (~60%) – I was thinking maybe that’s an awful lot of flatulence, was sauerkraut on special?? Ohh silly me that’s methane!!
    Log fires in the rooms perhaps?? Not in late November!

    Pierre, how many people in the room and why the hell will you be doing so much heavy breathing?? 🙂

    1. Bernd Felsche

      It’s obvious that the number is pulled out of thin air. And the people who pay such indulgences are quite unlikely to check the figures.

      I would be shocked to find a hotel which is so inefficient with its energy use.

      144kg of CO2 is produced generating about 500 kWh in electrical power consumption (varies somewhat with primary energy mix and generating technology).

      144kg of CO2 is produced by driving a medium-sized European car more than 1000km.

      The sanctity of the belief system is obvious; for it is beyond any question, audit or fraud investigation.

  9. Dan Pangburn

    Relentlessly receding water tables (due mostly to irrigation/food production) in some places and increased rain/flooding in others is compelling evidence humanity needs to aggressively attend to rational management of fresh water . . . and stop this nonsense that CO2 has a significant effect on climate.

    Discover what does cause climate change (98% match 1895-2015) at

    1. David Appell

      Dan likes to pretend that CO2 has no greenhouse properties. All he has is a clunky curve fit which he PR’s the hell of. Yet somehow he’s never managed to get published anywhere that is remotely meaningful.

      Why not, Dan?

      1. yonason

        I’ve never had anything published about CO2 and climate, but I can still tell that you are a nasty activist who’s full of crap.

        The TINY contribution of CO2 to increased temperature is insignificant, and always has been. The massive financial hemorrhaging caused by the (um)renewable response to mythical AGW, on the other hand, is very significant.

        Liars, thieves and con artists are the only ones pushing the AGW scam, and you are one of them.

        Here’s some peer reviewed debunking of your nonsense.

        btw, what have YOU ever published on the subject.

      2. AndyG55

        CO2 doesn’t have any Greenhouse effect

        You know that.

        EVERYBODY knows that.

        Only in you LOW-END fantasy journal world does this baseless assumption exist.

        But its all you have, isn’t it, rotten-core.

      3. AndyG55


        His work is all over the net.. just like YOUR idiocy is.

        I hope you don’t have children .. because they will be totally embarrassed by your gullible belief in a failed hypothesis.

  10. clipe

    Hey folks, you can have Bullshitfrog power piped in from Canada.

  11. Mindert Eiting

    Among other advertisements, I have never seen on the trams in my city the message that the vehicle runs on the principles of quantum mechanics. No, it runs on green electricity. In my local shop I can buy many green products, CO2-neutral. Climate science has infiltrated the world of life style and fashion, where it belongs. We may expect that it will survive for as many years as other fashions like long or short hair, being shaven or having a beard, a skirt above or below the knees, etc. Within a few decades this whole thing will be over, isn’t it?

  12. edmh

    You can even assuage the guilt you have for cruising in your super yacht

  13. Oswald Thake

    Anyone want to buy pieces of The True Hockey Stick? Guaranteed genuine and signed by Michael Mann!

  14. Bernd Felsche

    Ask Novum how many live children they had bricked up in their basements to protect the hotels from earthquakes and other natural calamities.

  15. Bernd Felsche

    BTW: The indulgences requested pale into insignificance given the €0.0688/kWh surcharge on electrical power applicable from next year in Germany; to support further growth of the unreliable energy sector.

    Never mind that this alone exceeds the costs of generating electrical power by reliable, industrial means.

    When converted to CO2e prices it sets the cost at over €2000 per tonne of CO2e. [Do the arithmetic for yourself; I’m sometimes wrong.] Such is the hunger of the crony capitalists in the unreliable energy sector.

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