Warnings Of A “December To Remember” As No. Hemisphere Snow Cover Reaches 2nd Highest Level!

What follows is an interesting chart presented by Joe Bastardi’s Daily Update at Weatherbell Analytics.

There’s been a lot of talk about the current warm weather conditions up in the high Arctic, but little talk about the impressive snow cover over the northern hemisphere and the extreme and vast cold over Russia and Siberia.

What happened is that the cold air mass that’s usually over the pole has split, allowing warm air from the south to make its way to the pole and displacing the frigid air southwards. It’s called weather, which we know can be chaotic at times.

With the cold air moving southwards, it is of little surprise that the phenomenon would lead to greater snow cover over the northern hemisphere.


The chart above shows that the northern hemisphere currently has the second highest northern hemisphere snow cover for this time of the year. Source Weatherbell Analytics. In fact 5 of the last 6 years have been in the top 20!

Joe Bastardi says in today’s Daily Update that “there’s lots of snow in the northern hemisphere” and that it will become “more and more prominent” across the northern United States, accompanied by “explosions of thundersnow coming off the [Great] Lakes“.

Joe projects heavy snows across much of the US up until the new year and warns of a “December to remember”.

Frigid Siberia 2°C below nromal

Meanwhile wetteronline.de here reports on extreme cold over Siberia, with temperatures “20°C below what is normal for this time of the year“, adding: “That means daytime highs of -35°C and lows  down to -45°C.”

 Chart of current low temperatures in Siberia here. What follows is the Chart for the high temperatures:

Chart: wetteronline.de.

What’s the cause of the extreme Siberian cold?

Wetteronline.de reports that it is due to the “widespread snowfall in October and a subsequent unusual formation of a powerful cold high“.

The German weather site warns that the cold is spreading westwards, and that it is possible a high over Scandinavia forms in the weeks ahead and thus deliver a significant cold blast across Europe.

A possible collapsing polar vortex makes this scenario more probable during Advent.”

So, don’t let yourselves be fooled by the mild weather that will grip western Europe in the days ahead.


29 responses to “Warnings Of A “December To Remember” As No. Hemisphere Snow Cover Reaches 2nd Highest Level!”

  1. Sunsettommy

    The IPCC projected the very opposite,more rain/freezing rain,less snow.

  2. Kurt in Switzerland

    … but ahh,… don’t you see: this isn’t GLOBAL!

    1. AndyG55

      ….ahh, but Kurt…

      … the current warm anomaly over the Arctic, is Global !

  3. sod

    snow cover in november 2016 = climate

    Hottest year on record = weather.

    the bias should be a little less obvious, eh?

    1. Kurt in Switzerland

      … and the Medieval Warm Period + the Little Ice Age weren’t global, were they?

      Any bias?

    2. AndyG55

      “the bias should be a little less obvious, eh?”

      Yes sop, do tone down your brain-washed BIAS toward wind and solar power.

      Although it is HILARIOUS, it really is getting tedious

    3. DirkH

      sod, everything that is less than 30 years ago is weather.
      That’s why your fixation on seasonal melt of North Polar sea ice is so clinically insane.

    4. Sunsettommy

      Same ol Sod,who will ignore ALL inconvenient information to maintain his religion.

      Notice that you didn’t comment on the IPCC snow projection failure I pointed out,or that you didn’t acknowledge that Snow isn’t going away as Pierre showed, that it is getting snowier in recent years.

  4. DICK R

    There is even snow in England which is quite rare before January !

  5. tom0mason

    Is this an echo of the WW II years when Russia (as the Soviet Union) froze halting the German army. Will the Baltic ports freeze over as they did back then?

    1. Alfred (Melbourne)

      Actually, the weather in Western Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and the Baltic States was well within the norm when the Germans invaded, occupied and were kicked out of the place.

      The story that the weather defeated the Wermacht is pure nonsense – because no one in the West wanted to admit that the Soviet Union defeated them fair and square. They had better soldiers, better weapons and were more motivated.

  6. Retired Dave

    Kurt –

    “… and the Medieval Warm Period + the Little Ice Age weren’t global, were they?”

    Not in the alarmist book because that would be too inconvenient – but quite a lot of published material (both historical and scientific) suggesting they were. Try reading Global Crisis – Geoffrey Parker

    “In fact 5 of the last 6 years have been in the top 20!”

    How far back does that data go Pierre? – not easy to find on WeatherBell.

    I can see 1966 is in the top 20. The extent of data would always be good to know.

    This recent trend towards a snowy NH doesn’t disprove AGW – but it is opposite to model predictions (but what do they know) and should give any “believer” some cause for a balanced reflection – you know that is what we do in science. The SH has also had a few cold winters now, many people sadly perishing in the high Andes with colder than average temperatures.

    Of course the MSM are totally blind to cold events – “warmest year evah!” is the main show. Last Winter 15/16 was bitter in the Asia (and is again already) with some places reporting snow for the first time in recorded history – such as 8 inches in Southern Vietnam. Thousands of cattle died in the Mongolian plains. Imagine if they had died in the heat???!! It would have been all over The Guardian and BBC News. — Bias anyone?

  7. sod

    to understand snowcover, you need to look at just 2 pictures:

    NH snowcover in June:


    NH snowcover in december (this is what this totally misleading post is about!)


    One of those pictures is showing a clear TREND.

    the other one is the prime example of statistical NOISE.

    can folks here figure out the difference?

    1. DirkH

      Now you are worried about NORTHERN HERMISPHERE SUMMER SNOW COVER?

      Somebody pinch me.

      1. sod

        “Now you are worried about NORTHERN HERMISPHERE SUMMER SNOW COVER?”

        you do not get it.

        If it gets warmer, the first thing to vanish is summer snow. (too warm).

        winter snow might hang around for a while, because winters are, hm, cold.

        1. AndyG55

          “If it gets warmer, ”

          Ah…. so no problems.


          Let me guess, you don’t live in a “cold” region, do you, sop.

          … you choose to live somewhere a bit “warmer”

          and where there is access to solid, reliable, fossil fuel or nuclear electricity.

          1. tom0mason

            I believe you are correct in your speculation of sop’s locale. Sop displays all the attributes of a leftwing/communist, comfortably well off individual inhabiting a sunshine state.

          2. AndyG55

            Inner city latte sipping troglodyte !

            Unfortunately they are many !!

    2. DirkH

      So you people demand we pay six times the normal price for electricity to preserve the summer snow in the Northern Hemisphere?

      Well talk about priorities and mad cults.

    3. sod

      The comments made above are absurd: again, simple fact: june snow cover shows a trend, december snow cover shows random noise.

      That is a fact.

      1. AndyG55

        “june snow cover shows a trend”

        So what!

        Summer snow.. remind me what summer is for again?

        If you want snow and ice in the middle of summer, move to Greenland or Antarctica, bozo.

        Most normal people want a respite from the cold during summer.

      2. AndyG55

        When the snow doesn’t melt in summer..

        …that is when the real climate and general existence problems start. !!

  8. Tjad Clark

    That’s something I find qiute extraordinary too! I find so much information about warm weather anomalies in the midst of summer, but difficult to find information about cool weather anomalies in the midst of winter ?

    As if Antarctica isn’t growing?

  9. sod

    In the real world, we are having an utterly freaky arctic event, with temperature being 20°C warmer than normal.


    look at that sea ice graph. This is a real event, ant the satellite datasets will completely miss it!

    1. AndyG55

      That Siberia very cold patch is easing eastwards.

      I hope you have you solar powered subsidised battery-wall fully charged, and your local windmill is de-iced.

      When that reaches which ever inner-city European latte ghetto you hide out it, it is going to get COLD. !!

      Oh wait, sop.. I bet you will be relying on nice solid RELIABLE COAL or NUCLEAR power, like you always have.

      1. AndyG55

        I wonder how well solar panels work at -20ºC, covered in a layer of ice, and how well wind turbines operate at that temperature, although there will be very little wind.

        Eastern Europe is just going to have to hope that there is still enough functional, reliable power supply to get by.

        1. tom0mason

          Solar panel efficiency picks up when cold as the internal losses drop. Hot solar panels have lower efficiency compared to the same panels kept cold.

          The perfect place for solar panels would be on a cold (say -20), dry, dustless desert.
          Unfortunately not many of those about.

      2. AndyG55

        DOH !! I meant heading WESTWARDS.. ie toward Europe.

        5am error (here).. sorry !!

        1. tom0mason

          East or West it’ll get to where its going…

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