BASF Executive Calls German Energiewende A “Huge Botch”…Government “Deceiving The Public”

Former Supervisory Board Chairman of German chemicals giant BASF Jürgen Hambrecht has “sharply criticized” the German government for “deceiving the public and giving them the runaround” when it comes to the Energiewende, reports the online N24/Die Welt here

Hambrecht, considered one of Germany’s most influential executives, gave an interview to N24/Die Welt together with FDP politician Volker Wissing.

German government putting out fake information

The German daily wrote in the photo caption that Hambrecht “is furious about government political information being totally disconnected from reality“.

He describes the German political environment as one that has been hijacked by emotional thinking and fear, with facts being left on the wayside.

The 70-year old executive, who recently joined the FDP Free Democrat Party, told N24/Die Welt that German competitiveness “is acutely at risk” — and what is especially irritating is the massive taxpayer-paid disinformation recently put out by the the Ministry of Economics in a brochure claiming page after page that the country’s Energiewende [transition to renewable energies] was a “success story”.

Energiewende in reality a “huge botch”

Yesterday this blog wrote here how in just one year more than 330,000 German households had their power supply cut-off because electricity had become too expensive, and how German energy-intensive companies — like chemicals — were hurting.

On the brochure put out by Ministry of Economics, Hambrecht commented to N24/Die Welt:

‘Our success story’ is its title. Then there many pages of praise over falling electricity prices and stable supply.”

Hambrecht says the brochure in fact “has little to do with reality” and that the truth is:

The Energiewende is a huge botch. The costs continue to rise and the supply stability will be at extreme risk if we phase out coal and gas after ending nuclear. That annoys me a immensely as the citizens are being deceived and given the runaround.”


7 responses to “BASF Executive Calls German Energiewende A “Huge Botch”…Government “Deceiving The Public””

  1. David Johnson

    He couldn’t be more right. Of course Sob and Seb will be along to say “Well he would say that wouldn’t he?”

  2. Don from OZ

    Here in New South Wales, Australia wind and solar farms are being installed with subsidies from the Federal Govt.
    One ‘úp and coming'(read young smart-arse) politician, in support of renewables, recently pronounced “Ïf the Germans can do it so can we”.
    Sane people despair!

  3. Bitter&twisted

    Pity he didn’t say this before he retired.

  4. BASF Executive Calls German Energiewende A “Huge Botch”…Government “Deceiving The Public”

    […] – BASF Executive Calls German Energiewende A “Huge Botch”…Government “Deceiving The Public” […]

  5. sod

    To put things into context:

    “BASF ist ein weltweit führender Hersteller von Petrochemikalien”

    1. terastienstra

      And who exactly are you, sod? What is your claim to fame? Greenpeace troll? Maybe you don’t know, but Greenpeace have recently admitted in court that they never speak the truth about anything. They publish “hyperbole”.

  6. roger

    It is good to see that sod’s unintelligent posts are now being rendered unintelligible by being posted for the most part in german.

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