German Daily Writes Climate Summit-Hosting Germany Embarrassing Itself As Its Own Emissions Rise!

Daniel Wetzel of online German daily Die Welt here writes Germany is hosting 1200 experts from 93 countries at its Foreign Affairs Ministry in Berlin to discuss reductions in global “climate gas” emissions and “climate protection”.

But there is one small, highly embarrassing problem with the event: host Germany has not been able to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions over the past 8 years, despite tens of billions invested in green energy. Last year German CO2 emissions in fact rose by some 6 million tonnes, from 902 million tonnes in 2015 to 908 million tonnes.

Die Welt’s Wetzel reports that the timing of the news “couldn’t be worse” and that it is “embarrassing” for host Germany which was once considered a shining example of how to transition over to a clean energy economy.

The reality id that most of Germany’s reductions since 1990 resulted from the shutting down the filthy communist-run industries in former East Germany — something that was achieved by modern industry. Very little progress has in fact been made since 2000, when the renewable energy drive began in earnest — despite the now over 1 trillion euros committed thus far.

German skeptic site Science Skeptical here presents Germany’s greenhouse gas emissions measured in CO2 tonnes since 1990, when german reunification took place:

German greenhouse gas emissions (CO2 equivalent in millions of tonnes) have not fallen since 2009. Source: Science Skeptical, German Office of Environment, UBA

Die Welt’s Wetzel not only writes that Germany’s progress in reductions is embarrassing, but that the country will also surely miss its 2020 reductions target of 40%. Currently Germany has cut reductions by 27.6%, and that has not gone anywhere since 2009. Again, the lion’s share of reductions came from shutting down East German communist-run industry.

The Berlin climate summit will be joined by leading German federal ministers from Angela Merkel’s government, such as Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel, Economics Minister Brigitte Zypries and Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks, all from Merkel’s coalition SPD socialist partner. There’s no mention if any minister from Merkel’s CDU party will bother attending.

Wetzel writes that if the global community wishes to meet its 2050 targets, the rate at which renewable energy gets installed will have to increase 7-fold!

As Science Skeptical writes that is likely not going to happen as the planet continues to gallop from one emissions record to another.

Global emissions set a new record in 2015. Source: German Office of Environment, UBA.

The claim by climate activists that the world can wean itself off fossil fuels is nothing more than a pie-in-the-sky illusion.

28 responses to “German Daily Writes Climate Summit-Hosting Germany Embarrassing Itself As Its Own Emissions Rise!”

  1. Reasonable Skeptic

    It is my understanding that the US transition to natural gas has meant that they have been reducing emissions.

    I wonder what the lesson here is?

    1. Rud Istvan

      Get fracking.

    2. Greg61

      Yes, the US has reduced by 3% year over year, mainly due to fracking shale gas.

    3. SebastianH

      Natural gas is the future? Is that the lesson? You want to reduce something so you choose an alternative that produces less of it instead of an alternative that produces nothing of it? Hmm … sounds sane 😉

      Has any of the fracking operations in the US made a profit yet?

      Hundreds of billions lost? Hmm … their debt increased to 1.7 trillion dollars in January 2015? Where are we two years later?

      1. AndyG55

        You really have no idea what is going on, do you.

        So funny. 🙂

        Anyway.. its good the price of fuel for your Mercedes, isn’t it , seb !

      2. AndyG55

        And why, when talking about Natural Gas to you link to shale-oil firms. DUMB !!!

        In 2015, natural gas pipeline operators in the USA saw their profits climb more than 13% to roughly $5.4 billion

        1. SebastianH

          Shale gas is natural gas …

          Has anything changed? Chesapeake Energy lost over $60 billion (who are the investors?) since 2006 … will any future profit compensate for that? Pricey energy independence and CO2 reduction, isn’t it?

      3. AndyG55

        Poor seb.. why is it that you are ALWAYS WRONG.

        GROSS IGNORANCE can be the only excuse.

        Eat your socks, seb…. get more foot in mouth disease.

        1. SebastianH

          My reply is still in moderation … lots of links to US shale gas profitability.

          You could say that the past 10 years were an investment in the future and it will some day pay off … but when will that day be?

        2. SebastianH

          Here is another link …

          (all other comments still in moderation)

          1. AndyG55

            U.S. shale oil and gas sector surges back to life


  2. David Johnson

    Greens won’t accept anything that provides cheap and cleaner energy because they believe mankind is a blight on the planet that must be eradicated

    1. posa

      Exactly David… Depopulation and deindustrialization is the goal. CO2 is just a pretext … they’ll gladly add more CO2 to the atmosphere to kill of the nuclear industry..

  3. John F. Hultquist

    “climate gas”

    You have got to be kidding. Ban beans!

    Climate gas made me chuckle and reminded me that many
    years ago we were told that Pythagoras banned beans.
    “Climate gas” was not the concern.
    Beans were used in casting votes by balloting; so he meant stay out of
    the intrigues of politics.
    And the corollary:
    Politicians ought to stay out of energy discussions.

  4. CO2isLife

    Controlling emissions doesn’t due much to change the increase in atmospheric CO2.
    Climate “Science” on Trial; Only One Side Can Win

  5. Climate “Science” on Trial; Only One Side Can Win – CO2 is Life

    […] Script: Ironically, Germany’s efforts to cut emission has resulted in an increase in CO2 production. It appears having to have all those backup coal powered plants to support the wind and solar farms […]

  6. sod

    German CO2 output does not shrink because of a few reasons:

    1. our current government has no real interest in this topic.

    2. German is moving out of a dangerous technology (nuclear power)

    3. Germany is exporting massive amounts of electricity (the CO2 produced here is replacing sources in other countries).

    In the real world, Germany has dramatically changed its electricity production and has also completely changed rules for new houses. These basically passive houses will save a ton of CO2 over the next decades.

  7. sod

    The global emission graph is totally absurd. Just look at the giant red “record” sign over a bar that is basically not different from the next one.

    In the real world, the tide has turned. Investments into fossil fuels have become real risky, because the expansion phase is basically over and it is unclear if you will get your investment back. That graph should worry fossil fuels companies to their very core (and that is basically a reason for the lack of progress in Germany: the energy giants are on the brink of collapse)

  8. richard verney

    It is inevitable that German CO2 emissions will not decrease in the foreseeable future due to Germany’s policy on migration.

    Germany emits about 10mt of CO2 per capita, thus by introducing say 1 million migrants, Germany’s CO2 emissions will increase up to about 10 million mt as these new migrants are housed, buy cars, increase traffic jams, require more buses/trains/more demands on public transport, require schools for their childrens, more shops, hospitals, more farmed products, electricity/gas for heating, cooling etc.

    Unless these new migrants are forced to go without the life style enjoyed by Germans which deprivation would lead to much social unrest, it is inevitable that Germany will niot be reducing its CO2 emissions any time soon, no matter how many windmills it builds, roof top solar panels are installed.

    To add to the problem, Germany is phasing out nuclear which is the only base load non CO2 emitting power source.

    1. sod

      “It is inevitable that German CO2 emissions will not decrease in the foreseeable future due to Germany’s policy on migration.”

      It is great to have sceptics who are this optimistic about our immigration policy1 THANKS!

      In the real world, even a million people will not change our CO2 production by a lot. The important number here is CO2/GDP.

      Germany would in a perfect situation, if everyone of that one million would reach German standards soon and if they started to buy cars in mass.

      In the real world, they would still only change the CO2 output by 1%, (9 mio t in the graph above), which would be nothing but noise.

      1. SebastianH

        That’s basically what Richard said. 1% bigger population equals 1% higher CO2 output if nothing else changes.

        You mentioned the massive exports (around 10% of our produced electricity was exported to neighboring countries) and that might be a far bigger reason for increases in CO2 output. Traffic didn’t really increase and certainly hasn’t gotten less efficient over the years.

        About the CO2 output of the world. With countries like India and China catching up and only commiting to “peak CO2” in 2030 we will continue to see increase in CO2 output for quite some time. On the other hand China seems determined to become the leader in green tech and they are on a very good path to that goal. I have read that they want to install wind/solar power equivalent to the entire US power generation capacity until then … I am sure AndyG55 will freak out about the stability of those grids and spread alarmism about the coming blackouts 😉

        1. AndyG55

          Let’s see what happens shall we.

          I know you know absolutely nothing about power grid stability, and I know you really totally on fossil fuels to provide that stability (marginal now in Germany).

          But as coal is forced out by subsidies and feed in mandates from unreliables, there is only one thing that can happen.

          1. SebastianH

            The site is in German, but maybe you understand pictures …

            Super stable power grid …

          2. AndyG55

            So far you still have enough proper supply to control the grid.

            But please keep destroying that real electricity supply with stupid feed-in and tariff rules.

            I give it a couple of year.

            I hope you are one of the regions hit hard.

            How’s the Merc.. still running on fossil fuel ?

  9. sod

    Coal power all over the world is in dramatic decline. You caqn feel the panic in the coal spokesmans words, trying to defend his power source while 50% of planned coal, power plants got cancelled last year.

    But hey, that is just facts again…

    1. AndyG55
  10. Hans Erren

    Atomausstieg also did not help Germany, strange as Germany had no tsumami hazard for their nuclear facilities.

  11. German Daily Writes Climate Summit-Hosting Germany Embarrassing Itself As Its Own Emissions Rise!

    […] – German Daily Writes Climate Summit-Hosting Germany Embarrassing Itself As Its Own Emissions Rise! […]

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