Swiss “Climate Ethicist” Prof: Flying Okay “If Mother On Deathbed…Or For Going To Climate Conferences”!

Today we bring you the climate wackiness of the week.

At Swiss SRF public broadcasting, Yves Bossart recently interviewed philosopher and ethicist Dominic Roser of the Institute for Ethics and Human Rights of the University of Fribourg. Roser is also the author of the book “Ethics of Climate Change“.

Photo right: Dominic Roser, University of Fribourg

In the interview Roser tells the SRF that whenever people fly, they are in fact “killing humans of the future“, and thus there is a moral obligation to abstain from flying. He says:

A single holiday flight can warm up the climate more than driving a car and heating a home with heating oil for an entire year.”

When asked if he himself flies, Roser says he does all he can to avoid taking holiday trips, because he is aware that “flying kills“.

When asked to explain what he means by that, he tells the SRF, citing an estimate from John Nolt:

People of the future generations die through our flights. To put it bluntly, the jetliner in which I sit is like a rocket that is aimed at future humans.”

Yet, Roser does admit that flying is sometimes unavoidable and morally permissible in some special cases:

But sometimes one has to fly, for example if your mother is dying far away, or when I as a politician have to go to a climate conference.”

But luckily for such cases, Roser says, there’s the opportunity to offset the carbon emissions. He then pointedly rejects the notion suggested by the SRF that this is the “sale of indulgences”.

Globalism is the solution!

Later in the interview Roser comes out in support of a CO2 tax for flights, and then states that the only hope to solve the “huge challenges of climate change” is “to elect politicians who look beyond borders and think globally.”

So if you now think academia is really in dire need of reform, then put your mind at ease because you are not alone. Many will agree that there is certainly better thinking and intellect available out there than what Swiss universities are offering for our tax money today.


32 responses to “Swiss “Climate Ethicist” Prof: Flying Okay “If Mother On Deathbed…Or For Going To Climate Conferences”!”

  1. John

    These greenies are crazy to the bone… really..

  2. Newminster

    One has to assume that comment was not made tongue-in-cheek. What a total lack of self-awareness, not to mention self-righteousness!

    There are several English words describe this guy – doubtless some American ones and a couple of German ones as well. Choose one!

  3. R2Dtoo

    How many “counts of future murder” have been laid for the 20-23,000 who attended the Bonn fiasco? Talk about practicing “situational ethics”! Now you know why Bernie and Hillary promoted free university for everyone. It provides full exposure to propaganda for all young people.

    1. Adam Gallon

      They get a free pass, as they’re “Saving the Planet”

  4. Michael Jones

    So this guy is some sort of academic Philosopher?

    Before he gets too involved in Ethics and Politics, he really needs too have a long hard think about Epistemology!

  5. oebele bruinsma

    “or when I as a politician have to go to a climate conference.”
    It is just a silly politician posing as a philosopher.

  6. Bitter&twisted

    Arrogant and hypocritical are the two non-obscene words that spring to mind about Roser.

    1. Jeff

      Dominic Roser := Demonic Poseur?

  7. Steve

    Well if ever there was totally made up and useless title it would have to be… Climate Ethicist

  8. yonason

    Kinder gentler socialism?

    Because of the many people who will never be born because of all those they’ve murdered in the past, Leftists will never convince me they are even remotely serious about the lives of the as yet unborn.

  9. Curious George

    “But sometimes one has to fly, for example if your mother is dying far away, or when I as a politician have to go to a climate conference.” The “your mother dying far away” is an excuse; how many notarized documents would you need to prove that your was dying? She would be dead meanwhile. Flying should be a privilege of climate conference travelers, and of politicians. Do as I say, not as I do.

  10. John F. Hultquist

    I suggest he walk to see his mother now, before she is ill. If she is dying, neither of them really needs the visit.

    This fellow is a bag of 3rd world fuel.

  11. yonason

    Excuse me, but what if a woman has to fly to her doctor to [have an abortion] for the sake of the climate?

    Is that considered an acceptable act of “charity?” Would that exempt her from a carbon indulgence for making the trip?

  12. Kurt in Switzerland

    Roser is fully invested in the narrative of “Climate Guilt” – he’s been writing about it for a decade. A corollary to Climate Guilt is Climate Ablutions or Climate Penance. This is the 21st Century religion for progressives.

    BTW, Fribourg is a French-speaking town in a bilingual Canton (French-German).

  13. Reasonable Skeptic

    When it gets right down to it, a climate ethicist has no choice but to say shit like this. He is out of a job if he doesn’t.

  14. Kenneth Richard

    China alone contributed 45 million airline passengers in 2008. By 2015, it had grown to 104 million, increasing by about 9 million additional passengers from one year to the next.
    Chinese airlines have reported traffic for 1Q2015, carrying 104m passengers across their networks. This is up 13% from 1Q2014 [91 million], and is the first time first quarter traffic has exceeded 100 million.

    In 2016, airline travel increased by another 12%, an additional ~14 million Chinese passengers.

    Apparently the burgeoning Chinese middle class is deeply unethical.

  15. ScienceABC123

    If Dominic Roser truly believe in his argument, he would be pushing for teleconferencing.

    1. yonason


      …for someone’s last visit to his dying mother?

  16. crosspatch

    “People of the future generations die through our flights. ”

    Ask him to show us the proof. Surely people today must be “dying” due to flights people took in the 1980’s when planes were much less efficient and due to the cold war there were many more military planes in the air.

  17. William Haas

    All those who make use of goods and services that involve the use of fossil fuels are helping to keep the fossil fuel companies in business Without their money the fossil fuel companies would go out of business. If one really believes that the burning of fossil fuels is bad then they should stop making use of all goods and services that make use of fossil fuels. That includes the wearing of store bought cloths, Eating food that was transported by truck. walking on concrete or asphault services, entering buildings that involved the use of materials transported by train, plane, of truck or making use of any form of transportation tha involves the use of fossil fuels in any way. Even the exchange of money involves the use of fossil fuels.

  18. Bitter&twisted

    So Sebastian what’s your opinion of Roser?

  19. steve mcdonald

    Yes,a co2 tax so high that it keeps the riff raff out of his flight.
    And he takes an opportunity to mention the real reason for the the climate fraud.
    Global dictatorship.

  20. RAH

    Has anyone ever done any analysis yielding the percentages of claimed “disciplines” and avocations of those formally invited and attending to these conferences including the press.
    Proportion and numbers of “Climate ethicists”
    “Climate communicators”
    activists like Green Peace
    etc, etc, etc………..

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  23. Miner49er

    If the pharisee Roser “does all he can to avoid holiday trips”, that means, despite his professed good intentions, he does indeed take holiday trips.

    He is a perfect “Napoleon Pig”, as offered by George Orwell in “animal Farm”. Maybe he’ll suffer a similar fate.

  24. tom0mason

    Roser is also the author of the book “Ethics of Climate Change“.

    Another opportunist moneymaker offering ‘solutions’ to a faked problem.

  25. Steve Borodin

    Another fine example of the Parasite-academic.

  26. Albert Stienstra
  27. yonason

    How “ethical” is this?

    No, I don’t think we should stop the mining. We cannot do without those metals, which are essential to our modern way of life. What is unethical, and what I totally oppose, is to waste those precious resources on screwball greenie schemes. That is the ethical problem here, and a very real threat to humanity.

    1. tom0mason


      1. yonason

        Thanks. As you say, it’s “ruinable” energy.

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