Trump: Paris Climate Accord “One Of The Great Catastrophes” …But Leaves Door Open For New Deal

President Donald Trump once again rejected “global governance” and rigid multi-nation trade deals before a packed and highly enthusiastic rally in Pensacola, Florida, yesterday.

Donald Trump leaves door wide open to a fair climate deal. Photo credit: Shealah Craighead, public domain photo.

The US President re-emphasized the importance of American national sovereignty and independence from “global bureaucrats” residing in foreign countries.

In his speech the President brought up the Paris Climate Accord, a deal he refused to sign early this year, thus setting off outrage among the UN, climate activists, global bureaucrats and Accord cash-beneficiary countries worldwide.

“Would have been one of the great catastrophes”

He reminded the packed audience that he had promised “to withdraw…from the horrible Paris climate accord” — another promise he has kept.

He said: “It costs us a fortune. China doesn’t start until 2030, I think. Russia doesn’t have to go back to like a recent date; they go back to somewhere like the 1990s, which was a high pollution time. Other countries we end up giving money to. This would have been one of the great catastrophes.”

“I could come back to the Paris Accord”

But Trump left the door open for a better deal, one that would be much fairer: “And I can come back into the deal at a much better price. I could come back to the Paris Accord.”

Trump then repeated his commitment to “clean air” and “crystal clean water”. He said that if the USA pledged to accept the numbers set forth by the Paris Accord, “We would have to close factories and businesses in order to qualify by 2025. […] In the meantime some of those countries are spewing out stuff like you wouldn’t believe.”

US has already significantly cut emissions

Over the past decade the USA has already substantially cut back its “greenhouse gas” emissions, by an amount that equals Germany’s total annual output – something that never gets mentioned in the media. Paris Climate Accord-promoting Germany on the other hand, has not cut its emissions in almost a decade. Currently the USA emits roughly half as much as China does.

Performance by other climate protection-preaching western countries is not always what it is made out to be. Many western countries are meeting their targets by merely offshoring their CO2-emitting industries over to low environmental standards regions like China and India. The result: global CO2 emissions are in reality higher rather than lower.

Inefficient wind energy

Trump then mocked wind energy as being unreliable and inefficient, saying: “Windmills are wonderful. But you know when the wind doesn’t blow, they really do cause problems. ‘We have no energy this week! Well hopefully the wind will start blowing pretty soon!'”

36 responses to “Trump: Paris Climate Accord “One Of The Great Catastrophes” …But Leaves Door Open For New Deal”

  1. John F. Hultquist

    Both rallies and tweets send the MSM into convulsions. Reporters waste lots of time trying to discredit all that he says while he moves on to the next “horrible” thing.
    While the reporters are off checking an inconsequential ‘fact’ he completes another campaign promise.
    It is unprecedented that an elected person does what was promised.

    1. SebastianH

      Yep, that’s the thing with this guy. Nothing he says means anything and he is getting away with it. It’s horrible to watch and I feel for every American citizen who is ashamed of their president and what that office has become under Trump.

      But, I agree with you. MSM and reporters fall for his traps and it’s hard to watch. Wasting good resources on a pointless effort. Again, nothing he says means anything, so why bother, right? Just let it become normal and watch Idiocracy become reality.

      1. AndyG55

        “Again, nothing he says means anything, so why bother, right?”

        Says seb, preening himself in the mirror.

      2. yonason (from my cell phone)

        Making a promise and keeping it is the essence of saying something and meaning it, you delusional little chatbot!!!

        1. SebastianH

          Ignoring everything else and focussing on just a few things a person actually did is the essence of being delusional, you little troll.

          1. yonason (from my cell phone)

            Give specific examples of what we’re missing, why don’t you, SebH? Prove you have something specific in mind, for once.

      3. ClimateOtter

        Your sour grapes are very sweet.

      4. Bitter&twisted

        Trump would not have been my choice, but since his election I have become a fan.
        The fact Sebastian thinks he is horrible is a bonus:-)

  2. mothcatcher

    Yep, Trump sure is left-field, isn’t he? Difficult to know whether I dislike the man more than his detractors. Don’t think I would want him as a friend and I sure as hell wouldn’t want to do business with him.

    But President of the USA is a unique postion, and maybe we need a bit of a bxxxxxx in that position. History shows that the best postwar presidents were those who played the game outside of the ordinary political channels (Eisenhower, Kennedy, Reagan, maybe even Nixon?) Obama was a really nice guy – if a bit conceited – but on his watch the profile of his country was seriously devalued. Even if Trump fails (the whole establishment is out to get him, and they may well succeed) I’ll console myself with the memory of how he pushed back – a little at least – against the PC tyranny that has led us so seriously astray in recent years.

    1. clipe

      A href=””>How Donald Trump helped build Canada’s ice-rink empire

      1. clipe
    2. mikewaite

      I am surprised at the ongoing criticism of Trump because compared to other presidents he is actually fairly mild in his actions .
      He has not engaged in battle with the unions , as Reagan did with the air traffic controllers .
      He has not invaded another country for reasons of regime change as Kennedy tried (Bay of Pigs ), Reagan (Grenada) and Bush Jr ( Iraq).
      He has not used his presidential authority to commit a serious sexual assault on a vulnerable young woman (Clinton).
      He has not sent to unaccountable destinations 1 billion USD from US taxpayers without any Congressional approval (Obama).

      The main source of the constant vilification is from 3 losers in the race to the White House, McCain, Gore and Clinton. They attack Trump not for what he is or does ( because he does not actually do much) but because he is a constant symbol of their failure and that is something they can never banish from their minds .

  3. ClimateOtter

    Good to see he dissed renewables. I sincerely hope wind stocks took a hit shortly after that.

    1. SebastianH


      1. Bitter&twisted

        Because they are bird-shredding, bat-bursting, unreliable, subsidised eyesores, that do nothing to reduce CO2 emissions.
        And the latter is a non-problem.

        1. SebastianH

          Thanks for enlightening us with your fantasies.

          1. Bitter&twisted

            So exactly what was fantasy, Sebastian?

      2. yonason (from my cell phone)
        1. Dave Ward

          “Now we need to make sure that every trace of the turbines is removed when the current consent expires next year, so that this magnificent common is restored to its former glory”

          Sadly, I doubt that will happen – digging up and removing the huge concrete bases is very unlikely. And what about the access roads – will they be put back to original moorland?

          1. yonason (from my cell phone)

            Yes, Dave. Sadly true. Those things will remain a testament to human stupidity for millennia to come.

          2. daver

            Meanwhile, Scotland’s hopelessly forecasted 10,000 ‘turbines’ by 2020 continue to generate big cash for estated owners – a tidy sum (in one instance alone via Braes O’ Doune), of near £3k per day – guaranteed for twenty-five years.

            For what, exactly? A highly intermittent output return of at best a third of rated capacity, in order apparently to reduce national CO2 emissions representing 0.015% globally.

            Government legislated, too.

  4. clipe

    Reported ‘sod’ sighting

    “sod” has a long history of trolling over at Pierre Gosselin’s place, so you are wasting your time trying to reason with him.

  5. clipe

    SebastianH, Do you have your next assignment? Must be tough when you are abruptly re-assigned as ‘sod’ was.

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