Veteran Swiss Meteorologist Slams Media For “Making It Up”…NOAA: Polar Vortex Term “Nothing New…Appeared In 1853”

Charismatic Swiss meteorologist Jörg Kachelmann posted a comment at Twitter where he wondered what flagship German ZDF television was thinking when its evening news announced the polar vortex was some sort of new phenomenon arising from global warming.

Recently in the media we’ve been hearing a lot about the junk science that a warmer Arctic is somehow miraculously producing extreme cold over vast neighboring continents.

NOAA: “Polar vortex nothing new […] term appeared in 1853”

In a tweet in response to the ZDF’s evening news (Today’s Journal), Kachelmann, a former meteorologist for flagship ARD television, wrote:

Everything is like it always has been. via has invented the relationship of the polar vortex split with climate change. The American weather services writes the opposite: ‘It has happened often…’ Why make it up? Isn’t the real threat already enough? Why, ?

Here Kachelmann is referring to a site from the NOAA itself. What follows is the content of the NOAA page:

The science behind the polar vortex.

The science behind the polar vortex.(NOAA)Download

The polar vortex is a large area of low pressure and cold air surrounding the Earth’s North and South poles. The term vortex refers to the counter-clockwise flow of air that helps keep the colder air close to the poles (left globe). Often during winter in the Northern Hemisphere, the polar vortex will become less stable and expand, sending cold Arctic air southward over the United States with the jet stream (right globe). The polar vortex is nothing new  – in fact, it’s thought that the term first appeared in an 1853 issue of E. Littell’s Living Age.”

Links to climate change questionable

In response to Kachelmann’s tweet, meteorology expert Dr. Ryan Maue tweeted that the science was far from a consensus on the subject, and that polar vortex splits have been around “for decades”:

We have observed polar vortex splits for decades. They are not new nor caused by climate change. The links to climate change are still controversial & uncertain because climate models do not show an increase. Active area of research. No consensus.”

Cold due to warming, insists top German socialist

Despite the reminders from the authorities, the nuttiness surrounding polar vortices has been widely spread by German politicians as well, for example German Socialist SPD leader Karl Lauterbach, who recently tweeted:

Record cold in winter, record heat in summer. Climate change cannot be denied. The fact that it is now so visible will hopefully change world politics. That will cost massive amounts of money. But later it will be much more expensive. THE generational task.”

Herr Lauterbach, who has no meteorological background, is probably just parroting talking points handed to him by the ultra-alarmist Potsdam Institute, which is desperate to keep the alarmism among the public at a high level.

Kachelmann, who thinks climate change is a serious issue, responded to Lauterbach’s bizarre claim:

There was no record heat in summer and there is no record cold in winter, and no one with any sense ascribes the weather situation in the USA to climate change. See also the American weather service, which knows that this happens “often”: …”

21 responses to “Veteran Swiss Meteorologist Slams Media For “Making It Up”…NOAA: Polar Vortex Term “Nothing New…Appeared In 1853””

  1. Lasse
    1. Yonason

      Here’s today’s daily update.

      It’s a keeper.

  2. Michael Ioffe

    1. On the earth climate is changing hundreds times with ~90,000 years of global cooling and ~20,000 years of global warming.It is not linear process, when conditions on continents are playing the biggest role.
    2. Greenhouse gasses have nothing to do with climate change and weather disasters. Properties of water are playing the main role in these processes and cool the air, despite water vapor is a greenhouse gas:
    – As lighter than most gasses in air they help lift to upper troposphere any volume of air, where water vapor in number bigger, than in other volumes.
    – Clouds, which cover 1/3 of the earth surface reflect back to space direct sun radiation, the same are doing snow and ice.
    3. Beginning from 2000 killer beetles destroyed more than 100 millions of acres of forests in West of the USA and Canada. If trees in alive forests contain millions tons of water, which in winter time is playing role of thermostat for changing temperature – dead dry trees created huge corridor from Arctic to the south of west dead trees area. It created huge winter Arctic Vortex in North America today.
    4. If scientists of climate change today will play attention on realities on the ground, but on their stupid theory, that greenhouse gasses are playing any role in nature WE LONG AGO can reduce disasters from weather and climate: droughts, wildfires, flooding, huge snowfalls, tornadoes, thunderstorms.

  3. Kenneth Richard

    Other made-up word choices designed to recast the natural state of the Earth system as operating under sinister human control/misuse:

    greenhouse gases
    ocean acidification
    fossil fuels
    acid rain
    ozone depleting substances
    carbon pollution

    1. tom0mason

      What about

      EXTREME weather?

  4. Bruce of Newcastle

    May also be enhanced by the solar minimum, since we’re back down to the solar activity conditions last seen in 2010.

    In 2010 we had the Moscow heat wave due to jet stream blocking, and also a very cold winter in the UK. The latter was due to solar activity according to solar scientist Mike Lockwood (who is an IPCC lead author, not a climate sceptic).

    Low solar activity link to cold UK winters (BBC, 2010)

    There’s also a paper on the Northern Hemisphere jet stream and solar output in the historical data:

    The North Atlantic jet stream correlates with Solar output over a millennium (2014)

    So the one thing that’s pretty sure is it isn’t due to CO2, because you would in that circumstance see a smooth increase in events, not episodic each 11 years or so.

  5. tom0mason

    The start of this current warming was when a Sudden Stratospheric Warming (SSW) start to appear over the pole at about 15km above the earth’s surface, in the last weeks of December.
    This is the second SSW this year, the last one was back in February/March.

    Here’s a good video from the UK’s Met Office ‘What is a Sudden Stratospheric Warming’

    Here is the JMA analysis of the upper layer showing the SSW effect on the temperature way up there…
    Use the drop-down menu from the clickable title button immediately aove the graphic of the 30hPa temperature profile. This allows you to other aspects of
    the SSW.

    SSW are common in the NH during solar minimums and have happened many times before.
    What I wonder whether the thermosphere’s reported shrinking has anything to do with how protracted a time this SSW is taking to make itself down here to the troposphere. See here for thermosphere’s reported shrinking

  6. Robert Folkerts

    This is off topic, but has some remarkable parallels to the subject of No Tricks blog.

    Out of an article at Zero Hedge today discussing MSM and alternate media.

    “We in Alt-Media are confident the truth will eventually come out despite the efforts of the ruling elites and their MSM / social media corporate minions. It’s a lot more fun being on the side of skeptical inquiry and dissent than being behind the leaky dike, anxiously trying to stop the actual facts of the matter from entering the public awareness.

    It’s more fun being on the side of free inquiry and meaningful analysis than being on the side of censorship, fear-mongering, propagandistic sowing of discord and the promotion of the corporate-state party line.”

  7. mpcraig

    I’ve always found this to be an interesting paper:

    They talk about meridional circulation (e.g. polar vortex) and a possible link to low solar activity.

  8. Cees De Jong

    Here in Canada, the government sponsored CBC, comes with the same stupid story.

  9. John F. Hultquist

    The “Physical Geography” text books of the early 1960s used the term “arctic outbreak” and described the surface expressions.
    What was happening in the Stratosphere (see: Sudden Stratospheric Warming)did not become clear until satellite and sensor technology came about.

  10. P
    1. Kenneth Richard

      So is this fake too?

      No, not “fake”. Just ordinary. Glaciers have been advancing, melting, calving…for thousands of years. Global sea levels were 2 to 3 meters higher than now about 6,000 years ago, or when there was less ice locked up on land than there is today because surface temperatures at that time were about 4 to 6 degrees C warmer than they are now.

      East Antarctica – 2/3rds of the continent – has been cooling as have other regions of the continent (Herbacek et al., 2018; Goursaud et al., 2018) for decades. As a whole, there has been no continental-scale warming of Antarctica in the last century, and Antarctica is colder now than it was for most of the last 2,000 years.

      Further, most of the regions of Antarctica where melting and calving is occurring sits over high geothermal heat flux areas.

      I hope this information helps with your understanding of the SH cryosphere, P.

    2. CharlotteDarwin

      LOL. It’s not fake. It just doesn’t prove anything. When all you have is a public school diploma, every problem looks like global warming.

      1. Kenneth Richard

        every problem looks like global warming.

        I know several people who have visited Alaska. They come back saying that they could hear the glaciers melting…and this was enough to convince them that, uh, humans caused that and therefore AGW is truth.

        Hmmm, what could be responsible for the melting-from-below of the Thwaites Glacier that P mentions?

        P: Humans!

        SebastianH: Humans!


        Schroeder et al., 2014
        “In this paper, a combination of radar sounding and subglacial water routing is used to show that large areas at the base of Thwaites Glacier are actively melting in response to geothermal flux consistent with rift-associated magma migration and volcanism. This supports the hypothesis that heterogeneous geothermal flux and local magmatic processes could be critical factors in determining the future behavior of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet.”

        1. Kenneth Richard

          Humans melt Antarctic ice by causing volcanoes to erupt beneath vulnerable glaciers.

          “How Climate Change Leads to Volcanoes (Really) – Now, you can add yet another problem to the climate change hit list: volcanoes.”

          57 papers on subglacial volcanism melting ice sheets/glaciers

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  12. Mojomojo

    Piers Corbyn uses Solar Lunar activity to predict Vortex.
    He’s accurate so he must understand the relationship.

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