Biggest “Do As I Say, Not As I Do” German Hypocrites: Greens Do More Air Travel Than Anyone Else!

We already know that the staunchest global warming activists do more than their share of indulging in fossil fuel profligacy. Think about Al Gore, Arnold Schwarzenegger or Leonardo DiCaprio private jet-setting all over the globe.

Carbon Bernie

Or let’s look at Bernie Sanders, who likes to call “manmade climate change the greatest crisis humanity faces”, yet has no qualms about living a lavish, jet-setting life himself.

In Germany, the Greens are obviously made from the same mold, Michael Krueger writes at Science Skeptical.

Greens fly the most

By Michael Krueger

Well-heeled, alternative milieus who like voting for the Greens and the Left and prefer to live in the downtown districts fly a lot – and a long way with high emissions – we have discovered.


Newspaper clipping titled: G”reens fly the most often”. Source:, Science Skeptical, Michael Kruger

Long-haul air travel is by far the largest CO2 emitter in a short time period. A trip from Germany to the American east coast, for example to New York, emits about 4 tons of CO2 per person for a round trip; up to 6 tons are emitted to the American west coast, or about three times as much as driving a car for a whole year (12,000 kilometers) in a mid-size model.

49% of Greens flew at least once in past year

The research group Wahlen (Choices) asked citizens about their air travel attitudes.

By far the Green voters are the ones who fly most frequently (49 percent reported at least one flight in the last twelve months), ahead of voters from the Left (42 percent) and clearly ahead of the conservative CDU/CSU and social democrat SPD voters (36 and 32 percent respectively).

Green party boss “Kerosine-Kathy” Schulze

Longhaul-Luisa Neuerbauer and Green Party boss in Bavaria Kerosine-Kathy Schulze set good examples in frequent flying for young Greens.

Within a year, Green Chairwoman Katharina Schulze ruthlessly completed 124,000 air miles in her crusade to stop global warming and to eat ice cream in California. If all citizens of Bavaria followed Kerosine-Kathy’s example, Germany’s CO2 emissions would suddenly rise by more than 100 million tonnes, or one eighth of Germany’s annual equivalent output.

Longhaul Luisa “wants to fly as little as possible”

“Climate activist” Luisa Neuerbauer follows closely in her footsteps. Over the last three years, Longhaul-Luisa made it around the world by plane several times, via Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden, Poland, England, Scotland, France, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Nepal, Morocco, Namibia, Tanzania, Indonesia, etc…

In a talk show, Luisa was asked what she personally would do to protect the climate. She answered, “Fly as little as possible”.

11 responses to “Biggest “Do As I Say, Not As I Do” German Hypocrites: Greens Do More Air Travel Than Anyone Else!”

  1. John

    It looks like the greens know that CO2 is good for the planet…

  2. SebastianH

    “Kerosine-Kathy” Schulze […] Longhaul Luisa

    Apparentöy, what skeptics are good at, is making up these kinds of names. Spike55 wasn’t the only one with that talent.

    So you guys don’t like prominent people who need to travel to actually travel. I get it. Maybe some of you skeptics should travel more? See the world? Get to meet people outside your bubble?

    Anyway, I am sure you will find it equally surprising that the countries who want to do something against CO2 emissions are also those with the highest CO2 emissions per capita? And isn’t the general argument against doing something against CO2 emissions in the western world that India and China will increase their total emissions regardless? You guys write that all the time as if those countries should be stopped first instead of a reduction at home. How is that different from long distance travelling green party voters preaching climate protection to others less fortunate?

    So step down from your high horses and accept that it’s not really about changing your individual life style to consume less energy (or in your terms: deindustrialize our countries). It’s about producing usuable energy in a sustainable way. Long distance flight will be amongst the more difficult things to get down emission wise, but it’s not impossible.

    P.S.: Next you’ll argue that scientists use rockets with large CO2 emissions to get Earth observing satellites into orbit and that they shouldn’t do that if they really wanted “to save the climate”. Right?

    1. Kenneth Richard

      the countries who want to do something against CO2 emissions are also those with the highest CO2 emissions per capita

      Qatar, Kuwaitt, United Arab Emirates, Curacao, Oman, Saudi Arabia…are not really interested in lowering their CO2 emissions.

    2. Colorado Wellington

      “So you guys don’t like prominent people who need to travel to actually travel. I get it.”

      No, you clearly don’t get it.

      The most prominent comrades. The vanguard. The first among the equal. Our betters. Da.

      There may be some things more pathetic than a leftist trying to be clever but I can’t think of any right now.

      1. SebastianH

        I am not trying …

      2. Yonason

        “I am not trying …” SebH

        Well, C.W., at least he has an excuse for not succeeding. //;o]

  3. sasquatch

    Maybe real pigs can’t fly, but fake green energy pigs sure can.

    Owl Gore, the world’s greatest energy pig, fake green nonpareil, has had 220,000 dollars in energy bills in one year, has a jet to fly, and has yet to figure out that when it is minus 4 Fahrenheit, it is cold. Can’t possibly be anything else other than global warming caused by humans when it is -4 degrees Fahrenheit for the high temp of the day.

    Fake green hypocrites who fly willy nilly hither and yon to teach the filthy great unwashed on how to live their lives are on a mission, one that will never be accomplished. What does it matter? It doesn’t. lol

    Leave to the fake greens to do as they please, they also doth protest too much. What else is new?

    Human stupidity is infinite and it shows in spades. The reason why there is a universe, otherwise, there would be no room for the stupid.

    There is an excuse for ignorance, but not for stupidity.

    The record high at my location on this date is 65 degrees F. It is one above Fahrenheit.

    Probably the coldest winter since ’79/80. The winter of ’76/77 had drifts on railroad tracks twelve feet tall and taller. Three years ago there was a drift eight feet tall on my front yard area. Drifts fifteen feet tall on the east side of shelter belts were for miles around.

    This winter is one for the books, not soon to be forgotten.

    We’re in a bubble alright, one that is colder than hell to boot.

  4. John F. Hultquist

    I asked a green-type about his flying from the western USA to Norway.
    He said the cost of the plane ticket included and “offset fee” or something.
    Something like an indulgence, I think.
    Airlines have a deal with the Pope?

    The UN intends to get these middle-folks out of the way.
    In two years, airlines that fly internationally will have to offset any extra emissions under a UN agreement (called the Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation, agreed on in 2018 in Montreal, Canada) so carriers are no longer relying on individuals to pay or even know about the cost of their indulgence.

  5. Greg

    Alarmists should probably ask themselves this question. If CAGW really is a scam, would prominent greens be doing anything differently than they are now? They are using alarmism to increase their incomes, get others to fund their travel to exotic locations, sell books, paid speeches etc. They attack anyone who is skeptical, refuse debate, and accuse skeptics of criminal behaviour. Seriously, what would a scammer do differently?

    1. SebastianH

      Greg, consider this: CAGW is not a scam, would so called climate skeptics do anything differently if they could acknowledge this fact?

      They attack anyone who is skeptical, refuse debate, and accuse skeptics of criminal behaviour. Seriously, what would a scammer do differently?

      You don’t even notice that you just listed what the so called skeptics do. You guys are attacking climate scientists and call them names. You guys do not debate and instead employ troll strategies to get your point accross and yeah, some of you guys also which that climate scientists would go to jail for “their scams”.

      1. SebastianH

        *wish (not which)

        Also the part where I wrote that a true skeptic would be skeptical about his/her own beliefs seems to be missing.

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