A New Temperature Reconstruction From Central Asia Shows 432 Years Of No Warming, Recent Cooling

Tree-ring evidence reveals recent cooling and glacier thickening in Central Asia as well as flat temperatures throughout the last 432 years.

Tree rings were the proxy used by Dr. Michael Mann to invent the orignal hockey stick graph.

Twenty years later, yet another reconstruction (1580 to 2012 AD) indicates modern warmth in Central Asia is not unusual in the context of the last 432 years.

In fact, there was a recent cooling period, in line with natural variability, that was accompanied by regional glacier mass gains.

Byambaa et al., 2019

[T]he recent cool-moist period from 1985 to 2000 has been related to the Arctic Oscillation (this study, Robock, 1984, He et al., 2017). The recent cooling could have been caused by volcanic aerosols of the El Chichón eruption (VEI5, 1982) in Southern Mexico, which impacted atmospheric wind patterns, including a positive phase of the Arctic Oscillation (Robock, 1984). No large volcanic-induced cooling was observed at this time due to the simultaneous warming ocean temperature caused by El-Niño (Robock, 2002). Also, the positive AO competing with ElNiño could reinforce the anomalous westerlies in the midlatitudes (He et al., 2017). During this recent cool-moist period, ice mass accumulation of the glaciers in the Russian Altai Mountains was observed and Narozhniy and Zemtsov (2011) connected this phenomenon to annual precipitation increased by 8% – 10% especially in winter and spring (April-May) as a result of a strengthening of the zonal circulation over the Altai Mountains.”

11 responses to “A New Temperature Reconstruction From Central Asia Shows 432 Years Of No Warming, Recent Cooling”

  1. tom0mason

    It does not appear that the climate is racing out of the LIA does it?
    Maybe we’ve had all the warming that can be had, including the El-Niños, and it’s time for cooling again.

    Hopefully this is just a blip, and we’ll soon get back to some more warming but the solar cycle predictions do not appear to play well with that idea.

  2. Brian

    June 24, 2014 The Scandal Of Fiddled Global Warming Data

    When future generations try to understand how the world got carried away around the end of the 20th century by the panic over global warming, few things will amaze them more than the part played in stoking up the scare by the fiddling of official temperature data. There was already much evidence of this seven years ago, when I was writing my history of the scare, The Real Global Warming Disaster. But now another damning example has been uncovered by Steven Goddard’s US blog Real Science, showing how shamelessly manipulated has been one of the world’s most influential climate records, the graph of US surface temperature records published by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).


    1. Yonason

      “The Real Global Warming Disaster” was written by Christopher Booker.

      Yes, Tony Heller (aka Steve Goddard) does maintain a very informative website

      1. Brian

        Thanks Vonason for the share!

        1. Yonason

          Welcome. The Telegraph article was also informative. Thx.

          Booker is one of the best, IMO, as is Heller.

  3. I_am_not_a_robot

    The statistical analysis in the paper is way over my head but dendrochronological studies like this look a bit dodgy to me.
    By correlating samples with local temperature and precipitation data records are they not doing what Mann et al did viz. ‘sampling on the dependent variable’?
    Selecting cases on the basis of meeting a measure (T) and then using those cases as evidence for that measure is circular reasoning.
    Shouldn’t samples be selected at random at least concerning the measure of interest.

  4. sasquatch

    Climate Change Alarmists are mystics too. Greta Thunberg can see CO2. Amazing powers can be obtained just with your lying eyes. The climate change soothsayers yield facts that were never before known.

    Fantasy facts, but facts just the same… for them.

    All prior knowledge of the properties of carbon dioxide are irrelevant, none of it matters. It was a tasteless and odorless gas, but not anymore.

    “In 1923, experts said GNP would be ice-free by 1950. In 1952, experts said GNP would be ice-free by 2000. In 2009, government experts said GNP would be ice-free by 2020 (4 years from now).”

    Glacier Chasing in Glacier National Park

    The glaciers have grown in recent years at Glacier National Park.

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  6. A New Temperature Reconstruction From Central Asia Shows 432 Years Of No Warming, Recent Cooling
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