10 Of 10 Coastal Antarctic Stations Show Zero Warming Over Past Decades. Failed Scientists Need To Resign

By Kirye
and Pierre Gosselin

Update: Another coastal station has been added: Novolazarevsk, so it’s 11 stations.

Over the past few years, climate alarmists have increasingly been resorting to weather-ambulance chasing, which has necessitated the trotting of the globe in the search of weather anomalies to behold as proof of man-made climate change.

But one place they have been avoiding like the plague is Antarctica as a number of studies have been showing the opposite of what what predicted earlier has been happening down at the South Pole, except for volcanic activity beneath parts of the Antarctic ice shelf.

Analysis of Antarctic stations show cooling

Today we look at 10 Antarctic station under operation in Antarctica, scattered along the Antarctic coastline and operated by various countries. These are not impacted by volcanic activity:With the 2018 data in, now is a good time to look at the long-term temperature trends of these stations. We do know that Antarctic sea ice extent has seen an impressive upward trend over the past 40 years, and so tells us cooling may be at play:

Antarctic sea ice has gained steadily over the past 40 years. Chart: Comiso et al, 2017

What follows are annual mean temperature charts of each of the 10 Antarctic stations unimpacted by volcanic activity.

Butler Island and Neumayer

Both show a clear downward trend:


Halley as well shows a downward station since 1956:

Syowa and Casey

Data from the Japan operated Syowa station and the Australia Casey stations both show no trend since 1961. Here we see no signs of any warming:

So far not a single station remote of volcanic activity has shown any warming.


The Davis station data go back 35 years and show a flat trend (very slight cooling in fact). No warming has been detected there since the great global warming scare began in the 1980s. So far 6 of the 6 stations plotted show no warming over the last several decades.



This Antarctic station shows a definite cooling trend over the past 30 years:


The Mirnyl station has been recording temperature data since 1967, i.e. more than half a century. It too is statistically flat, even showing a very slight cooling trend:

Dumont D’Urvi and Mawson

Both D’Urvi and Mawson Antarctic stations have recorded data going back to the 1950s. As the following chart tells us, there’s been no warming at these two long term stations as well.


This station has not seen any warming in 40 years. Instead the trend has been cooling.

None show warming

In summary, not single Antarctic coastal station shows warming, with most showing cooling. Now you know why the climate change ambulance chasers have been silent about this remote, vastly undisturbed continent.

South Shetland Islands

Next we look at the annual temperatures of the 5 stations of the South Shetland Islands (located in the Antarctic Ocean).


They too show no warming since 1993. Centro , Marsh has had no warming trend since 1977. Where’s the warming? There certainly isn’t any at the South Pole.

Antarctic seas cooling, new study shows

Finally a fresh comprehensive study by Zhous et al also tells us that summertime sea surface temperatures (SSTs) all around Antarctic coast have been COOLING.

This is really inconvenient news for the global warming alarmists. Just when they predicted the South Pole would warm and start a dramatic melting, the opposite has in fact happened.

Grand failure as grounds for dismissal

It’s time to dismiss these alarmists as complete failures. They should be fired permanently, and never be allowed to practice science again. Their failed predictions have led the global community on a wild policy goose chase that has cost hundreds of billions of dollars and set back progress in the developing countries by many years.


67 responses to “10 Of 10 Coastal Antarctic Stations Show Zero Warming Over Past Decades. Failed Scientists Need To Resign”

  1. Petit_Barde

    “It’s time to dismiss these alarmists as complete failures. They should be fired permanently, and never be allowed to practice science again.”

    I can’t agree more.

    They should be charged with scientific fraud as most of the organizations that push this scam harming people and robbing billions since decades.

    1. Sommer

      Who will lead the way in laying the charges for scientific fraud?

      It’s time to take legal action.

      1. Yonason

        Probably has to be the government they work for. There are laws, but they would have to be applied by the agencies they defrauded. I posted not too long ago about several hundred scientists signing a complaint against them several years ago.
        I guess it needs follow up.

      2. sommer
      3. Sommer
  2. Damian Ousley

    There was a mid-winter cruise sent down from Hobart in about 2001. They never reported their findings all that quickly . They were to examine the extent of the winter sea ice and compare it with old shipping records and reports of the extent of Antarctic sea ice.They got a shock the sea ice was a good deal further out from the Antarctic coast. The results of the voyage only surfaced about 10 to 12 years later in the media. If reported earlier it would have helped debunk man made climate change in the early 2000s.

  3. ES

    The “5 stations of the South Shetland Islands” are all on King George Island which is only 95 km by 25 km. The stations are mostly close to each other.

    1. Kirye

      On NASA website, there are just 5 stations in the South Shetland islands.
      3 of the 5 South Shetland islands stations are in the King George Island, so your opinion is wrong.

      1. Michael Blackler

        Little… but it doesn’t change overall picture!

      2. ES

        Kirye: My opinion is not wrong! Your NASA site is wrong.
        Bellingshausen Station (Russian: станция Беллинсгаузен) is a Russian (formerly Soviet) Antarctic station at Collins Harbour, on King George Island of the South Shetland Islands. It was one of the first research stations founded by the Soviet Antarctic Expedition in 1968.
        The Teniente Rodolfo Marsh Martin Airport (IATA: TNM, ICAO: SCRM) is on King George Island, part of Chile’s Antártica commune in Antarctica.
        The Great Wall Station lies on the Fildes Peninsula on King George Island, and is about 2.5 kilometres (1.6 mi) from the Chilean Frei Montalva Station.
        Captain Arturo Prat Base is a Chilean Antarctic research station located at Iquique Cove, Greenwich Island in the South Shetland Islands, Antarctica. It is 52.0 km from Marsh.
        Jubany station is now called Carlini Base. Carlini Base (Spanish: Base Carlini), formerly known as Jubany Base, is an Argentine permanent base and scientific research station named after scientist Alejandro Ricardo Carlini (previously it had been named after Argentine naval pilot José Isidro Jubany).[1] It is located on Potter Cove, King George Island, in the South Shetland Islands.
        From my link I posted before Argentina, Brazil, Chile, China, South Korea, Peru, Poland, Russia, Uruguay, and the United States all have Bases/Stations on King George Island.

        I have been to this island many times and have stayed at Marsh and visited other stations

        1. Yonason


          1 – so there are multiple stations of different nations. Is their meteorological data all available and reliable?

          2 – and if so, where do we find it?

          If it can’t be accessed, then for all practical purposes it doesn’t exist.

          If it does, then thanks in advance for providing useful links. If it is somewhere buried in that wikipee article, please show where.

  4. xenomoly

    I see you appear to be using unadjusted reading. I think that might be considered hate speech at this point.

  5. 10 stazioni su 10 nelle zone costiere antartiche mostrano zero riscaldamento negli ultimi decenni. Gli scienziati che hanno fallito devono dimettersi : Attività Solare ( Solar Activity )

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  6. sasquatch

    The climate change alarmists, formerly global warming criers, need to be humble and stop their crowing every time the temp hits 40 C, 9/5(40) + 32 F = 104 F.

    Settle down, the record temp in May out here is 100 F set in 1920. It finally hit 80 plus yesterday all throughout May. Cooled down today, plenty of ice up north.

    Crow for dinner and humble pie for desert. Why? Well, because the models are all wrong, not verifiable at all.

    It’s a cruel world and Mother Nature doesn’t care what you predict, doesn’t matter.

    Probably better to kill catastrophic climate change alarmistas with kindness, still have to go though, can’t really get much more wrong when you predict an ice-free Arctic Ocean to happen in 2014. The inconvenient truth is it didn’t happen. Schucks.

    Nice try, almost, not quite, not hardly, not even close. lol

    1. Mark A Luhman

      We have not seen 40 C here in Mesa, Arizona yet this summer our average for this time of the year is about 38 C something we are not reaching either. It was a cold winter here but the last three months have been perfect. The average late June, all of July is right around 40 C with highs pushing 50 C. I begin to wonder if we will see anything above 45 C. There has been tines those temps were reached everyday for over a half of a month.

  7. Michiel

    I’ve skimmed the article and although I’m interested in this report, I believe the data might be slightly biased. I’m very sure there are more active ice stations in Antarctica, around 80 I believe.
    Do you have any data from these stations, and would you kindly include them in your article?

    Best regards,


    1. Alan Tomalty

      It doesnt matter what the other stations show. Those 11 stations cover almost the comlete coast which except for the peninsula are the warmest areas. Inland everything is colder. -37 C ave The thought of Antarctica melting is so ludicrous that climate science now is a joke.

  8. Matt

    Models vs facts. The facts always win.

  9. Simon

    The lack of warming is due to ozone loss plus insulation from an increase in circum polar westerlies. This is well understood by those who you want sacked. Your ignorance is not a reason.

    1. Adam0625

      According to radical environs (i.e. your own people), the ozone hole has been recovering quite nicely since the Montreal Protocol was enacted decades ago. And, an increase in circumstances polar westerlies … for 30 years? Do go on about ignorance.

      1. AlexXwest

        Actually, Mr Smart-Arse, as a resident of Melbourne I can inform you, categorically, that the Antarctic Ozone hole is so enormous that we Melbournians – even a full THIRTY Degrees North of Antarctic circle – can get sunburnt on a 20˚C day, after just 20 mins outside without sunscreen… even through cloud cover! The hole only recently stopped expanding in the last 5-10 years – but it ain’t yet fuckin’ shrunk I can assure you!

      2. Kc

        The Antarctic is a big ice cube. The water temperature next to the big ice cube will stay cold because as the ice melts. You all know this to be true.

        World water temperature s are warmer everywhere except next to the giant melting ice cubes at the top and bottom of the planet. ICe extent Alone is not so accurate you need to consider the thickness. They also count 15%ice as sea ice now—sorry that’s 85%water.

        The big lie is that we are much hotter then we are being told, we are is seriously deep shit. And nothing can be done to fix it in any timeframe that matters. So enjoy the good times now.

        They will hide the true situation till the jig is up. And try to confuse populations as long as possible. computer models are wrong -because they dont include geoengineering

    2. Martin Cropp

      The lack of warming is due to ozone loss
      Please explain ?????

  10. Taylor

    Antarctica ice is so thick, tis miles thick why world it matter even if it was melting

    1. Daniel

      Because that molten ice will raise sea level worldwide by meters, as they say.

      1. Alan Tomalty

        Inland everything is colder. -37 C ave The thought of Antarctica melting is so ludicrous that climate science now is a joke.

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  12. Reinder

    Funny, something different then expected happens in Antarctica. Instead of improving the climate model with further research, these scientist should be sacked. Because a Worldwide Pattern of climate change, 97% of experts agreeing about what’s happening can not convince the nay sayers.

    It’s obvious some people understand nothing of the workings of science. Research, research, research. Interpretating the data, make a model, test it, improve on it. Your never 100% correct with the first models, too many variables.

    1. Mike

      Go look up your 97% “statistic.” You may be surprised at what you find, and how thoroughly it’s been debunked.

    2. Mark A Luhman

      It never going to shrink. The hole is weather dependent, CFC never had anything to do with it. Oh by the exposed skin can get burn rather fast on a ski run. Snow only adds to the burn.

  13. Chris

    So … how do these “experts” explain the ice loss … in both Antarctica and the Arctic? … And also the retreat of pretty much ALL glaciers worldwide?
    Are you sure you are not mistaking weather for climate?
    Why is this “evidence” just being produced now?

    1. Alan Tomalty

      Did you look at the sea ice extent graph in the article or are you blind to inconvenient data. Inland everything is colder. -37 C ave The thought of Antarctica melting is so ludicrous that climate science now is a joke.

    2. I_am_not_a_robot

      The lack of long-term net warming in the Antarctic is well known and inexplicable in terms of CO2 being the overwhelming climate forcing factor since ~1950:
      Arctic warming appears to be cyclical:
      None of that excludes the probability that the increasing CO2 atmospheric concentration is having some effect but excluding all other climate factors since 1950 as the IPCC implies doesn’t make sense.

    3. Yonason
  14. Sidian

    Now I’m not an expert mind you, but from what I can tell here’s how it goes. We went through a little ice age not long ago and we’re still recovering. Glaciers advanced to their largest extent since the last real ice age at that time. It’s therefore quite lucky there even was a rebound, we’d be pretty screwed otherwise.

    That rebound caused the glaciers to retreat in most places with some human intervention (Kilimanjaro deforestation for example). Most of that retreat happened before the CO2 increase mind you with only minor losses in modern times. Those losses decelerated in recent years even switching to gains in some places like Antarctic and Greenland, which are the key places to look at as far as SLR goes, because 99% of SLR potential rests there.

    Arctic doesn’t matter one bit, because it’s all sea ice meaning even if it melts all the way it won’t change anything in sea levels. Also there is research suggesting that north pole ice extent is also largest since the onset of holocene and that it was ice free for thousands of years after the last glaciation ended.

    So a simple explanation for most of the retreat would be natural variability in the form of a rebound from a little ice age. No real discernable human factor there especially if you consider the last findings and the general deceleration of losses and even gains in some places, that go directly against modeled predictions.

  15. St imme

    All the graphs are edited by @kurje, the author. At the very least you have to be transparent about what you did

  16. Grant EDWARD Hosking

    The 16,000 nuke’s waiting for there day to shine will sure melt it sooner or later🤪

  17. Martin Cropp

    Nice detail by Kirye. The link below to a chart by Willis at WUWT using CERES data 2000 to 2017 identifies the SH cooling. It is the exact latitudes that all of the stations used in the above post.

    Why did these stations and that latitude band cool is the primary question. This one is easy. Increased convection at low latitudes causes an action over Antarctica resulting in cold air to flow down off the continent and across the sea resulting in ideal sea ice formation conditions. The stations are in the pathway of the flow.


  18. Martin Cropp

    The cooling of the SST off the coast in the last figure is a direct result of the surface cooling effect of the continent outwards flow of cold air.

    For every action there is a reaction. People talk of atmospheric connections but no one bothers to tie them together. Computer modeling has set back atmospheric research by at least 20 years. If you can’t see it in the raw data how do you expect a model to show it. Models hide the detail.

  19. scott allen

    In the years 2013 though 2016 man made output of CO2 remained flat and actually declined (using a standard base line) during 2015 and 2016 This information is supplied by the Global Energy and CO2 Status report released in March of 2019 by the International Energy Agency (your tax dollars at work).

    The CO2 detectors on Mauna Loa observatory of those years shows no corresponding leveling off (pause) in the rise in CO2. (in fact between 2015 and 2016 the rate of rise actually accelerated)
    For the year 2013 CO2 was measured at 396.52 ppm
    For the year 2014 CO2 was measured at 398.65 ppm
    For the year 2015 CO2 was measured at 400.83 ppm
    For the year 2016 CO2 was measured at 404.24 ppm

    If man were causing the increase in CO2 wouldn’t a decline in output show a pause in the CO2 readings at Mauna Loa.

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  22. Jonathan

    Are you kidding me?! Haha you know global warming alarmists, they have an answer for EVERYTHING, trust me. I don’t even know what to think, I remain skeptical but open minded to either side, but the reason for my bias against global warming alarmists is simply that their science, to me, seems unfalsifiable which by definition is NOT science, but religion. “Well, yeah that’s true there hasn’t been any warming here, but trust me, that’s how global warming works! It’s COLDER some places and much warmer others. It’s all part of the complicated process, you see?” Colder than average winter? “Yup, that’s part of global warming. You see, it causes drastic variations, so sometimes that makes winter even colder!” Colder than normal summer? “Also part of global warming. Sometimes, it gets colder.” But every single thing no matter how insignificant is automatically proof of global warming. “It was the warmest February 14 on record in Podunk, Indiana, absolute proof that global warming is for real!” “There were 15 tornadoes more than usual in Oklahoma this year, which is clearly proof of global warming as it causes extreme weather events!” There is absolutely nothing that can possibly happen that disproves their theory, because it’s completely unfalsifiable and amazingly malleable to the point where every data point somehow proves global warming, and nothing can ever disprove it.

    If you point out to them that it just seems kind of weird that in the past, CO2 levels actually *followed* warming trends by 200-500 years, they never once caused global warming, they have no real answer to that. They are completely set on the “fact” that CO2 causes warming, but why in the past were CO2 levels higher than present even during colder times? Surely, if there was such a 1:1 correlation here, then it should be clear as day that every time there’s higher CO2 levels, there are higher surface temperatures. Yet there are, I’m sure, more explanations about how I’m too stupid and idiotic to understand the complicated trends at play here and the real science behind it all.

    Eh, I don’t know what to think, but I don’t like being told that everything confirms their thesis and nothing — even if it certainly appears to contradict it — can ever disprove their theory. It sounds more like a religion to me than an actual scientific fact.

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  25. flow in

    That sea ice extent graph is done a great disservice by running a line through it.

    There is no mechanism to cause a LINEAR trend, so linear trend fitting is invalid.

    If you take away the line and just eyeball it, you can see 3 or more trends

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  30. tommy mc donnell

    this is a story that will not make one newspaper or news show in the democrat party-media complex.

  31. Jonathan Richards

    What a joke Gosselin is. Took all of 2-seconds to do a Google search on this idiot, to find out what he’s really up to. Anybody that reads this site is a complete moron.

    1. John Brown

      You are welcome!

    2. Yonason

      And we do so appreciate the information you found and shared with us – NOTHING.


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  36. scaletrans

    Very useful article. The hysteric warmist can continue to howl, the facts will always win.
    Just a short remark: the name of the French station is systematically cut.

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  41. Dr Norman Page

    See http://climatesense-norpag.blogspot.com/2019/01/the-co2-derangement-syndrome-millennial.html
    Here is the conclusion:
    “When analyzing complex systems with multiple interacting variables it is useful to note the advice of Enrico Fermi who reportedly said “never make something more accurate than absolutely necessary”. The 2017 paper proposed a simple heuristic approach to climate science which plausibly proposes that a Millennial Turning Point (MTP) and peak in solar activity was reached in 1991,that this turning point correlates with a temperature turning point in 2003/4, and that a general cooling trend will now follow until approximately 2650.
    The establishment’s dangerous global warming meme, the associated IPCC series of reports ,the entire UNFCCC circus, the recent hysterical IPCC SR1.5 proposals and Nordhaus’ recent Nobel prize are founded on two basic errors in scientific judgement. First – the sample size is too small. Most IPCC model studies retrofit from the present back for only 100 – 150 years when the currently most important climate controlling, largest amplitude, solar activity cycle is millennial. This means that all climate model temperature outcomes are too hot and likely fall outside of the real future world. (See Kahneman -. Thinking Fast and Slow p 118) Second – the models make the fundamental scientific error of forecasting straight ahead beyond the Millennial Turning Point (MTP) and peak in solar activity which was reached in 1991.These errors are compounded by confirmation bias and academic consensus group think.
    See the Energy and Environment paper The coming cooling: usefully accurate climate forecasting for policy makers .http://journals.sagepub.com/doi/full/10.1177/0958305X16686488
    and an earlier accessible blog version at http://climatesense-norpag.blogspot.com/2017/02/the-coming-cooling-usefully-accurate_17.html See also https://climatesense-norpag.blogspot.com/2018/10/the-millennial-turning-point-solar.html
    and the discussion with Professor William Happer at http://climatesense-norpag.blogspot.com/2018/02/exchange-with-professor-happer-princeton.html

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