Expensive Especially For Home Owners! Wind Turbines Can Decrease Property Values By Up To 23%, German Study Finds!

Wind energy is not only an eyesore in the middle of what is often times an idyllic landscape and an unreliable source of power, but it is also expensive – especially if you are a homeowner nearby a wind park a German study has found.
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Industrial turbines knock down property values. Image: Pierre Gosselin

Wind turbines lead to property value loss

RWI – Leibniz-Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung

A study by the Germany-based RWI Leibniz Institute for Economic Research shows that wind turbines can lead to falling prices for single-family homes in the immediate vicinity.

The value of a house one kilometer away from a wind turbine drops by an average of a good 7 percent. For the study, RWI evaluated almost 3 million sales offers on the Immoscout24 online portal.

The most important results:

– The effect decreases with increasing distance from the wind turbine. At a distance of eight to nine kilometres, wind turbines no longer have any effect on property prices.

– The researchers attribute the loss in value of the properties to the negative effects of wind turbines on their immediate surroundings – such as noise and disturbance of the landscape.

– As the RWI study shows, not all properties suffer the same loss in value: old houses in rural areas are hardest hit. Here, the loss in value within the one-kilometer radius can even amount to 23 percent. In contrast, houses on the outskirts of cities hardly lose any value at the same distance from a wind turbine. This could be due to the fact that in urban areas disturbances of the landscape or noise are less noticeable than in rural areas.

“Even if wind power plays an important role in the success of the energy system transformation, the effects for property owners can be serious in individual cases,” says Manuel Frondel, head of the “Environment and Resources” competence area at RWI. “Installing a wind turbine can cost homeowners tens of thousands of euros.“

For the study, RWI evaluated almost 3 million sales offers that appeared on the Immoscout24 online portal between 2007 and 2015. The effects on real estate prices were estimated using a hedonic price model that takes into account the exact distance between the wind turbines and the single-family houses in question, as well as the many properties of the houses and the socio-economic environment.

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Leonard Goebel (Pressestelle) Tel.: +49 0201 81 49-210

This press release is based on the Ruhr Economic Paper #791 ” Low Cost for Global Benefit: The Case of Wind Turbines”. It can be downloaded as a pdf file at http://www.rwi-essen.de/publikationen/ruhr-economic-papers/976/ The “Welt am Sonntag” of 20.01.2018 reports on the results of the study under the heading “Wind power destroys real estate values”.

7 responses to “Expensive Especially For Home Owners! Wind Turbines Can Decrease Property Values By Up To 237, German Study Finds!”

  1. Kurt in Switzerland

    More evidence that “Markets don’t lie.”

    1. Yonason

      @Kurt in Switzerland


      Free market Capitalism accomplishes everything Leftists say they love, while in fact its everything they hate.

      They aren’t stupid. They should have seen this coming…

      If they cared about the people they are supposed to be representing, they would have.

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  3. sasquatch

    If you have a dwelling that is valued at 200,000 USD and the value falls 23 percent, the wind turbine corporation will gladly hand you 46 grand to right the wrong.

    Don’t hold your breath. You are now at 154,000 dollars for your home. You’ll need a 30 percent increase in price to recover the 23 percent loss. It doesn’t add up, you can’t win. How can you? If the wind turbine had never been there in the first place, you were not jeopardized at all. Your house retained its value, price, before the wind park was set up, you couldn’t lose. Not until the wind turbines surface, then you do lose and will lose.

    Just don’t have to suffer the misery. Loss of asset value, loss of health, wellness, the pursuit of happiness, you begin to question the motivation, why you want to do what you do, making others miserable is no way to make a living.

    There is a better way.

    The value of a wind turbine falls dramatically when it catches fire or flies apart. Then it falls down and goes boom, happens on a regular basis. An instant 3.5 million dollar pile of junk, haul it away.

    It is mind boggling as to why wind turbines even exist.

    Looks like a huge waste of resources and creates a super fund site the moment a wind farm is complete, all destined for the landfill.

    I have an old International truck built in the 1930’s. It has more value than some wind turbine that nobody is going to want standing around doing nothing. I’d rather have the truck. There is no way I am going to haul it to the junkyard.

    The wind turbine craze will end. It will be a growth industry, the dismantling of wind turbines. Job seekers will be more than happy to help remove the blight wind turbines cause on the landscape.

    There they were, gone.

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