Japan May Soon Add To Growing Roster Of Major World Leaders Who Doubt Climate Alarmism

NoTricksZone contributor Kirye provides us with a unique look at climate and energy developments in Japan.

World may get another climate realist leader

By Kirye

As the working class struggles economically, signs of profound anti-establishment shifts are emerging in Japan, spurred on by a new political leader who is a climate and energy realist.

Rising Japanese political star Taro Yamamoto aims to shake up Japan’s crusty establishment down to the core. Image: Twitter here.

Growing poverty in Japan

In the House of Councillors election held on July 21, 2019, I voted for the recently founded Reiwa Shinsengumi party led by Taro Yamamoto . Why? According to the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW), 57.7% of families, 81% of single mothers and 1 of 7 children feel impoverished. These are shockingly dismal social and economic indicators for one the richest countries on the planet.

Part of this is due to an increased tax burden that have made people unhappy and poorer while the super rich profit from tax cuts. Moreover, Japanese finance minister Tarō Asō suggested that Japan could even learn from constitutional changes made by the Nazi party! Japanese president Shinzo Abe spends time on the golf course.

In contrast Taro Yamamoto, leader of the newly minted Reiwa Shinsengumi party, helps out at soup kitchens and fights for Japan’s many forgotten citizens.

Enough is enough – historic election result

Today there’s finally a growing feeling among the Japanese citizenry that the country is in need of toppling establishment structures and bringing in a new president and political party who work for justice, life and on behalf of the poor.

In the recent Upper House election, Mr. Yamamoto hauled in 992,267 votes, and so was the candidate with the highest number of votes in history in proportional representation. Now the Reiwa Shinsengumi has gone from a political group to political party, and is becoming more famous as many Japanese media are reporting on the phenomenon.

Energy and climate realist

When it comes to energy, party leader Yamamoto wants to use natural gas thermal power as a main energy supply, and to end the use of nuclear power (Japan is an earthquake country, so his ideas are valid).

On climate, I personally have never heard Mr. Yamamoto mention that CO2 is bad, despite so many Japanese people having been brainwashed by the media into believing we have to cut CO2 emissions. Many Japanese have never even heard of Climategate. Where does he stand on climate?

Yamaoto at JAJ press conference.

To find out, last Wednesday I took part in a press conference held by the Journalists Association of Japan and had the opportunity to tell Mr. Yamamoto the real story of how CO2 is not climate’s main driver (1:34:34 mark and 1:38:00). In summary I told him: Just this year alone, almost 200 new papers which do not support the anthropogenic global warming theory have been published so far. Last year the number of skeptic papers was 504. Moreover, NASA’s website shows only 166 stations have data that go back to 1880, and less than 1000 stations have the data from January, 1919.

I also told Mr. Yamamoto how distinguished Japanese climate scientist Dr. Mototaka Nakamura, who used to work for NASA, reminds us that only 5% of Earth’s surface has been adequately measured by thermometer over past 100 years and how the surface temperatures have been substantially affected by the urban heat island effect. Also how the real world’s temperature remains a far cry from the IPCC’s prediction.

He answered:  “In a sense it is wonderful if the fact spreads abroad and that it is controversial.”

He added:

Some people say that warming is not good, and are criticizing me because I aim breaking with nuclear power generation and I am pushing the generation of thermal power.”

This is a fresh perspective that has long been lacking in Japan, and so Mr. Yamamoto could act as a figure for changing public perception on the issues of climate and energy. Eventually the facts will win out because the sham cannot hide reality for long.

Growing roster of worldwide climate realist leaders – alarmists in panic

Already a number of worldwide leaders have expressed strong doubts on CO2 being the dangerous climate driver, for example US President Donald Trump, Russia President Vladimir Putin, Prime Minister Scott Morrison of Australia and the UK’s Boris Johnson. Others include Eastern European leaders, Italy’s Matteo Salvini and Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro. The momentum is real. So it’s little wonder global warming alarmists are becoming increasingly spooked and hysterical.

Some people believe that Mr. Yamamoto will be the next President of Japan, and I hope so. If it becomes reality, the world will be adding yet another climate realist to the growing roster of climate-realist leaders.

10 responses to “Japan May Soon Add To Growing Roster Of Major World Leaders Who Doubt Climate Alarmism”

  1. tom0mason

    Excellent Kirye,

    Hopefully all these ‘skeptical’ leaders will stop paying the ‘warming tithe’. Maybe soon US President Donald Trump, Russia President Vladimir Putin the UK’s Boris Johnson, Eastern European leaders, Italy’s Matteo Salvini and Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro will form a pact and stop funding this, have their many academics study real problems instead of this money spinning mythology of CO2 warming.

  2. Steve

    Ahso !

  3. drumphish

    The climate emergency is a hot topic. Or, is the real topic the climate change/emergency scam?

    For real this time, the climate conundrum just might be solved. If it takes a politician from Japan to make the climate what the climate is, the climate, whatever one there is around the globe, there is hope, a solution to bring the climate change emergency bunkum and bosh to a screeching halt. Mr. Yamamoto is doing what has to be done, nothing else.

    A climate realist is making it all real, the climate alarmists are getting nervous, running scared. Their gravy train will run until it is empty of fuel (money), the hand wringing has just begun. The climate alarmists have run their gravy train off the rails, but they don’t know it yet.

    How far can you depart from reality when what you see and what has been predicted are not the same?

    The Arctic Ocean still has pack ice. The ice-free Arctic prediction was all wet, Al Gore got it all wrong.

    Paul Ehrlich predicted famine beginning in the 1970’s, it didn’t happen.

    “The death rate will increase until at least 100-200 million people per year will be starving to death during the next ten years.” – Paul Ehrlich (Chicken Little)

    Wrong, all wrong. Gotta eat crow, Paul. 49 years of being wrong, it adds up. Plenty of crow on your plate by now. lol

    Now the hue and cry is we’re all gonna die in eleven years and four months, close to the count, so what does it even matter at this time?

    Ya, but it’s an emergency. Yeah, well, so what?

    If any of us are still around in eleven years, we are going to find out if the prediction is true or not.

    If the past is any indication of what there will be, it is a safe bet that there will be plenty of abundance in eleven years, humans are able to survive, come what may, no matter what the climate maharishis say.

    How many times do the climate change chicken littles shout that the sky is falling? Every day and then some.

    How many times does it take to hear some climate nut cry wolf before you finally have heard enough and you ignore the cry?

    How much willful ignorance will it take to realize that you have to finally stop believing the stupid nonsense the green mob comes up with on a non-stop basis?

    Maybe that is too harsh, have to tone it down some.

    However, you do as they say and eat insects, I will let the chickens eat the insects and I’ll butcher and eat the chicken. Done it many times in the past, I know how it’s done.

    The climate emergency is stupid on fire and the climate alarmists never cease with their fake facts and predictions via models, all stunning stuff designed to baffle you with bull****.

    Facts don’t work, so you have to mock the climate alarmist crowd, poke fun at them, humiliate them, shame them, ridicule them, point a finger of blame. lol

    Got it coming to them, it’ll be good for them, so why not give them a dose of their own medicine? Aren’t asking for it, but the green power grab is enough to make you power barf, enough already, so there.

    The AGW motley crews don’t mind pointing with pride and viewing with alarm, they do it for practice.

    The climate alarmists want the climate realists aka deniers in jail, so you have to use a brutally frank approach with a blunt instrument, words.

    It’s a travesty of a mockery of a sham, the climate scam.

    “Tricks and treachery are the practice of fools, that don’t have the brains to be honest.” – Benjamin Franklin

    Sasquatch handle is officially retired, it’s drumphish now.

  4. Mick J

    Not sure about Boris, has played the Green Card quite a lot recently. But may just be playing to the commercial development opportunities.

    Regarding numbers of thermometers in use over time, this essay may interest. Reviews the Paris commitments basis for recent historical temperature change when so few thermometers were available to establish the pre-industrial baseline.

  5. Asmir Gracanin

    The group of state leaders listed above represents something that 90% of world’s scientists are ashamed of. I wonder why and how can you accept their zero value arguments.

    1. Josh

      Not sure where this 90% figure comes from. Needless to say, the theory of CAGW is hotly disputed both within and outside of the scientific community. The refusal of alarmist scientists to engage in meaningful debate and share their data and methods is such that it amounts to a confession in itself.

  6. Josh

    I like Kirye’s material but I’m not sure that getting rid of nuclear power generation is such a good idea.

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