Global Cooling Trend Continues… Europe 2019 August Thus Far “Undercooled”

Although Europe is expected to enjoy summerlike temperatures over the next few days, the globe as a whole is showing a number of large areas of cooling, the latest NCEP GFS forecast shows.

Hat-tip: Snowfan here.

The trend forecast for global 2m temperatures from August 24 to August 31, 2019 (forecast day 7 minus forecast day 1) sees a further global cooling in all areas of the earth. Source: Global Temperatures

Yet, l we cannot be sure if this will stop NOAA from later issuing another of its highly dubious “hottest ever” month reports.

Europe August cool so far

Also Snowfan writes that August 2019 has been predominantly undercooled in the first three weeks in Europe and in Germany:

This explains why we’ve heard so little from the climate ambulance chasers lately.

7 responses to “Global Cooling Trend Continues… Europe 2019 August Thus Far “Undercooled””

  1. A C Osborn

    Anything that shows areas around Antarctica as being warm should have a look at the temperatures on NuSchool’s Earth.


    […] Fonte: No Tricks Zone […]

  3. psycotria

    It has been feeling like October in Miami, Florida USA on average this August, with continental air masses making it deep into Southeast US. It has been raining 2-6am and again Noon through evening almost daily. I haven’t seen this since the Solar Minimum of the 1970s.

    Just how deep will the declining Solar output go during Cycle 25 Solar Maximum, forecast to be the weakest since the Dalton Minimum of the mid 1800s?

    CO2 Human Caused Global Warming is a Fraud invented to TRANSFER WEALTH from the West into Globalists Banksters’ bank vaults. History Revision of REAL DATA from 50+ years ago no longer agrees with currently reported “past reality”.

    LIES, FRAUDS, HOAXES. The Divide & Conquer Elites’ plans still being rolled out in the face of The Great Awakening Worldwide.


    Btw; WHO IS Q?

    1. Yonason
  4. donald penman

    We have had no respite from the climate propaganda merchants in the UK in August who have simply switched to extreme rain events and can now return to record breaking temperatures for the coming bank holiday. They are determined to make people believe that the UK weather has become extreme and it is working.

    1. Yonason

      Religious belief is strongly held. Here’s a question at the end of an excellent talk (with supporting response by the speaker) that brings that point home very sharply.

      Bottom line – they will NOT stop trying to convert you to their belief, nor will they stop lying to convince you that they are correct. And if they have to alter the evidence to make it appear to support their beliefs, they won’t stop at that, either.

  5. drumphish

    The summer weather has been below normal in temperatures and also below normal in precipitation.

    The weather overnight produced some two inches of badly needed rain; I won’t complain.

    Makes my cucumber numbers skyrocket.

    Solar energy is the key, sunshine, rain, temperatures that allow for optimum growth, what you need in the worst way. Ice doesn’t grow potatoes, corn or even squash. A no brain-er right there.

    I don’t care about global mean temperatures, means nothing, what is important is your old standard local sunlight, temperature, moisture and nutrients. Makes all of the difference, no rain, no harvest, no sunshine, no plant growth, keep it simple, stupid.

    If anything, there is a a shortage of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, nothing else. Can’t have all of those planted crops worldwide with no CO2 to help them all out to make a crop, olives to almonds to grapes to barley, it doesn’t matter, carbon dioxide is the key ingredient so it can all happen like it all does.

    Give me 0 ppm of CO2 in the atmosphere and I’ll show you disaster.

    One thousand ppm, one in a thousand, and you’ll have more than enough but not too much. The amount of carbon dioxide in your home under normal conditions is around one thousand parts per million during the winter months.

    If you like your carbon dioxide, you can keep your carbon dioxide.

    You darned right I can, it is canned in the beer I drink.

    You can’t make this stuff up.

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