A New Study Finds Rising Sea Levels PROTECT Coral Reefs From Bleaching And Mass Deaths

Long-term observation of coral reefs indicate rising sea levels “not only promoted coral cover” but also “limit damaging effects of thermally-induced bleaching” (Brown et al., 2019).

Image Source: Brown et al., 2019

This new paper  is an expansion of the research conducted by the same lead author in 2011 (Brown et al.). Brown and colleagues concluded a growth in coral cover is positively correlated with rising sea levels. The authors further suggest “the overall picture for these shallow coral reefs is a positive one” due to rising sea levels and rapid recovery rates.

Image Source: Brown et al., 2011

Another new study (Zinke et al., 2019) indicates there is no correlation between coral growth rates (calcification, skeletal density) and long-term (since 1910) changes in sea surface temperatures. In other words, a regional warming trend in the tropical Atlantic has not been associated with a decline in coral cover.

Image Source: Zinke et al., 2019

4 responses to “A New Study Finds Rising Sea Levels PROTECT Coral Reefs From Bleaching And Mass Deaths”

  1. John F. Hultquist

    Seems this study makes sense, and the results NOT unexpected. It is good to have such work done and published.

    ~ ~ ~
    What happens when an airport and resorts and roads are built on top of coral atolls?
    Are such developments able to provide the wealth to manage the long term consequences of placing a hard cap on such a system?
    Could it be that the UN’s green slush fund is meant to provide these funds — with an appropriate overhead at each chain in the provision of said funds.

  2. bonbon

    Last year Prof. Peter Ridd was fired by James Cook University after saying that Great Barrier Reef science institutions were untrustworthy due to their systemic lack of quality assurance processes. This was after a distinguished career of over 30 years working on the Great Barrier Reef and at the university.
    Then he won the case, and JCU is appealing.

    Now Michael Mann wants University ratings to depend on climate attitude!
    That means money.

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