Price Shock! German Consumer Electricity Rates Climb To “New Record High”, Reaching A Whopping 30.85 Cents/Kwh!

More pain for consumers. Electricity prices in Germany climb to a new high, reaching 30.85 cents (euro) per kilowatt hour. Experts warn transition to green energies may lead to shortages, higher prices.

German online national daily Die Welt here reports on how electricity prices in the country have reached “a new high” and that natural gas prices are high as well.

The German national news daily writes: “Electricity has never been as expensive for private households in Germany as it is this year.”

“Prices have risen to a new high,” Die Welt reports, citing the latest data from German Federal Network Agency.

For the first time, electricity prices for consumers reached 30 cents (euro) per kilowatt-hour, making German electric prices among the highest in the world.

Citing data from the Federal Network Agency, the average price soared to 30.85 cents (euro) per kilowatt hour, which works out to be an increase of almost 3.3 percent compared to just a year earlier. Last year the average price for one kilowatt hour was 29.88 cents.

According to Die Welt: “The Federal Network Agency evaluates the data of well over 1000 electricity suppliers.”

Why is electricity so expensive in Germany?

The Federal Network Agency puts the blame on the electricity wholesalers who, according to Die Welt, “pass on increases to the electricity exchange”.

And an end in the rising price spiral remains elusive, experts warn.

“Wholesale prices for electricity could continue to rise,” Die Welt reports. Large power producers such as RWE, warn that future plant closures due to the transition to green energies and the phasing out of the country’s nuclear power plants will “lead to a shortage”.

Die Welt ends its article: “The largest block on the electricity bill, however, are taxes, levies and allocations, which account for more than half of the total price.” One major price driver are the mandatory, exorbitantly high green energy feed-in tariffs that grid operators are forced to pay.

17 responses to “Price Shock! German Consumer Electricity Rates Climb To “New Record High”, Reaching A Whopping 30.85 Cents/Kwh!”

  1. Josh

    Sounds like bad news. My feeling however is that most Germans would be cheering this on or wouldn’t care.

  2. Svend Ferdinandsen

    Meanwile the production market price is around Euro 40/MWh equal to 4c/kWh.
    Germany is catching up to the prices we pay in Denmark.

  3. Rhee

    How long would it take for a sane and sober government to restart the nuclear power plants once merkel is off to pasture?

    1. Henning Nielsen

      Rhee; that won’t happen. Germans are terrified of the n-word. But ask them how the French -who get ca. 70% of their electricity from nuclear power- are able to survive, and you get a vacant stare and a vague reply, if any.

      1. Yonason

        Oh, I don’t blame them one bit. One tsunami and it’s all over. //rolls eyes – shakes head//

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  5. RickWill

    Only dingbats would think that intermittent generation could lower the price of electricity.

    The fundamentals are so simple a 6yo could grasp them:
    1. The guaranteed output of intermittent generators at any given instant is precisely ZERO.
    2. There is no reduction in existing firm generating capacity because it could be needed at some point. All the existing capital still needs to be serviced and plant maintained.
    3. Operating firm capacity in a highly random sequence actually increases operating costs despite small saving in fuel cost.
    4. All the new capital tied up in intermittent generators is aiming to provide a healthy ROI.

    Put these simple facts together and it becomes very clear that electricity prices must go up.

    Using the term “renewable” to describe the electrical grid cancer that are intermittent generators masks its sinister nature.

    1. Yonason

      “Experts warn transition to green energies may lead to shortages, higher prices.”

      IOW, kiss affordability and reliability goodbye. It’s a done deal.

      And what you wrote, Rick, especially #4, #4, #4, #4, . . . .

      When crooked businesses and cooked politicians abound, the citizenry get the shaft.

  6. Gerald the Mole

    The Federal Network Agency say “wholesalers pass on any price increases that they have to pay onto the consumer”.
    Surprise, surprise!!!!

    1. Henning Nielsen

      Oh the nasty brutes, how can they be so uncaring? Much better that the wholesalers go broke and let the state take over this service. In that way, the cost will magically disappear from the electricity bill, and resurface in the tax bill, where nobody can identify it. /sarc

  7. drumphish

    If you have ever seen a one cent euro coin, it is no wonder electricity costs 30.85 measly euro pennies per Kwh, they’re not worth squat. lol

    You can fool some of the people all of the time…

    You can fool all of the people some of the time…

    The weather is a problem for this time of year. There is plenty of crop not yet harvested and the snow is/will be flying for two days in a row.

    It is looking like a climate catastrophe right now.

    It is not a rosy scenario, spells trouble and big problems.

    If there were ever a time for global warming to kick in, now is it.

  8. bonbon

    Well look at thw fight between Edison and Tesla (not Elon!), over alternating current and direct, AC, or DC. AC won.

    The irony here is that Germany has moved beyond all that old stuff to windy and cloudy Fidget Current, called Zappelstrom by Prof. Sinn of the IFO.

    Now all this Fidget Current needs a high tension DC megavolt backbone grid. What Edison or Tesla would say about that, I cannot imagine.
    Zappelstrom needs stable AC backup, and customers are paid to buy it, with tax.

    And blackouts are caused by Fidgeting, which cannot deliver 50HZ.

    So Zappelstrom is the most expensive electricity ever invented. Not sure if meters can even measure it!
    FC = AC + DC

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