“Punitive Political Psychiatry” Coming To Germany? Leading Journal Defines Climate Science Dissent A Psychological Disorder

Germany may be soon re-introducing a dark period where political opponents are simply declared mentally ill by the state and forcibly hospitalized for “treatment”.

Image: One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, 1975

A case for psychotherapy

In a recent paper dubbed “The Denial of the Apocalypse – Dealing with the Climate Crisis from the Perspective of Existential Psychotherapy” appearing in the German Das Psychotherapeutenjournal (The Psychotherapist Journal), author Fabian Chmielewski explains which “denial processes are effective and what the psychotherapists could and should concretely do about it”.

Panic over climate change is normal

According to Chmielewski, a psychologist with a practice in Hattingen, being in panic about the rapidly approaching climate apocalypse is in fact rational behavior, while having doubts and remaining calm about it is abnormal and thus needs to be addressed.

The journal’s editorial, written by Hans Schindler, comments that although Chmielewski’s paper is contentious, it is “a suitable impetus for the necessary debate about the socio-political responsibility of our professional group and for the discussion about the possibilities – and limits – of engagement in our roles as psychotherapists and citizens.”

Leading journal in Germany

Das Psychotherapeutenjournal is not just some crackpot publication that gets little attention in Germany, rather it is indeed the organ of the Bavarian State Chamber of Psychological Psychotherapists.

The journal is co-financed by the membership fees of the other German state chambers and sent throughout Germany. It is the central organ of a corporation under public law, which represents the profession of psychotherapists by law.

Concrete psychotherapeutic ‘interventions’

The abstract of Fabian Chmielewski paper:

A broad consensus of serious research warns of the scenario of a soon inevitable spiral of man-made climate change. Nevertheless, both large sections of the population and decision-makers do not seem to be adequately interested in the impending destruction of the world as we know it. The gloomy prophecies of climate scientists are played down or even denied, the necessary climate policy steps are not taken. The article looks at these phenomena from the perspective of existential psychotherapy and tries to point out possible causes and mechanisms of this repression as well as to derive concrete psychotherapeutic ‘interventions’. It also argues for the active participation of psychotherapists in health campaigns against this widespread “existential neurosis”.

Chmielewski claims that the “Fridays for Future” strikes and demonstrations are the clearest and most media-effective indication of the impending doomsday scenario, and calls for the implementation of the drastic climate policy measures demanded by science and that both doctors and psychologists warn of the health consequences of climate change and give it top priority. Here, he suggests, panic is the psychologically appropriate response.

Top human health priority

Chmielewski notes that at its annual general meeting, the Marburger Bund (association of physicians) demands: “Stopping climate change caused by humans and its consequences for human health must also be given absolute priority in health policy action”.

“Existential threat”

In the paper, Chmielewski writes that in recent times, various psychologists and psychotherapists have marked climate change as an “existential threat” (Psychologists for Future, 2019).

And when it comes to scientific dissent with regards to the upcoming climate doomsday, auditor Chmielewski writes that despite the scientific certainty of climate doomsday:

Nevertheless, important decision-makers are either completely denying man-made climate change or trivializing it and the urgency of the pressure to act. […] A large part of the population does not seem to be adequately interested in the impending destruction of the world as we know it and – as Brick and van der Linden (2018) put it – has only one lethargic “yawn” left for the apocalypse. Even more questionable seems to be the motivation of people to reject the human cause of climate change as a lie – sometimes with astonishing aggressiveness and with reference to untenable conspiracy theories.”

Suggesting compulsory hospitalization, medication

Also commenting on Chmielewski’s paper at the critical German achgut.com here, Air Tuerkis notes that generally therapists are rightly afraid to impose a certain point of view on people. But according to Chmielewski: “Exceptions are to be made, however, if an acute own or foreign endangerment is present”.

Tuerkis continues:

The concept of an ‘acute danger to oneself or others‘ is quite explosive here. It releases the therapist, for example, from the duty of confidentiality. The term normally aims at impending criminal offences that pose a danger to life and limb and above all a the danger of suicide. In Bavaria the legislator speaks of a danger to public safety to a considerable extent.”

A ‘considerable and acute danger to oneself or others’ is even sufficient as a reason for compulsory hospitalisation and compulsory medication. In this case, the patient could be admitted provisionally for up to 48 hours without a court order.”

In other words, back to the dark days days of Soviet-style punitive political psychiatry. Dissenters should be medicated into changing their views.

Suggested other reading: Prof Richard Parncutt suggests death penalty for influential climate deniers.

And here’s another whopper: 10:10 No Pressure.


23 responses to ““Punitive Political Psychiatry” Coming To Germany? Leading Journal Defines Climate Science Dissent A Psychological Disorder”

  1. E.Martin

    Anyone ever meet a psychologist that didn’t need to see a psychiatrist?

  2. Petit_Barde

    Since their ludicrous fear mongering arguments are continuously destroyed by reality and facts, those climate clowns, instead of getting a life, are transforming themselves in dangerous psychopaths.

  3. Gus

    The Stasis of DDR and their West German offspring, the Greens, never really went away. They just changed their garb, and continue as before.

  4. bonbon

    Remember the case of Gustl Mollath?
    Many years in forced psychiatric treatment, recently declared to have been illegal, all because he showed Hypovereinsbank was involved in illegal money games, all later proved to be the case. Shows just how dangerous these psychiatrists are.

    This was so extreme, the pressure must have come from the banking establishment, and to set a precedent.

    Same again here : Mark Carney, Bank of England Governor, is the most powerful man in the world. See his GFI, Green Finance Initiative. This insane scheme he himself calls “regime change”, is to govern global credit totally out of the hands of any elected government, to strictly proofed green projects exclusively.

    Getting in the way of this financial tsunami, or even mentioning it, looks likely to be the target of this.

    Trump should really go after the most powerful banker in the world.
    Yet, it could be that wife Diana Fox Carney, is more powerful, as Politico reported.

    The entire western finacial system is teetering – the pressure from banking on governments extreme. They know if they try another bailout like 2008, neither President Trump nor the deplorables will play along.
    Maybe they will declare all deplorables insane, drug them, take away the vote, as they steal their bank accounts?

  5. pater eusebius tenebrarum

    The author of the study sounds downright paranoid. Outside intervention seems to be strongly indicated, as his psychosis may well endanger himself and others. Someone suffering from the delusion of an “imminent apocalypse” is apt to do all sorts of crazy things. For example, we have recently seen stunts such as a hysterical activist gluing himself to the fuselage of an airplane, blithely putting the lives of hundreds of passengers at risk. What can we do to protect society from such a walking talking time bomb? At the very least he should be institutionalized for a period of thorough observation. This time could also be used to educate him a bit on the science he so obviously knows absolutely nothing about. 🙂

    1. Don from OZ

      @pet ‘For example, we have recently seen stunts such as a hysterical activist gluing himself to the fuselage of an airplane’.He’s not the only one.
      The streets of Melbourne,Sydney and Brisbane (in Australia) have witnessed groups of insane people gluing themselves to the hull of a catamaran or onto the street pavements, that required police to use grinders to remove them so SANE people and motorists could go about their normal business this week.
      Climate lunacy is becoming much more profound.

  6. Curious George

    Mother Nature is the biggest denialist: she stubbornly refuses to panic.

  7. Yonason

    How much more proof do we need that they are criminally insane?

  8. tom0mason

    “psychologists and psychotherapists have marked climate change as an “existential threat” , for they are bright enough to understand that there is bags of money in supporting the CO2 supposition.
    Money that they couldn’t pass-by, for if nothing else the history of the whole field of psychology tells us, psychologists/psychotherapist like being paid well for the pseudo-scientific baloney they espouse.

  9. drumphish

    Who are these idiots who come up with such nonsense? The lunatics, the easy answer.

    Monsters is the hardcore reality. They know how to make laughingstock of themselves. Lysenko would be appalled. lol

    Something out of a Monty Python skit, dark comedy, just plain nuts. Bring out your dead.

    If you can’t be a compliant, complacent, docile brainwashed sheep, then we have our ways. There will be no dissent, everyone will agree, if you need to be drugged to become a compliant, complacent, docile drugged sheep, we, the lunatics in charge of the asylum, will decide if you are not a dissident and an actual true blue dyed-in-the-wool, compliant, complacent docile brainwashed or drugged sheep or both.

    Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated, if propaganda doesn’t work, drugs will.

    You will submit, then bleat in unison, the drugs are that good.

    Yeah, right.

    You’ll be another victim. Green Madness Statism gone wild.

    Sigmund Freud would know in a heartbeat the psychologists flew over the cuckoo’s nest.

    Nurse Ratchet to the rescue, who has a Greta look to her.

  10. Guy F Beebe

    The evil cult that I like to call the Catastrophic Climate Change Cult, now wants to be able to label any who oppose their lies as psychiatric patients, or sentence them to death? Well, chumps, maybe you should work out that none of your science actually is science first. Simply running propaganda, using every dirty trick in the propaganda playbook doesn’t change the facts. And the facts are? There is no climate crisis, and there is no way to tell what the climate will do in ten years, let alone 100.

  11. Ken Davis

    Methinks a certain psychotherapist needs to read the DSM5 definition of Delusional Disorder and see how that relates to Climate Alarmism.

  12. Gerald the Mole

    If somebody glues himself to something I would leave him there if it causes minimal inconvenience to others.

  13. Henning Nielsen

    Well, we all know how dangerous smoking is. The man in the picture clearly refuses to give up his cigar, so he must accept the consequences. It’s for his own good.

  14. bonbon

    Former senior Green Party cofounder and politician Jutta Ditfurth wrote that XR is not a “non-violent climate movement,” but a “religiously nonviolent esoteric sect, which believes in the apocalypse of the imminent extinction of mankind, and calls for self-sacrifice,” .
    There’s more on Twitter.

    I wonder what the good Psychologists would say about that?

  15. bonbon

    The Jack Nicholson image is out-dated. Today the white coated Doctors above reproach, reach for their Pharmaceuticals, and perform not only frontal lobotomies, but menticide with new psychotropics.

    Just look at XR founder, psychedelic drug-user and promoter, Gail Bradbrook. A PhD in microbiology who went off the range :
    “I would support a mass civil disobedience where we take medicine to tell the state that they have absolutely no right to control our consciousness and to define our spiritual practice,”

    Many of the tribes who practices the “wisdom” of taking ayahuasca “medicine”, such as the Yaguas of Columbia, Bradbrook’s favorites, have also practiced cannibalism, according to the book, {The Green Labyrinth: Exploring the Mysteries of the Amazon} by Sylvia Fraser.

    So here we have a problem for the good Doctors – who is really crazy here?

  16. Patrick Healy

    Polish – ending in ‘ski’ the author must be a recent arrival in The Fatherland.
    But no – he really is part of the national SOCIALIST party of the lamented Furher.
    But we must not ‘mention the war’ right? otherwise we will be sent to a gulag.

  17. Punitive Political Psychiatry: Leading Journal Defines Climate Science Dissent A Psychological Disorder – Truth is difficult but essential…
  18. Yonason

    Screwballs like Graham Hancock claim that drugs like ayahuasca were what enabled civilization to sprout. I look at the Cent. American tribes who take it, and see barefoot natives with bows and arrows to shoot monkeys for food as sufficient proof that anyone claiming that is totally off his nut.

    In my early 20’s I read an anthropology story about a native tribe that used drugs as a coming-of-age ritual for the young men. The anthropologist author claimed he taught children how to make a paper airplane, and that they loved it, and could do it themselves. After the ritual, he said none of them could, or had any interest. They’d probably make good socialists, though.

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