World Leading Climate Scientist: “Greta’s Message Is Ridiculous”…”Something Of An End-Of-World Sect”

In an interview with the Hamburg daily Abendblatt here, retired German climate researcher Prof. Hans von Storch commented on the global climate debate, saying “Greta’s message is ridiculous” and that “Greta Thunberg’s demand that we panic has something of an end of world sect.”

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Climate scientist Prof. Hans von Storch. Image cropped here, CC BY 2.0

Dismisses “world doom” climate scenarios

According to the Abendblatt, Hans von Storch, the former director of the Helmholtz-Zentrum Centre for Materials and Coastal Research, warns in the interview of the consequences of global warming but at the same time “urges an objective debate and thinks little of the scenarios of world doom that are often drawn at present.”

Playing into the hands of the hard right

The retired professor also warns that “an increasing polarization on this topic could also harm democracy, and so benefit the right wing AfD party.

According to the Abendblatt, “von Storch criticizes Greta Thunberg and hersupporting  entourage harshly” and believes that her calls for people to get used to going without modern conveniences “to be of little use because it would hardly have any effects, but would have major disadvantages for the personal development of people.”

Doesn’t share doomsday views

When asked by the Abendblatt whether he shares the doomsday views of a “climate crisis” and that there needs to be an “uprising, or extinction”, von Storch says he does not share that outlook and reminded that today’s modern technology has made it possible for people to live by the millions in areas that would otherwise be inhospitable, like Phoenix, Arizona. “That was impossible in the past; today there are air conditioning systems.”

Selective listening

On Greta Thunberg’s demand that we “listen to the science!”, the award-winning German scientist slaps it down, hinting at a non-consensus among scientists: “She demands listening to scientists who should reinforce what she believes and says anyway.”

15 responses to “World Leading Climate Scientist: “Greta’s Message Is Ridiculous”…”Something Of An End-Of-World Sect””

  1. Billy

    So called scientists are not science. Having an academic degree or position does not mean that the person follows the scientific method.
    Is there any climate “science”? I have not seen it.

    1. Yonason

      “Is there any climate “science”?” – Billy

      Yes, but the warmists have become very adept at keeping hidden. The problem with all this is, that when the warmists have been drained from the science swamp, the credibility of those doing real science may be so compromised that it may take a long time before people trust them again.

  2. frankclimate

    Fram a very recent paper: “Or putting this differently, there are some futures beyond 1.5°C (or even 2°C) that are more desirable than other futures which do not exceed these warming thresholds. We should not mistake one set for the other.”

  3. BoyfromTottenham

    I would be a great deal more inclined to take notice of the IPCC and its spruikers if they reported the benefits of global warming / more CO2 / whatever as well as the downsides. Even more, if they put realistic cost estimates on both. But they do neither.
    The Australian Labor Party lost the last federal election here because they tried the same trick, and got voted out of office. Unfortunately for us the UN cannot be voted out of office – it is totally unaccountable. Except now to President Trump perhaps!

    1. Yonason

      “Unfortunately for us the UN cannot be voted out of office – it is totally unaccountable.” – BoyfromTottenham

      Yes. And the whole point of the climate scam is to extend that kind of unaccountablility to world governance.

      Like all cancers, their nature is to spread, and to destroy.

  4. Paul Litely

    See – See the simply understood science that explains our climate history and future accurately. Articles from authorities worldwide including Russia and China and India that explain why they keep builsDing coal and gas PowerPLants. See

  5. Patrick Healy

    So it is ok for left wing Marxists to control the world and be promoting the global warming scam, but “we must be careful not to play into right wing afd hands”
    Explain that to me please.

    1. Yonason

      What he should have said

      The caution should have been directed against the Left. See “Conservative Caution” which is the first article here…

      “Authoritarianism goes to the heart of Leftism. What Leftists believe and advocate is constantly changing but a belief that they have a right to tell others what to do never changes. They want to make us do things we do not want to do and stop us doing things we would normally do. The extreme authoritarians of C20 (Stalin, Hitler, Mao) were all extreme socialists and socialists elsewhere are constrained only by what they can get away with.”

      He’s smart enough to see at least some flaws in Greta’s assertions. So why isn’t he able to see that the Right is not the problem? As I wrote earlier, the only way I can understand that is that Germans are confused. And the problem with that is that they are far more likely to make mistakes in choosing their leaders**, and hence what follies are imposed on them. After that, who knows where it might lead!

      **The UK, US, Canada, and most of Europe suffer from varying degree of the same confusion, judging by the dreck they have been electing, though some improvements are being made. One hopes the improvements continue and spread to areas until now dominated by the Left.

      NOTE – The rest of the article devolves into an analysis that I don’t entirely agree with. But the basic premise in the beginning about Leftists is, IMO, clear and correct.

      1. Martin

        I think there is a place for a ‘compassion’ left wing in politic, but it the left have to reinvent itself without the Marxist cancer.
        (I’ve listen to a lot of Jordan Peterson stuff)

        1. Yonason

          “…the left have to reinvent itself without the Marxist cancer.”

          Yes, if they could. There’s certainly a dire need for it. But I don’t see it happening. It just isn’t important to them. They aren’t compassionate. They talk a lot about it, but that’s just7 a mask they wear to fool us into thinking they are. Even Hitler (and Mussolini) claimed to be anti-war. But that was early on, before they became powerful enough to take the mask off without any risk of losing that power. By then it was too late. So, yes, there’s definitely room for compassion. But the Left aren’t constitutionally capable of embracing it, which is why it has never happened.

          PS – My “NOTE” above was in reference to the piece from “dissectleft,” not the NTZ article. Just realized that may not have been clear.

  6. Yonason

    “Explain that to me please.” – Patrick Healy

    My best guess is that Germans are a very confused people.

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  10. Yonason

    Poor Greta. She’s trying to bum a ride back to Europe.

    “As #COP25 has officially been moved from Santiago to Madrid I’ll need some help.
    It turns out I’ve traveled half around the world, the wrong way🙂
    Now I need to find a way to cross the Atlantic in November… If anyone could help me find transport I would be so grateful.”

    Maybe Thor Heyerdahl is headed her way?

    Poor kid. I have a feeling that no matter whichever way she ends up going, it will be the wrong one. But even if one is going nowhere, one has to be mindful of the rules of the road. Anyone else remember the 60’s saying, “gas, grass, or cash nobody rides free”?

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