The Region From 50-70°S Has Cooled Since The 1980s As North Atlantic SSTs Have Cooled 1°C Since 2004

Large regions of the globe have  been cooling or not warming in recent decades according to several new scientific papers.

A new paper shows the West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS), sea surface temperatures near southern Chile, and the entire region between 50-70°S have cooled or not warmed since the early 1980s (Collins et al., 2019).

The region was more than 2°C warmer 1000 years ago and today’s temps (12.1°C) are the coldest of the last 2300 years (Collins et al., 2019).

Other new papers indicate the North Atlantic sea surface temperatures (SSTs) between southeast Greenland and Denmark have cooled at a rate of 0.78°C per decade since 2004 (Fröb et al., 2019).

The North Atlantic region (Labrador Sea to Icelandic Basin) hasn’t warmed overall (net) since the 1950s (Buckley et al., 2019), which includes no net warming of winter temperatures in Northern Europe and North America since the 1980s (Chen and Luo, 2019Gan et al., 2019).

Should it be called “global warming” if it isn’t actually global?

Image Source: Collins et al., 2019

Image Source: Collins et al., 2019

Image Source: Collins et al., 2019

Image Source: Collins et al., 2019

Image Source: Fröb et al., 2019

Image Source: Buckley et al., 2019

Image Source: Chen and Luo, 2019

Image Source: Gan et al., 2019

18 responses to “The Region From 50-70°S Has Cooled Since The 1980s As North Atlantic SSTs Have Cooled 1°C Since 2004”

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  3. Georg Thomas

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  4. La regione da 50 a 70°S si è raffreddata dagli anni '80 mentre le SST del Nord Atlantico si sono raffreddate di 1°C dal 2004

    […] Fonte: No Tricks Zone […]

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  6. John

    Looks like the site has been hacked. The homepage redirects multiple times to spam sites. I stopped the homepage from loading and was able to navigate to this post. Hopefully, Pierre or Kieth are aware of the problem.

  7. philf

    Saw the hack. Just waited.

    IPCC Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change
    GCM General Circulation Model (many, based on IPCC CO2 assertions)
    These six links from five authors are all you really need to understand global warming.
    My speculation: As the temperature went down into the Little Ice Age, limestone was deposited around the edges of bodies of water. As the temperature has recovered since, the limestone dissolved and added CO2 to the oceans, with a delay of 300-400 years. It was just an accident that this added CO2 coincided with our industrial revolution. Temperature creates CO2, not the other way around. There is proof of that. Read on.
    Shows that temperature change over the last 170 years is due to 3 things: 1) cycling of the ocean temperature, 2) sun variations and 3) moisture in the air. There is no significant dependence of temperature on CO2.
    Connolly father & son
    Shows the vertical temperature profile follows the ideal gas laws and is not caused by CO2. Millions of weather balloon scans and trillions of data points have been analyzed to come to these conclusions. One important conclusion is that there is no green house gas effect.
    Pat Frank
    Shows that GCM results cannot be extrapolated a few years, let alone 50 or 100.
    Joe Postma
    Shows that the “flat earth model”of the IPCC is too simple. Their real models are built into the GCMs which don’t fit the real data.

  8. Phil Salmon

    On my iPhone with Safari I also had problems of redirecting to junk sites, a day or two ago. Now all seems fine.

    This North Atlantic Ocean data is indeed contradictory to the warming story.

    A new report from the GWPF “Cold Water” by David Whitehouse also puts recent measurements of ocean heat content, in a Holocene historic context. In short, current developments are business as usual in the ocean, so need to explain any anomalous change (when change itself is the null hypothesis).

    The report conclusions include this quote:

    Rosenthal and his team reviewed proxy records of intermediate water temperatures from sediment cores and corals in the equatorial Pacific and north eastern Atlantic Ocean, spanning 10,000 years beyond the instrumental record.
    suggest that intermediate waters were 1.5–2◦C warmer during the Holocene Thermal Maxi- mum than in the last century. Intermediate water masses cooled by 0.9◦C from the Medieval Climate Anomaly to the Little Ice Age. These changes are significantly larger than the tem- perature anomalies documented in the instrumental record. One concludes that what is happening to the oceans today is not unusual.

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