Expert Psychiatrist: Greta Being “Misused For Interests” …Parents’ Promotion Of Troubled Child “Ethically Problematic”

An expert psychoanalyst appeared on German television to provide his view on Greta’s high-octane anger, see (German) video below:

At her speech at the UN, Greta’s voice was filled with worry and acute anger. When asked about the source of the intense emotions, German psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and book author Hans-Joachim Maaz commented:

What’s really bad about it, is the marketing, what is being made of her, how she is being, shall we say, used or misused for certain interests. […] I don’t find this is appropriate. I would surely critically ask the parents what they intend by all this, that they are tolerating this, that they are indeed promoting  Greta’s personal problem. I find this ethically problematic.”

Anger has other sources

About the pain and anger in her performance in New York that was accompanied by emotionally charged accusations that her youth and life have been destroyed by the climate situation, Maaz says: “That’s just not real. It’s not the case. She just hasn’t had any such really serious experience that would justify such anger. But she harbors such affects within herself and they certainly have a totally other source.”

The German psychiatrist adds:

That they fundamentally allow her to storm in such a direction, without taking her problems into account, without giving her help – that I find to be highly troublesome.”

11 responses to “Expert Psychiatrist: Greta Being “Misused For Interests” …Parents’ Promotion Of Troubled Child “Ethically Problematic””

  1. Mike


  2. bonbon

    First of all, all, and I mean ALL, Psychiatry must be absolutely private and absolutely free-willed. That only works of course for independent adults with problems.

    As this poor youngster is now being analyzed by public fora, it is a sure sign the only problem here is not just “climate”, but a complete lack of respect for the dignity of teenagers.

    This goes way beyond “social media”, or “computer gamer” psychological damage, it is actually the next stage of targeting youngsters, who after all are the future.

    We are witnessing menticide in full swing by an “elite” and their willing mopers, whether teachers, politicians, bankers, journalists, or just Epstein’s gropers.

    At least Greta’s case will show up the sheer western decadence (not saying eastern is any better), in full view, its ugly face.

    Jonathan Swift’s Modest Proposal, updated to modern lows.

    So, adults, it is easier to go after poor youngsters than after the bankers who are cashing in on the Green New Deal, Green Finance Initiative, groups like the Bank of England’s Carney, or Blackrock’s “regime change”, isn’t it, brave anti warriors?

  3. scott allen

    Bonbon, she is the human shield for those “green” people. If you were to read her mothers book, you would see that Greta was groomed for that role.
    Her parents should be arrested for child abuse. If a 16 years autistic child was used by the “fossil” fuel industry, can you fathom the out rage.

    1. bonbon

      Those “green” people are all about greenbacks, a synthetic variety, to replace the dollar, no-less. They really like to see everyone gaping at poor Greta while they go ahead with “regime change” as Bank of England governor Mark Carney called it at the FED confab at Jackson Hole in August.
      And EU Commissioner Ursula van der Leyen has a similar vision, so US and EU strictly green investment with no government decision making whatsoever. Ya ain’t seen nothin’ yet.
      “Psychiatrists” and their patients see not even a pale glimmer of such doings.

    2. Curious George

      Braids are a new moustache.

  4. drumphish

    I am free of all prejudices. I hate everyone equally. – W. C. Fields

    Human hater nonpareil, W.C. was. lol

    Greta’s parents should be pilloried and flogged, they taught her to hate and not love, shameful, disgusting, appalling, condemned to be damned. har

    Oh, you can’t be too tough on her parents, they should know better and a wake up call might work. Greta’s life is ruined, her parents are the culprits, the perpetrators that are guilty. Are wholly to blame.

    Not too difficult to come to that conclusion. Not hard to see. Still can be forgiven, forget about it all. Just humbly admit you are wrong and repent, all of that nonchalant jazz.

    Above all, help her have a triumphant return to a normal existence for a sixteen year-old child who will want to grow up sooner than later.

    Then ditch your parents, Greta, go back to your old friends and go find some new friends, leave it all behind. Tethered to a yacht sailing the ocean isn’t what you need or want.

    Soon, at some point in time, Greta might realize she has been duped, her parents are taking advantage of her, a shtick, what not.

    Factitious disorder is the diagnosis, her parents are indeed to blame.

    Burn her mother’s book, why not?

    Well, maybe not that, just stop with the snake oil salesman schmoozing moving along from town to town and making a buck routine. About all they are doing, it seems that way. In their wake, they leave some real damage and have done damage to Greta. Oceans of it.

    Tar and feathers will be humiliating enough and would probably work.

    There is some humor in it all somewhere. W. C. Fields knew all about it a long time ago.

    It will all fade away and be gone, it’s a fad these days, the climate emergency. AGW, Climate Change, Climate Emergency, word evolution right there, gotta make the shtick work one way or another.

    We’re all gonna die, run for your lives, 11,000 scientists say so, in eleven years, we are all going to go to hell in a handbasket in a hurry.

    Don’t forget about AOC, poor thing never gets any attention anymore.

    It has become absurd.

  5. Michelle Stirling
  6. Douglas Cotton
  7. Brian

    3rd October 2019, FAMILY VALUES Greta Thunberg’s parents – who are the climate activist’s family and what have they said?

    CLIMATE change activist Greta Thunberg is now a familiar face known around the world. But while the teenager has hit the headlines who are her parents and what are their beliefs?

  8. Damian Ousley

    The script by the people who are using Greta is almost out of Joseph Gobbels and the Hitler youth movement that turned of a generation of politically blinded and emotionally crippled teenagers into fanatics. Unfortunately the only defence the average person has,is to treat them as adults. That is Greta has to and should be challenged. History of Ww2 was that in the dying days of the war in Europe the Hitler youth had to be treated as adults and be killed and maimed. They did this for a dying political cause and because they were acting as adults by fighting in combat against the allies when in all adult reason the war was unwinable and surrender the best of all options.

  9. Timothy Henwood

    Pretty obvious that the anger is directed at her parents. Shameful child abuse.

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