How Wartenberg, Germany, Ruined Its Natural Landscape To Make Way For “Green” Wind Turbines

Probably the most disturbing aspect of wind energy is its destructive impact the green energy source has on the environment, never mind its sporadic supply, adverse health impacts and high costs.

As Germany ignored all warnings about wind energy’s shortcomings and its threats, government officials charged ahead blindly and obstinately, without a plan, into the uncontrolled development of the power source.

Germany wrecks its landscape

What follows is a photo video montage of how a beautiful natural landscape near the (once) scenic central German community of Wartenberg was tragically transformed into an industrial eyesore.

The photos were taken by Herrmann Dirr

The “Vogelsberg” wind project was carried out by a cooperation consisting of utility HessenEnergie, “scrupelous” forest owners and the community of Wartenberg.

The video posted on YouTube starts by showing a once idyllic scenery the area offered before the wind project came along and stamped it out. At about the 1:20 mark we begin to see the destruction inflicted on nature to build the project and then how today it is an almost inhospitable area for much wildlife.

Ruining communities to “save the planet”

It’s a classic example of how people professing to have good intentions, yet lacking in vision and judgement, allow themselves to be hijacked by populist green ideology and end up ruining everything they touch around them. They tell us they will rescue the planet, but only end up ruining their communities. It’s a disgrace.

These “leaders” operate according to true populism. They make promises that sound good to the masses who cannot think one step ahead and see the true consequences.

Vermont’s, Bernie Sanders’s disaster

It all reminds me how a few years back my home state of Vermont (whose source of power was in large part green hydro to begin with) deforested and dynamited its green mountain tops which took nature millions of years to sculpture, and then installed large wind turbines. Also see here and here.

How Vermont protects the environment by installing wind turbines. Photos taken near Lowell.

Silent spring for Vermont wildlife. Making way for green energies. Stupid as stupid gets.

The source of above photos is


5 responses to “How Wartenberg, Germany, Ruined Its Natural Landscape To Make Way For “Green” Wind Turbines”

  1. David Appell

    At least you didn’t fake any pictures this time (did you?)

    1. tom0mason

      Few readers at Appell’s squalid little site so he comes here to drum-up interest for it. Pathetic!
      Back in your box David you have nothing to offer but propaganda.

  2. Gillespie Robertson

    Skrupellose in German means Scruple-less i.e. unscrupulous . Let me know if you need help translating from German into English.

  3. rah

    Spent quite a bit of time in the Green Mountains of Vermont and the White Mountains of New Hampshire training as an SF soldier on a mountain team back in the 80’s. Beautiful but tough terrain and especially so during the winter. Though the peaks aren’t nearly has high as those common in the Alps the cold in those mountains of New England has a different and far more biting character than I ever experienced in the Alps.
    I notice that the same people that once protested profusely about coal companies chopping off the top of Appalachian mountains in Virginia, West Virginia, and Eastern Kentucky,support this kind of activity now. Simply more proof their protests never were about the environment.

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