Even Faster, More Powerful Than Climate Change… Europe’s Movement To Ecological Tyranny Emerging Rapidly

Claims of an escalating climate crisis are getting ever shriller in Europe and calls  for “real and radical action” are becoming increasingly urgent.

Leaders are now labelling their own citizens “ecological vandals”, and openly demanding they be brought under tight control by a China-modelled system. The building blocks for a tyranny are in place. 

Lately the thinly veiled calls for watering down western democracy have been becoming increasingly clear and unmistakable.

All the cornerstones for a green tyranny are emerging in Europe: 1) a claimed climate crisis that is 2) attributable to reckless human behavior, 3) it is urgent and 4) thus justifies strict regulation of human behavior, and all accompanied by 5) actions to silence dissident views.

Consumers criminalized, being labelled “ecological vandals”

Blaming humans for the ” climate crisis” is already well underway across Europe.

Recently the online Die Welt reported on a DPA interview of Green Party mastermind Nico Paech, who in the interview called for “a radical change in the behavior of citizens.”

Economist Paech, a proponent of a “post-growth economy which calls for a move away from consumerism and further economic growth, told the DPA that a majority society “believes it is climate competent, but lives like ecological vandals.” In other words, free citizens are to be viewed as criminals.

What is needed, said Paech, was a “radical reorientation” in order to “drastically reduce the emission of greenhouse gases quickly” and that it was necessary to “clear out our lifestyles”. What is needed is an authoritarian government to take swift and harsh control, he suggests. 

German leader: China-like dictatorship “more efficient”

Meanwhile German Green Party leader Robert Habeck last year in an interview with Phoenix German public television told viewers that if a democracy is unable to keep pace with the pressing challenges, then “a centralized system, which is naturally faster” needs to be seriously considered.

Habeck cites China as an example on how to get things done when citizens get in the way. In China:

There is no opposition or participation by citizens. And if they make mistakes, they still cannot be elected out of office. Maybe there will be a revolt in China, but first of all the system is more efficient. Do we want that or not? The decision cannot be made economically. It can be made only based on values and, yes, I would say that’s what we want.”

EU declares climate state of emergency

And to lay the groundwork for implementing such radical authoritarian initiatives, it comes as no surprise that the EU just recently declared “a climate emergency” after a vote of 429 MEPs in favour and 225 against. “Europe became the first continent to make this declaration,” Euronews.com reported.

Note s state of emergency is defined as follows:

A situation in which a government is empowered to perform actions or impose policies that it would normally not be permitted to undertake. A government can declare such a state during a disaster, civil unrest, or armed conflict. Such declarations alert citizens to change their normal behavior and orders government agencies to implement emergency plans.”

So, there’s really not much left to keep the EU from grabbing a lot more power, except ardent protests. But here, too, EU leaders are at work.

Free speech has its limits

Listen to German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s speech on freedom of expression, where she says ” freedom of speech has its limits” and that “we have to take away your freedom of speech, or else society won’t be free.”

Surely everyone is against hate speech. But deciding what qualifies as hate speech should not be left to governments – especially those obsessed with a climate doomsday to the point that they now label climate science skeptics as “deniers” and hinder them from expressing dissent and participating in public debate.

Moreover, Big Social Media like Twitter, Google and Facebook are also busily working behind the scenes obstructing dissenters from getting their views out over a variety of issues. And they are under increasing pressure to clamp down even harder.

So the building blocks of a green tyranny are already in place in Europe: crisis, urgency, culprit, proposed system, suppression of speech.

Opportunity knocks

Right now, the EU is just waiting patiently for that one opportune moment. We are possibly witnessing a watershed historical event in the making.

28 responses to “Even Faster, More Powerful Than Climate Change… Europe’s Movement To Ecological Tyranny Emerging Rapidly”

  1. richard

    This should kill German industry and the EU.

  2. DocSiders

    I knew that the Climate Crisis was a fraud the first time I heard Al Gore speaking on the subject way back when (1990’s). It quickly became evident to me that the Global Warming meme was a Trojan Horse tool for promoting and establishing a movement toward Global Authoritarian Socialism.

  3. Steve

    What is the fuss all about? Don’t these pesky greenies realise that it is much easier to live in a warm climate than cold climate.

    1. Newminster

      Steve, don’t you understand yet? This has nothing to do with climate and everything to do with control of the masses. Climate is only the excuse.

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  5. M E

    The news media are unaware that they will be first to go after the establishment of the tyrany. Lambs to the slaughter!

  6. pochas94

    I think we should send them free windmills, as many as they want.

  7. Brian James

    Nov 28, 2019 The Low CO2 Climate Of 1921

    Bernie Sanders has a plan to spend trillions of dollars and restore the safe climate of 1921.


  8. John F. Hultquist

    There is a problem with the “China is more efficient” argument.

    USA emissions of CO2 are going down, while China’s are going up. China’s Paris promise was to have them keep going up until 2030, or a little before. Further, China wants money from the USA and a few others to continue the increase in their own emissions, and those of other countries.

    I’m sure mastermind Nico Paech can explain this as part of a “post-growth economy”, but I’ll not hold my breath.

    1. BoyfromTottenham

      John F H, by the sound of it Mr Paech must be a Marxist economist – history seems to show that the imposition of Marxist economics generally results in ‘post-growth’ economies!

  9. Logic and Reason

    Germans and Chinese believing in a strong central government to get things done efficiently.
    What could go wrong?

  10. BoyfromTottenham

    EU declares a climate ‘state of emergency’. All the EU needs now is a trigger to justify it to ‘perform actions or impose policies that it would normally not be permitted to undertake’.
    This sounds remarkably like poor Poland in September 1939:
    @On September 1, 1939, Germany invaded Poland. To justify the action, Nazi propagandists falsely claimed that Poland had been planning, with its allies Great Britain and France, to encircle and dismember Germany and that Poles were persecuting ethnic Germans. The SS, in collusion with the German military, staged a phony Polish attack on a German radio station. Hitler then used this action to launch a “retaliatory” campaign against Poland.” We should all beware the EU!

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  12. bonbon

    China has elevated 800 million out of abject poverty in 10 years, while Joe Biden’s EU, usefully idiotic, sent Ukraine from a major producer to the poorest state there, not to mention Cyprus or Greece.
    The EU is indeed a centalist “Soviet” mutant, or more precisely a metastatic British Empire. That puts Brexit in context.
    A carbon neutral EU is the Morganthau Plan from the trash heap of history.
    Meanwhile China has rediscovered its Confucian classic civilization and is forging ahead. As the previous Premier openly said in the US during Clinton’s admin, they used FDR’s New Deal and RFC methods. That means Manhattan Program-style crash programs.
    Why does the EU always manouver itself into dead-ends?

    1. Josh

      Yes. The role of London centered financier apparatus in the creation of the EU is not widely understood. It’s this same apparatus that helped to create the monstrosity that is the green movement.

  13. drumphish

    The Village Idiot Habeck wants to be the Grand Inquisitor.

    Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn would have him on the Rack and in the Iron Maiden, after slapping him silly. lol

    Tar and feather the clueless fool.

    What does it take to stop the malfeasance? What will it take? How much longer can it be tolerated?

    Spartacus along with another 5999 rebels were all crucified by the Romans and the crosses were spaced 500 meters apart along the Via Appia. Crucifixion was some serious radical change for those poor souls.

    A million Uighurs are being re-educated in China’s gulags, so that is radical change there also.

    During the Little Ice Age, witches in Europe were blamed for all of the fast climate change and were hung, burned at the stake, by the thousands.

    The word for it all is democide.

    Words like “impose policies that it would normally not be permitted to undertake” is imposition of will, translates to democide.

    What it really is and is occurring, has been ongoing for centuries if not eons. What the Village Idiot Habeck wants for sure. Idiot.

    Power Kills

  14. bonbon

    There is indeed an emergency, the banking system is primed to implode worse than 2008. It is quite possible Deutsche Bank is the epicenter. Even CEO Sewing said they will rue the day when it became a “universal bank”, the EU standard model.
    Wild schemes such as 100% green investment, the EIB to go in full flight forward, Bank of England Chief Mark Carney moving to the UN with his “GFI” initiative, are popping up.
    This emergency can easily be handled with Glass-Steagall, bank separation, and massive physical economic credit, unlike some weird CO2 mantra. Exactly that is what President Trump is very likely to do along with China, Russia, India.
    The sheer hysteria amongst finacial “elites” leaves anything of XR in the dust.

  15. Zkázonosný proces postupující daleko rychleji a ničivěji než klimatická změna – Rychle se vynořující ekologická tyranie v Evropě - Reformy.cz
  16. tom0mason

    Nico Paech, who in the interview called for “a radical change in the behavior of citizens.”
    And that is hard socialism, if not the definition of communism!

    It was tried in the old USSR and FAILED disastrously.
    More recently in the USA the Clinton and Obama administrations tried more nuanced versions and FAILED after a brief boom then bust.
    In the UK, the Blair, then the Brown governments again tried and FAILED after a brief boom then bust..
    In Venezuela and a whole bunch of South American governments are FAILING with such ideas that ensured booms followed by busts.
    At each iteration in ALL and every one of these countries, the governments got larger, more elitist, and more dictatorial, while the populous lost their hard earned wealth and liberty.

    Socialism regardless of color — red, green, brown, pink, black … — FAILS
    Socialism is a FAILURE!

    Nico Paech the very definition of an idiot is someone who continually tries the same disastrous routine hoping that each time the outcome will be different.
    Nico Paech you are an idiot!

    1. Yonason

      Here’s one for you, tomO.

      At the end of the day algorithmic bias is a human problem, not a technical one, and the real solution is to start removing bias in every aspect of our personal and social lives. This means endorsing diversity in employment, education, politics and more. If we want to fix our algorithms, we should start by fixing ourselves. ______ https://bdtechtalks.com/2018/03/26/racist-sexist-ai-deep-learning-algorithms/

      Socialist drones are pushing their total ignorance of human nature everywhere they can.

      1. tom0mason

        Now that’s worrying Yonason.
        So poorly programmed mindless IA machines with non-human, or pseudo human, but essentially mechanistic programs give nasty biased anti-human responses because the input data from humans is choc full of biases and errors — well there’s a thing.
        So don’t preprocess the data to remove the biases, instead the solution is to reprogram people to be unbiased and more machine-like.

        Umm, this will not end well.

        1. Yonason

          Given that computers today are often programmed by the same concrete thinking blockheads who think socialism is a good idea, then yeah, if it continues, as you write “this will not end well.”

          I’m an optimist. I believe that a few decent people can and will ultimately overcome a multitude of jerks. Though it probably won’t be without considerable effort.

  17. Lumpi

    I think the Green party is violating the German constitution by permanently threatening the people with potential catastrophes based upon Science Fiction. It is a kind of terrorism to blackmail voters into their camp.

    Nevertheless, one has to be fair and not use the same tactics as they do. The interview of Habeck is cut in a way to make one believe that he said he favours a chinese system. But if you follow the whole talk you will recognize that he did not mean that. It was rather the opposite. I saw the talk show and this is a clear example of Fake news. NTZ should not do that kind of stuff.

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