German “Speech Police” Announce 2019’s Defamatory Word Of The Year: “Climate Hysteria”!

That’s right, last week a panel, made up of 4 pompous linguists and one journalist, chose “climate hysteria” as Germany’s taboo word (un-word) of 2019.


Discriminatory, disguising or misleading

The Unwort des Jahres (un-word of the year) is a new or recently popularized term used in Germany which a panel deems “violates human rights or infringes upon Democratic principles”.

According to Wikipedia, “The term may be one that discriminates against societal groups or may be euphemistic, disguising or misleading. The term is usually, but not always, a German term. The term is chosen from suggestions sent in by the public.”

Over the years, like so many other institutions, the volunteer panel has leaned to the left and has been choosing words that tend to cast conservatives and the right political spectra in a negative light. The panel’s announcement of the un-word of the year gets broad media coverage.

Last week the panel selected “climate hysteria” as the un-word of the year.

Taboo because it “defames climate protection efforts”

According to Wikipedia, the panel – which has no scientific expert on it at all, chose “climate (change) hysteria” as the un-word of 2019 because it “defames climate protection efforts and the climate protection movement, and discredits important discussions about climate protection.”

Climate science dissent is no longer welcome, the panel wants to tell us.

According to Wikipedia:

The expression [climate hysteria] was used by many in politics, economics, and the media in 2019 – by the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung as well as by entrepreneurs and especially by politicians of the Alternative for Germany party. It dismisses the increased commitment to climate protection as some kind of collective psychosis. Moreover, in light of scientific findings regarding climate change, this word is misleading and irresponsibly supports anti-scientific tendencies.”

Yet, thankfully, some media have grown critical of the panel of volunteer linguists and single journalist, and all the media attention it gets. For example, Bild newspaper wrote:

As if it were the decision of an important institution, the decision of a privately organised group is reported: Four linguists and a journalist who volunteer once a year to play linguistic police. According to the motto: Listen up, citizens, the language committee has decided, this word is taboo from now on!

Ironically, in 2011 the panel chose “alternativlos” (no alternative) as the un-word of 2010 in politics because they claimed it was “undemocratic”, as any discussion on a subject “would be deemed unnecessary or undesirable”.

Today the panel appears to have forgotten about that earlier choice.

In any case, skeptics and dissenters should instead ramp up the use of the term “climate hysteria” to describe the FFF and XR movements, and all the nutty doomsday scientists who like telling us there’s no alternative to decarbonization.

26 responses to “German “Speech Police” Announce 2019’s Defamatory Word Of The Year: “Climate Hysteria”!”

  1. John F. Hultquist

    I suggest “journalist” as the Unwort des Jahres.

    “Wikipedia” will also work.

  2. Chris Hanley

    Words terms phrases are thoughts expressed, without the words the thoughts are impossible as George Orwell put it: ‘if thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought’.
    After a tragic century of attempts at totalitarian rule apparently the tendency is alive and well, it’s not a peculiar characteristic of any nationality or culture but of personality and the climate change cult is proving a magnet for those with that disposition.

  3. Zoe Phin

    How nice. Apparently “climate denier” is not offensive.

  4. Travis T. Jones

    The late Professor Bob Carter suggested to replace ‘climate change’ with [global warming] when possible and place a (sic) after the word ‘carbon’ when used in place of the compound carbon dioxide.

    This comment comes with a trigger warning for any climate hysterical proponent.

  5. Robert Kernodle

    [“climate (change) hysteria” as the un-word of 2019 because it “defames climate protection efforts and the climate protection movement, and discredits important discussions about climate protection.”]

    So called “climate protection efforts” defame themselves. So called “important discussions about climate protection” discredit themselves. This is why the phrase “climate hysteria” is such an appropriate description.

    When “protection efforts” and “important discussions” are phrases that get hijacked to mean the opposite of what they mean, in an effort to distort the thinking of people dependent on words to take action, then there is no more fitting description than “hysteria”.

    Hysterical people take excessive action for non-existent reasons.

  6. James Walter

    German law on defamation could punish those that call us “Deniers”

    I would say calling anyone a “Denier” is defamatory on the face of it – denial is commonly used for criminals and politicians, little difference, who know the truth, committed a crime, and nonetheless lie about it. Calling us deniers is true defamation.

    Sanctions involve imprisonment ranging from three (3) months to five (5) years, plus a fine.

    To obtain an interim injunction, the claimant has to persuade the court that on the balance of probabilities, the statement is false, defamatory or relates to his private life. The defendant usually does not have the chance to challenge the claimant’s evidence until after the injunction has been granted. Publication in Germany generally occurs if the alleged false and/or defamatory material is read, heard, accessed or seen in Germany. A single instance of publication in Germany may be sufficient to bring a case.

  7. James Walter

    I forgot to mention that Denial is a psychological disease. They are accusing us of being crazy:
    So it goes double on their defamation of skeptics

  8. Petit_Barde

    OK, so “climate fraudsters” and “climate clown show” are allowed, great !

  9. drumphish

    “violates human rights or infringes upon Democratic principles”

    Who says? How is it possible to explain such ignorance? No say un-word, you heretic. har

    In other words, we aren’t going to tolerate dissent.

    The propaganda needs to be improved, the beatings are going to continue until the morale improves.

    Un-words equal censorship, nothing else. Might as well be forced to wear an eight centimeter Star of David on your lapel.

    Comedians would have a fun with un-words, Bill Hicks would say something like ‘Whadda mean I can’t say a word, especially an un-word?’

    ‘**** you’, I’ll say any ******* word I want’. Nothing was sacred for Bill Hicks. Bill was capable of raising awareness, pointing out, loudly, the cognitive dissonance.

    Sam Kinison, the same. George Carlin, ditto. Take your un-words and, well, you know.

    Comedians are the court jesters, the fools wise enough and brave enough to make mention that the emperor has no clothes, is full of it.

    Let them tell it like it is, the linguists who know how, not the thought police.

  10. richard
  11. tom0mason

    People who are hysterical usually do not listen to those telling they are being hysterical. This denial of their true state is a major symptom of their hysteria.

    Wikipedia pages on hysterical contagion …
    Mass psychogenic illness, aka mass hysteria …

    These references cover well the current global trend about the so called ‘climate crisis’. Added to this is the vast amount of over-hyped climate reporting by the MSM ensures that most people stay suitably sensitized to climate issues.
    See the ‘hysterical contagion’ reference, in particular I note the ‘June bug epidemic’, where they say — “Of the 62 employees that reported symptoms, 59 worked on the first shift, 58 worked in the same area, and 50 of the 62 cases occurred in the two consecutive days after the media supposedly “sensationalized” the event.” [my bold]
    There are plenty of other cases of “sensationalized” reports adding to popular hysterical responses in many newspaper archives. Most-times the hysteria is the consequence of people not being able to assess risk properly. Add to that the government’s & commerce’s can and does make money by taking advantage of the public’s miseducations about risk. And the MSM would not try and educate people about rationality and how to assess risk, as that would devalue the perceived worth of their sensationalized ‘journalism’.

    MSM journalists both sensationalize ‘climate reports’ (often these are merely weather reports) to keep the population sensitized to the issue. By continual over reporting what ‘scientists say’ and insisting any (all?) natural events are now the result of man-made climate change (using that other meaningless phrase ‘is in line with what is to be expected with [man made] climate change’ the population is kept properly worried and anxious (and so more controllable).

    Banning words like “climate hysteria” is a sure sign of mass hysteria at work. Society is sick, it lacks proper perspective about natural events, and what humans (given our limited resources) can do about large natural but devastating phenomena. Germany seems to be deep in the thrall of ‘Global Climate Hysteria’.

    The chaotic complexity of nature governs our climate. Man is not in charge of the climate, humans do not even understand the most of it. Just because we have some knowledge of some very basic workings of climate, this has led some in the ‘Climate Science’ community to run-off with the banal idea that humans understand all about the climate, and some even have the stupid notion that we can control it. All these type of ‘Climate Scientist’ exhibit is pomposity and hubris riding the wave of mass hysteria.

    1. Georg Thomas

      tom0mason, excellent comment; people are going mad in Germany, what worries me most is the utter gusto for thinking all alike; of their own accord, people are eager to think and talk like everyone else. It’s this self-motivated passion to go in single file that I find eerie, and the complete renouncement of rational reasoning. In the 1930s, millions of Germans had to be repressed and forced to comply with what then used to politically correct. No need for that any more.

  12. Německá „ideo-policie“ vyhlásila to nejvíce nactiutrhačné zakázané slovo roku 2019, kterým je „KLIMATICKÁ HYSTERIE“! -
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  14. bonbon

    Am I right thinking this comes from
    Technic Uni. Darmstadt?
    Here is a list of taboo words going back to 2000

    I am just rolling on the floor laughing, ROFL (oops, an Unwört?).
    Still that sure looks like tax funded, not private, but considering the following :

    This did not begin yesterday – see the Bertelsmann – Duden versions of the Rechtschreibungsreform (A bit like the Paris language Academie).

    The liberal corporate agenda to privatize state institutions has patented the language itself!

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  16. 4TimesAYear

    Are they going to ban the term “climate denier”, too? I demand equal rights. If they’re going to ban one, they have to ban the other

  17. Gus

    “Climate hysteria,” indeed! If they don’t like the term, it means it’s well pointed and cutting. Let’s use it!

    1. Georg Thomas

      Gus, well said.

  18. Steve Borodin

    Fascist is clearly the in-word then.

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  20. Phil Wilson

    Two questions and a statement.

    Who is this panel?

    Why should anyone care what they think?

    Sounds like a bunch of climate hysteria to me. I don’t think I’ve ever used the term before, but…climate hysteria, climate hysteria, climate hysteria. Oh, and climate hysteria.

  21. Maurizio

    The 3rd Reich. The GDR. And now this. What shall they call it this time? Das Grüne Reich?

  22. pater eusebius tenebrarum

    So the climate hysterians don’t like it when their mental derangement is described with a devastatingly accurate term? Color me non-surprised. Hopefully this will help the term gain greater popularity.

  23. Mark Shulgasser

    Why not use the phrase ‘climate panic’ since that is Greta Thunberg’s term?

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