German Weekly ‘FOCUS’: German Wind Energy On The Verge Of “Collapse”…”Protests Booming”

Despite the German government’s renewed commitment to meeting its CO2 emissions target by expanding wind energy, online weekly FOCUS here reports that wind energy appears to be on the verge of collapse and that “German climate targets are in danger.”

Bleak times for Germany’s wind industry. Photo. P. Gosselin

Lowest activity since ‘Energiewende’ began in 2000

FOCUS cites wind industry officials who say that the building of wind parks has reached the lowest point in 20 years. The industry associations are calling on the government to take action and for approval procedures for wind farms to be simplified and acceptance by residents increased.

Falling acceptance

Many German states have imposed strict setback rules to keep wind parks away from residential areas. For example, the 10H rules is in effect in Bavaria. Here, a wind turbines cannot be located near residents  at a distance that is closer than 10 times its height, making many wind projects in the south German state impossible.  The industry is pressuring governments to soften the rules.

Yet an online poll conducted by FOCUS shows that almost two thirds of respondents are not in favor or are undecided on reducing setback distances.

Protest against wind energy “booming these days”

Earlier in 2019, Germany’s centre-left Tagesspiegel here reported, “The protest against wind energy is booming these days” and according analysts, “about 1000 citizens’ initiatives are currently fighting against the wind industry in Germany” and that “they are very well networked”.

55% less turbines built in 2019

The lack of acceptance among the public — along with economic and technical obstacles — has put the brakes on wind park construction. FOCUS writes: “According to the industry associations Bundesverband Windenergie (BWE) and VDMA Power Systems, only 325 new wind turbines with 1078 megawatts were built in 2019. This was 55 percent less than in the previous year.”

9 responses to “German Weekly ‘FOCUS’: German Wind Energy On The Verge Of “Collapse”…”Protests Booming””

  1. Sommer

    The information in these videos out of Germany explain why people don’t want turbines near their homes.

  2. drumphish

    137,988 square miles, the size of Germany. 29,844 wind turbines, one every four square miles, every two miles square will have wind turbine.

    137988/29844 = 4.62364294331 square miles on average will have a wind turbine standing. Has to be multiple clusters of them doing all the eco-damage they can. Must get old keeping a blind eye on all of those whirling dervishes everywhere you go.

    Montana is 147,000 square miles, remove 20 miles wide by 500 miles long, you’ll have the size of Germany. Montana is 750 miles of highway driving to cross it, be prepared, have food and water.

    Montana is the Treasure State, gold, precious stones, silver, every inch of Montana is valuable real estate, rich farm and ranch land, oil under the surface, coal deposits, copper built Butte, once the largest city west of the Mississippi. Montana benefits the most by being Montana.

    Plenty of wild life, elk, buffalo, mountain lions, mountain goats, mountain sheep, wolves, coyotes, all running wild and free… from the bears. Not the eagles, eagles rule the roost, bears run from eagles.

    I doubt Montana would want 30,000 wind turbines ruining the rich beauty of the land and scenery.

  3. Rozvoj německé větrné energetiky na pokraji „kolapsu“. Cíle obnovitelných energií se ukazují neuskutečnitelné. Odpor proti ekologické zkáze od větrníků roste -
  4. Sommer

    Here’s a link to 46 videos made by German people to explain why there is such opposition:

  5. Günter Bartsch

    Diese Energiewende ist ein Totes Pferd “ABSTEIGEN”

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen
    Günter Bartsch

  6. Don from OZ

    Surprise, surprise The best sites were built on first, followed by the next most suitable sites and so on down the line till now when suitable sites have just about been exhausted.
    “‘Suitable” sites have proven how intermittent and unreliable these towering monsters have proven to be.
    Is there any wonder that people are fed up with all this expensive nonsense?

    For those that are able have a look at Dr Patrick Moore’s site

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  8. Větrná energie v Německu na pokraji kolapsu, odpor proti ekologické zkáze od větrníků roste - Na - Svět pro lidi, kteří myslí

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