2020: A Year Of Global Surface Cooling…And Sun Showing Little Activity, Spotless 30 Days

Our friend “Snowfan” here reports the sun has now gone 30 days without sunspots as we progress into solar cycle 25.

A number of scientists have been warning that the earth may be heading into a cooling phase due to lower sunspot activity over the past 15 years.

Is cooling in the works? Solar activity has been tapering Since 1980. Source: SpaceWeatherLive

The low sunspot activity comes after a 20th century of high sunspot activity – perhaps a major reason for the strong warming since 1980, a number of atmospheric physicists suggest.

2020: A year of global surface cooling

Source: Global 2m-TA

The GFS forecast of global 2-meter surface temperatures for September 20-27, 2020 (black line) show a new annual low with respect to the WMO 1981-2010 climate mean. This also applies to temperatures in the southern hemisphere (SH, bold blue line).

Since 2016 there has been nothing more to do with global warming. The data were “adjusted” (falsified) with the warming NASA/GISS factor and are significantly lower in the unaltered reality.

6 responses to “2020: A Year Of Global Surface Cooling…And Sun Showing Little Activity, Spotless 30 Days”

  1. Kevin a


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  2. Erich Schaffer

    After the Covid-19 outbreak a reduction in global temperatures was exactly what I predicted. Since it are contrails warming the planet, rather than CO2, this was a no-brainer. And no, it is not due to solar activity, which plays a role, but not specificly in this year.

    Anyhow, I am always sceptical when empiric evidence supports my findings (which it usually does). The question here is rather why we do not see this clear trend in the UAH data by Dr. Spencer.


    1. esalil

      Why are the contrails warming? I guess that contrails block the insolation. Wasn’t it so that after 9/11/01 when the air traffic was ceased the US temperature was risen?

      1. Erich Schaffer

        The intra-day temperature spread has increased, unsurprisingly. Thus colder nights, warmer days, and that is something you can actually read out of the data. Otherwise temperatures fluctuate naturally, we call it weather, and there was no way to sort ort any effect of such a (short) ban on air travel against natural variability. Also to my knowledge there were no claims made in this regard.

        Why contrails are warming?
        1. Because the IPCC says so. I am not kidding! It has long been established that high altitude cirrus clouds are net warming, and contrails are simply artificial cirrus clouds. However the IPCC prefers to downplay their significance.
        2. The higher up clouds are, the more they are warming and the less they are cooling. Although basically undisputed, this is a direct consequence of the “GHE”, if understood correctly. That however is something I would need to explain in detail.
        3. Empirically we see very well, how cloud altitudes and temperatures are positively correlated.
        4. As pointed out in the article below, even low altitude clouds are positively correlated with surface temperatures.


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