Leading German Virologist Prof. Hendrik Streeck: “Covid-19 Vaccine In The Near Future Is Unlikely”

Leading German virologist Professor Hendrik Streeck is skeptical about a quick vaccine for COVID-19, reports t-online.de.

Virologist Prof. Hendrik Streeck. Image: Cropped here, University of Bonn. 

When asked in an interview why he was so skeptical, Streeck, director of the Institute of Virology at the University Hospital in Bonn, said
nobody can say exactly when the vaccine against Covid-19 will be available and thinks “a Covid-19 vaccine in the near future is unlikely”.

Currently several vaccine projects are currently in the final clinical trial phase on volunteers. Streeck told t-online: “It may be that the next vaccine will work wonderfully. But it may also be that all vaccines that are in Phase III do not work. This simply cannot be seriously predicted.”

To caution against a new vaccine, Streeck cites  a 1961 vaccine against RSV, where “everything went well” in initial tests on children. Later it turned out it could make the disease even worse. “As a result of the vaccine trials in 1961, two children who had previously received the vaccine died. We know the same phenomenon from dengue and other pathogens,” he told t-online.

He added another example: an AstraZeneca vaccine, which he says is likely to cause someone to become infected and so the ” virus can still be passed on”.

According to Streeck, it’s far too early to say when a vaccine will be ready and effective. “I’m just saying we don’t know.”

Streeck also criticizes the lack of coordination and cooperation in the research and some researchers are more concerned about their egos than getting good results. “The research is not done together, everyone tries to be the fastest for himself. This is a pity, because it is partly about delivering fast results, so that the individual distinguishes himself with a better publication,” Streeck told t-online. “A pandemic should lead to a distribution of tasks among all researchers. That is my vision for science, that we all work together – worldwide.”

Virologist Streeck is sure about one thing: ”There is no question that the number of infections will increase.”

6 responses to “Leading German Virologist Prof. Hendrik Streeck: “Covid-19 Vaccine In The Near Future Is Unlikely””

  1. John F Hultquist

    The final thought:
    There is no question that the number of infections will increase.

    The corollary: More testing won’t mean much unless “false positives”
    can be brought to near zero.

    I’ve been reading about false positive tests, and so I looked for the type of tests in my region.

    I now think authorities don’t want to inform about the tests.
    Media types don’t know there are different types of tests, and don’t understand that false positives can destroy any useful information.
    Also, false positives burden both the person and society.

    Two links:


    1. mwhite

      Although we consider upper respiratory tracked diseases as seasonal it would appear that they continue to spread during the summer months as was the case with the swine flu. This presumably is why different flu strains come and go(heard immunity)


      A page from The Transmission of Epidemic Influenza by R. E. Hope-Simpson


      second link show epidemic stages in different hemispheres.

    2. richard

      The PCR test in the US has not been approved by the FDA which says everything. It is being used under emergency rules.

  2. mwhite


    There has been plenty of talk about a high percentage of the UK population being naturally immune to covid 19 through previous contact with corona viruses that cause the common cold.

    1 How do you test a vaccine if your test subjects are already immune????

    2 despite the powers that be trying to stop/slow the spread, and given that outcomes in those places with and without draconian measures have been very similar in most of Europe. It’s likely that the virus will all but disappear next year. So to save face and justify all that has happened they’ve got to start injecting people with something fast.

  3. Sommer

    This is the way to resolve the Crimes Against Humanity related to Covid-19 and also the climate change deception and the economic harm as well as harm to health from mitigation efforts like industrial wind turbines.

    This is news out of Germany.


  4. International Trial Lawyer Takes Aim At Big Pharma, Big Tech: COVID Lockdown "Crime Against Humanity"Climate- Science.press | Climate- Science.press

    […] Hat-tip: Reader Sommer […]

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