Cooling Winters…Ireland, Denmark, Austria Showing No January Warming Over Past Three Decades

By Kirye (photo right)
and Pierre Gosselin

The month of January has been cooling for 30 years in a number of European regions.

A few days ago we looked at Germany’s mean temperature trend for January, and found that the mid-winter month has been cooling over the past three decades.

Cooling Ireland

Today we move to the North Atlantic and look at the temperature trend for Ireland. First we start with the mean annual temperature at 6 stations for which the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) has sufficient data for plotting.

Ireland has been cooling modestly, according to JMA data.

All six stations show no annual warming, or a cooling trend. This doesn’t speak well for those claiming it’s been warming.

Next we examine the January mean temperature trend to see what’s going on in mid-winter in Ireland:

Data: JMA.

Here as well we see that mid-winter has been cooling a bit over the past 30 years.

Cooling Faroe Islands outpost

Next we look at Denmark and the Faroe Islands (Torshavn, northwest of Scotland).

The capital of the Faroe Islands, far up in the North Atlantic, like the other Denmark stations for which the JMA has enough data for plotting, also has seen a cooling trend over the past 30 years.

January cooling in Austria

And like we showed with Germany recently, also Austria has shown an overall cooling trend for the month of January over the past 33 years:

Data: JMA

Though many like to claim winters aren’t like they used to be, they might be surprised to hear that it looks like we’re headed back to those cold and snowy winters of the past.

8 responses to “Cooling Winters…Ireland, Denmark, Austria Showing No January Warming Over Past Three Decades”

  1. pochas94

    Really, Kirye! Have those temperatures been adjusted yet?

  2. RoHa

    We really must do something about the JMA. They’re spoiling it for everyone.

  3. patrick healy

    C’ome Man (Person),
    You cannot be serious!
    What am I to tell my relatives (8 times removed) in Ballinahhh! County Mayo – where my global warming friend ex President Mary Robinson comes from – that there has been no global warming in Mayo for 30 years?
    C’ome on man! Gimme a break.

  4. Tony

    I expect the same for the Benelux,yet all we hear on the news is it’s getting warmer.Now we are in a cold spell which of course is “nothing special”.But a week of heat is the end of the world and proof of warming.

  5. tom0mason

    Excellent Kirye

    Even over this short climate period (1988-2021) it is evident that ‘global warming’ is not apparent. Surely CO2 MUST continually warming the planet if the UN-IPCC’s notion is correct (that humans are warming the planet via CO2 emissions).
    If as Kirye continues to show there are many areas where the warming is not happening and cooling is evident, there must be some places that will show more warming (over the 1988-2021 period) to make up for the deficiencies. Where are these places?

  6. James Walter

    I am convinced that MMGW is a scam. I am also convinced that weather is not climate. However, I live in Vienna, Austria. We have had a mild January. Been much colder in some previous January’s. The fact is that all of these temperature comparisons are tenths of a degree or so. Hardly reason to declare anything

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