Professor: Natural Gas Could Supply 600 Million Africans With Electricity…So Europe, USA Ban Its Use

By ending funding for energy infrastructure projects that rely on natural gas, Europe and the United States have executed a “blanket ban” on supplying inexpensive and reliable energy to people living in poor countries.

As Dr. Ramachandran details in Nature, a de facto natural gas ban effectively does nothing to propel growth in intermittently-available wind and solar energy. These renewable sources require a back-up energy supply that is ever-ready even when the Sun is not shining or wind is not blowing. They cannot function effectively as stand-alone energy sources.

Banning gas therefore obstructs nearly 600 million Africans from finally achieving access to modern agricultural technology, refrigeration, transportation, hospitals, housing, schools, etc.

This ban on inexpensive and reliable energy in poor countries does not reduce CO2 emissions or mitigate climate change. Instead, banning gas serves to keep people living in poorer countries entrenched in poverty.

Image Source: Ramachandran, 2021

8 responses to “Professor: Natural Gas Could Supply 600 Million Africans With Electricity…So Europe, USA Ban Its Use”

  1. John F Hultquist

    Did Nature get new owners and a new editor?

  2. bonbon

    That is Sir Henry Kissinger’s NSSM 200 from 1974, on steroids :
    National Security Study Memorandum
    NSSM 200
    Implications of Worldwide Population Growth
    For U.S. Security and Overseas Interests
    December 10, 1974
    Sir Henry boasted that in 4 American Administrations, he always reported to London first.


    Hi Pierre and thank you for this article.

    I have a terrific idea for the warmist scoundrels USA and Europe – LEAVE AFRICANS ALONE – BAN NATURAL GAS FOR YOURSELVES!

    Let’s see how long you lying hypocrites last without modern energy, before you freeze and roast.

    Best regards, Allan

    A Climate, Energy and Covid Primer for Politicians and Media
    By Allan M.R. MacRae, Published March 2021, UPDATE 1e Published May 8, 2021
    Download the WORD file

    This treatise was originally sent to Canadian and American politicians and the media in March 2021. Most of them won’t understand it, because they have no scientific competence and have been utterly duped – programmed for decades by false climate scares and green energy frauds.

    This update was written in May 2021 to report even more global cooling as measured by satellites and new harsh cold events, particularly in Europe and North America that have severely harmed early crops. Harsh cold events have struck all countries in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.


    We published in 2002 that there was NO catastrophic human-made global warming /climate change crisis, and green energy schemes were NOT green and produced little useful (dispatchable) energy. Dangerous global warming and climate change have NOT HAPPENED and green energy schemes have proved to be COSTLY, UNRELIABLE AND INEFFECTIVE.

    Global warming is NOT a threat, but global cooling IS dangerous to humanity and the environment. In 2002 we predicted that natural global cooling would start circa 2020, based on low solar activity, and that prediction is strongly supported by recent evidence.

    Politicians foolishly believed scary global warming falsehoods and brewed the perfect storm, crippling our energy systems with costly and unreliable green energy schemes that utterly fail due to intermittency, at a time when we need more cheap, reliable, dispatchable energy due to increased energy demand and imminent global cooling. The people of Australia, Britain, Germany, California, Texas and elsewhere have all suffered due to GREEN ENERGY FAILURES THAT WERE PREDICTABLE AND WERE PREDICTED.

    We published in March 2020 that there was no justification for the Covid-19 lockdown, and that it would cause great and needless harm. The Covid-19 lockdown is now estimated to have caused 10-to-100-times the damage of the Covid-19 illness, in terms of increased harm to individuals, families and the economies they depend on.

    The same leftist groups concocted and promoted the global warming fraud and the Covid-19 lockdown scam, for political and financial gain. Then these groups linked the two frauds, stating “to solve Covid-19 we have to solve Climate Change” – utterly false and foolish, not even plausible enough to be specious. Then these same groups proposed their Final Solution, the “Great Reset”, a Chinese Communist Party style dictatorship, a centrally-controlled economy where we live like poor slaves, lorded over by our wealthy political masters.

    The tragic reality is that the twin frauds of Climate-and-Covid have been accepted by most politicians. Some have covertly or overtly embraced extreme-left politics, and others are so simple-minded and gullible that they believe any falsehood that is repeated often enough. We are governed by scoundrels and imbeciles.


    MORE COLD EVENTS recorded by Cap Allon at

  4. Mervyn

    The globalist green elitist who have hijacked governments, banks and big business are out to kill the ‘African dream’, which is to develop.

    1. The Indomitable Snowman, Ph.D.

      To further add to the shame, Africa has plenty of hydrocarbon resources (with new strikes happening regularly), including plenty of natural gas – including a HUGE strike off the coast of Mozambique a few years ago.

      In addition to providing clean, reliable energy for things like heating and cooking – as well as a reliable, low-cost primary energy source for generating electricity – natural gas is a basic feed stock for entire industries, such as fertilizer, plastics, etc.

      As one of my African friends put it a few years ago when the EUniks started trying to impose this green nonsense on sub-Saharan Africa, “This is worse than colonialism!” I’ll say – and colonialism actually produced some benefits in the long run, while this nonsense will produce nothing but poverty and misery.

  5. Harry Dale Huffman

    The only way to fight and win against outside “bans”, is for Africans to elect a “Donald Trump” type — and give him complete support, a.k.a. control — who knows how to harness Africa’s own many resources, to make its own way, not rely on subsidies from political users and abusers. Someone dedicated to doing that, an honest leader.

    And that goes for how to win against the current crop of traitors inhabiting the Western governments, the USA above all.

  6. MGJ

    The winning strategy for the psychopaths who believe they should rule and own us is to generate as much poverty as possible so that they can blame Capitalism (without ever expressing what they mean by the word). Then they demand even more resources to save us from the horrors of ‘Capitalism’.

    It seems to be working for them.

  7. ledag

    Don’t worry, China has already replaced the West in Africa, as far as investments and infrastructure are concerned. The Chinese do it their way, and for their own interest, under their own schedule – Pretty much like the Europeans did it many years ago.
    And when the time comes, Africans will get rid of the Chinese, and nationalize everything out there, like they did last century with the Europeans.

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