Scientists: Boys Aged 12-15 Are Hospitalized Up To 23x More Due To COVID Vaccines Than Due To COVID

A new study asserts “vaccine associated cardiac harms” to children resulting in 7-day hospital stays are 143% to 280% more common than the Center for Disease Control (CDC, US) has claimed.

The CDC estimates 43% of children under 18 across the world have already been infected with COVID during the first 19 months of the pandemic (Høeg et al., 2021). With about 2.2 billion children on Earth, this means there have been an estimated 1 billion children infected thus far.

The United Kingdom’s COVID records indicate 999,998 out of 1,000,000 children infected with COVID survive. That’s an infection fatality rate (IFR) of 0.002% for children.

(Per a synthesis of 680 studies from across the globe, the median IFR for all ages is 0.15%. So, regardless of age, 99.85% of those infected with COVID survive.)

Underreporting “vaccine-related harms” to children

On the 23rd of August, the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) reported the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine conferred “an excess risk” of myocarditis approaching 200 cases per million (1/5000) for boys aged 16 and 17 (Høeg et al., 2021). This is a rate 3 times higher than the rate of myocarditis claimed by the CDC.

A new study (pre-print) suggests the health costs and cardiac adverse events (CAE) associated with vaccinating children far exceed the perceived health benefits of preventing COVID infection.

During a recent phase of the COVID pandemic, boys aged 12-15 were hospitalized with complications related to COVID at a rate of 7 (hospitalizations) per million infections. Boys aged 12-15 are hospitalized with “vaccine-associated cardiac harms” (myocarditis) at a rate of 162 per million after the second dose. This means vaccines are associated with 23 times more (7-day) cardiac adverse event hospitalizations.

Consequently, the authors issue a warning:

“In light of the vaccine-associated cardiac harms described in this report, further research as well as transparency about possible vaccine-related harms in relation to an individual child’s COVID-19 risks is indicated.”

Image Source: Høeg et al., 2021

Vaccine-induced adverse reactions and deaths in all age groups

The associated side effects and “clinically significant symptoms” associated with COVID vaccine injections appears to be vastly underreported.

69% of those surveyed report side effects such as fatigue, headache, chills, muscle pain, fever, joint pain…after the first vaccine dose. It’s 89% for those who have previously been infected with COVID per The New England Journal of Medicine.

Image Source: The New England Journal of Medicine

Another study (Debes et al., 2021) reports 43% of health care workers experience clinically significant symptoms after their second vaccine dose. Those who have previously been infected with COVID are 4.4 times more likely to experience clinically significant symptoms.

Image Source: Debes et al., 2021

The UK government has reported the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine has been associated with 314,700 adverse reactions (blindness, deafness, strokes, seizures, clotting, etc.) and 524 deaths thus far this year for those who live in England.

Image Source:

The AstraZeneca vaccine has been associated with 820,964 adverse reactions and 1,064 deaths thus far this year in the UK.

Image Source:

24 responses to “Scientists: Boys Aged 12-15 Are Hospitalized Up To 23x More Due To COVID Vaccines Than Due To COVID”

  1. Richard Greene

    Booster vaccines are not enough.
    The boosters need boosters.

    New mantra:
    A vaccine a day keep the doctor away

  2. CK

    Yes, the so-called “vaccines” are far more deadly than COVID itself (assuming the COVID virus even exists). We’ve been bombarded by endless propaganda about “variants”, but they’re all fake. The hospitals are actually filled with patients who’ve had adverse effects from the vaccines, not “COVID”, according to these whistle-blower nurses:

    COVID-19 is a plandemic. I was recently surprised to learn that some of the investment sites have been fully aware of this from the beginning.

    1. Richard Greene

      I am going to be rude and contradict the many
      wrong points CK12 made — true disinformation,
      that no one should believe, because there are
      insufficient data to support the points.

      I have not taken the vaccine, and will not,
      so you know what side I am on. It is a risky
      vaccine, with mediocre effectiveness.
      I take lots of Vitamin D as an alternative.

      The vaccines are disappointing
      but not even close to being more deadly
      than the virus, based on what we know so far.

      Of course the COVID19 virus exists.

      Of course COVID will mutate, and mutate again.

      I call the most common mutation COVID21,
      but the name “Delta variant” is fine too.

      The quantity of Delta variant is a wild
      guess because the PCR test can not detect
      Delta, and does a poor job with COVID19 too,
      with far too many false positives

      I’ll use the term COVID22 next year.

      COVID should be with us for the rest of our lives,
      just like variants of the 1918-1920 swine flu
      still exist.

      There ARE lots of people with adverse side effects
      — 40% are self-described as minor, but that means 60%
      are not.

      Most people in the hospital for COVID are
      not vaccinated, but the percentage of vaccinated
      people needing hospitalization is growing rapidly.
      as the vaccine-induced antibodies wear off.

      This is not a planned pandemic.

      But it has been exaggerated to create fear,
      and allow leftist politicians to seize
      far more powers than even before.
      Resulting in the the largest loss
      of personal freedom in modern history.

      1. Trebenath

        You state “the percentage of vaccinated people needing hospitalization is growing rapidly as the vaccine-induced antibodies wear off. In reality the percentage of vaccinated persons needing hospitalization is growing rapidly as more people have been vaccinated. Just as the percentage of fatalities in road accidents of seat belt wearers grew rapidly with universal take up but plateaued at a much lower level.

        1. Richard Greene

          The vaccines were supposed to keep vaccinated people OUT of hospitals.

          Therefore, if the vaccines worked as intended, the percentage of unvaccinated people in the hospital for COVID should be increasing, as the percentage of people who are vaccinated increases.
          The vaccine does not prevent infection, but does reduce COVID symptoms, at least for a number of months.

          As a result, a vaccinated person can have a much larger viral load, yet have no COVID symptoms, and have no reason to isolate at home.

          That makes some vaccinated people potential “super spreaders” — an invisible threat mainly to unvaccinated people — spreading the disease without even realizing they are infected.

  3. Yonason

    Excellent resource…

    Fauci FAIL!
    Either he’s an ignoramus, or he’s a liar, or both.

  4. pochas94

    Anybody care to comment on risk of death with vaccine vs risk of death without?

    1. Richard Greene

      No one can answer that question.
      There are too many variables to know
      exactly what the vaccines are accomplishing,
      such as:

      – The weakest elderly people have already died from COVID,
      – Many people recovered from COVID and now have antibodies
      – The strong seasonal trend of respiratory diseases,
      – Doctors doing a better job keeping patients alive,
      – COVID21 (Delta) appears to be less deadly than COVID19
      – The vaccines have some effect, although it wears off, and they do not appear to work as well with COVID21 (Delta), compared with COVID19.

      With all the variables, who knows how effective the vaccines are?

      In the US, after Spring 2020, almost 99.8% of unvaxxed people survived COVID (excluding nursing homes, where the death rate was much higher.)

      How much better can the vaccines do than 99.8% ?
      Answer: 0.2 percentage points better !

      1. pochas94

        Yeahbut, how many vaccinated people did not catch the disease and did not spread it, vs those unvaccinated people who caught it and spread it? Seems like not catching the disease is the main benefit of vaccination, and that a few hospitalizations with side effects is the tail wagging the dog.

        1. Petit_Barde

          Data from Israel show that the vaccines (at least Pfizer) do not decrease the risk of being infected and the CDC showed that the infected have the same viral load, be they vaccinated or not :

          “Critically, the study found that vaccinated individuals carried as much virus in their noses as unvaccinated individuals”

          Back to the data from Israel. When you compare the % of vaccinated and unvaccinated during the last months you can see that there is a bias :
          – when the green pass has been mandated, from May to June, the unvaccinated had to make much more tests than the vaccinated if they wanted to attend events where a green pass is requested. More tests means more cases.

          When the green pass has been temporarily cancelled (month of June), there were no differences between the % of vaccination status and the positivity results of the tests :
          – this period whithout green pass whows that there is no infection risk reduction being vaccinated.

          When the green pass has been mandated again, the same bias emerged again :
          – much more positive results again among the unvaccinated.

          All the data from Israel can be accessed here :

          You can download all the data from here :

          The video in which a French Statistician explain what’s going on with the tests in Israel is here :

          From 38:13 he shows that the young (from 16 to 49 years old) faced an increase of cardiac arrests and acute coronal syndromes during the vaccination period when compared to the same periods in the previous years.
          From 1:01:29, he shows the bias induced by the green pass mandate on the positivity status by vaccination status.

          Again, all the data is available on the Israeli website.

          The big question : DO THE VACCINE EVEN REDUCE the risk of being severly ill ?
          – from the Israel’s data there are more or less as many daily new seriously ill in the vaccinated cohort (2 or 3 doses) as in the unvaccinated cohort :
          – see “Severely ill – immunization” diagram.
          – and there are 90% vaccinated and 10% unvaccinated among the population over 60,
          – thus we could conclude that the vaccine is some 90% effective among the over 60.

          BUT : what if the bias on the tests is also propagated on the seriously ill ? How can we be sure that the seriously ill who are vaccinated are all tested when hospitalizated to verify that they are positive ?
          In other words :
          – how many seriously ill who are vaccinated are not declared positive because they have not been tested ?

          I have no clear answer to this question but we can gather data from the Corona mortality and hospitalization after vaccination :

          Knowing that the green pass has been cancelled during June and assuming that hospitalizations occur 2 weeks after infection, we can compare vaccinated and unvaccinated hospitalization from June 15 to July 15 among vaccinated and unvaccinated (I will convert all “<5" data to the mean from 1 to 4 = 2.5) :

          Hospitalizations from June 13 to July 17 among the more than 60 years old :
          – unvaccinated : 6 (with 17 times " 48.5
          – vaccinated : 9+10+16+10+16+19+25+8+38 = 151 (with 10 times ” 176

          In this period there were 176/48.5 = 3.6 times more hospitalizated among vaccinated than among unvaccinated in the >=60 cohort during this period.

          So assuming that there are 87% of fully vaccinated and 10% of unvaccinated during this period (see “Percentage of vaccinated by age group”), the ratio of the risk of being hospitalized when vaccinated to the risk when unvaccinated in the >=60 is :
          176/48.5*0.1/0.87 = 0.41

          So, it seems that the testing bias is propagated in the hospitalizations statistics.

          If those data and what I found is correct, from the hospitalizations analysis of the June 13 to July 17 period in the >=60 cohort, the vaccination does not work as pretended (some 60% instead of 90%).

          Another point :
          – the Delta variant went from 9% to 100% during June in Israel, and Pfizer efficacy is reduced with the Delta variant, so the result may even be worse in the current situation with 100% Delta.

          1. Yonason

            Very nice, P_B!

        2. Richard Greene

          svaccines do not prevent infection, and can encourage spread, as I explained in an earlier comment.

          Vaccines reduce symptoms, and hopefully keep people out of hospitals — although not a large percentage of infected people ended up in hospitals before the vaccines were used.

          Unfortunately, the vaccines have the worst adverse side effects of any vaccine in US history, by far, and long term adverse side effects remain unknown.

          Knowing the unprecedented (bad) short term side effects, I believe it would be wishful thinking to expect only minor adverse long term side effects. Wishful thinking is not science.

        3. Richard Greene

          Not only can vaccinated people spread the disease, but they can be “better spreaders” than unvaccinated people.

          If you are not vaccinated, and have a large viral load, you feel sick and stay home.

          If you are vaccinated, you can have a large viral load and not know it (minimal symptoms) so you MAY NOT stay home and inadvertently will spread the disease.

          Unvaccinated people are NOT a risk to vaccinated people.

          INFECTED people who come in contact with others are a potential risk to others, and possibly a bigger risk if they are vaccinated and infected, but have no idea they are infected.

          The vaccine DOES NOT prevent COVID infection or spread.

          The mRNAs are mediocre effectiveness vaccines over a six month period, with the latest COVID variants. Effectiveness gradually declines.

          But the mRNA vaccines ARE the most dangerous vaccines in American history … and with unknown long term side effects too.

          The disease COVID is not a deadly disease for almost everyone under retirement age.

          My risk – reward analysis says no vaccine for me.

          My study of viruses showed me that the vaccines can never keep up with the virus mutations. In fact, the vaccines encourage the virus to mutate. $#@%& viruses are pretty “smart”.

          Of all 12 friends who were infected with COVID in 2020, not one needed hospitalization. All should have long term COVID antibodies as a result. Some got the vaccine too, although I have no idea why.

    2. John Brown

      Risk of death is 100%

  5. Robert Folkerts

    In NZ as of 21 August 37 deaths have been reported to our CARM (VAERS,) as adverse vaccine effects. Vaccinations began a few months ago. Since this pandemic began 27 people are reported to have succumbed to the virus in NZ. I made an Official Information Act request to our Ministry of Health to ascertain what treatments are administered to symptomatic people in quarantine and in hospital. They say they don’t know ???, need to ask the hospitals but the hospitals are not obliged to tell you. Further research indicates they use oxygen and Remdesivir. (YIKES) It actually appears most people are recovering without treatment. So far anyway.
    Funny how Japan is now apparently recommending Ivomec, and Australia is now saying stop prescribing Ivomec as you are using it off label and exhausting our supplies!!!

  6. Yonason

    I just found this website, and, from the several articles I’ve read so far, I highly recommend it. Here’s just a sample…

    The video at the bottom about vax passports+ is hilarious.

  7. pochas94

    The anti-vaxers will only delay the end of this epidemic until they have all gotten sick.

    1. Richard Greene

      A foolish statement pochas94

      Vaccinated people have nothing to fear about unvaccinated people if the vaccines work. If you think the vaccines work, get a vaccine, and stop your unjustified hatred, because the epidemic has ended for you … if the believe the vaccines work as promised. You sound like a COVID N a Z i.

      1. pochas94

        Already did long ago. Felt great afterward. Only wear a mask when I have to, courtesy of the anti-vaxers.

        1. Yonason


          The COVID jab is NOT a “vaccine.”

  8. pochas94

    “Moderna president: ‘We don’t really know’ if additional COVID-19 shots will be necessary”

    He needn’t worry. With all the anti-vaxers about, the viri will have tons of substrates to feed on. And the best part, they still won’t get vaccinated!

  9. Robert Folkerts

    pochas94 do you have any idea as to the folly of vaccinating during a pandemic? How that speeds up the process of selection for viral strains which will be unaffected by said vaccines. What actual benefits do you expect this vaccine to convey to you personally?

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