Counterintuitive: More Vaccinations Leads To More Infections, Hospitalizations, Deaths

The narrative that says the vaccinated are shielded from COVID infection, hospitalization, and death is undermined by observational evidence that says the opposite.

Many new studies and data analyses from across the world show that more vaccinated a region is, the more new infections, hospitalizations, and deaths there are.

COVID-19 infections

Data from 68 countries show that there appears to be “no discernable relationship between percentage of population fully vaccinated and new COVID-19 cases in the last 7 days” (Subramanian and Kumar, 2021). For example, countries with 75% vaccinated populations have higher infection rates than those with 10% vaccinated.

Image Source: Subramanian and Kumar, 2021

As of 2 September (2021), US counties with 0-5%, 5-10%, or 10-15% vaccinated all had lower new COVID case increases per 7 days than counties with 45-60% vaccinated. Four of the top 5 counties with the highest percentage of the population vaccinated (84-99.9%) were classified by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) as “High” transmission counties.

Image Source: Subramanian and Kumar, 2021

It should not be surprising that infectiveness has not been reduced with more vaccinations, as the COVID-19 vaccine (Pfizer) effectiveness in preventing infection is just 39%. Effectiveness was advertised to be 96% when vaccines were first introduced.

Image Source: Subramanian and Kumar, 2021

A visual demonstration of vaccine effects can be observed with worldometers data. Notice that new cases begin rising soon after mass vaccination begins.

Image Source: worldometers

In the US, 80% of the country’s 5.6 million seniors eligible for Medicare (65+) were fully vaccinated as of August, 2021. But in the 6 months (February to August) it took for the percentage of 2-dose vaccination to rise from 0 to 80%,  71% of those testing positive for COVID were fully vaccinated (

Image Source:

As early as July, data from Singapore, Iceland, Israel, and many other countries indicated that new infections were primarily in the vaccinated populations.

Image Sources: Boston GlobeBoston GlobeReuters


Data out of Israel show that as of August, 59% of those hospitalized with COVID were fully vaccinated (Wadman, 2021).

Image Source: Wadman, 2021

In the UK (Wales), 80% of hospitalized COVID patients were fully vaccinated (September, 2021), whereas under 13% of the unvaccinated were. Interestingly, the BBC insists this does not mean vaccines are not highly effective in preventing hospitalization.

Image Source:

Per a data analysis from the RioTimes, the vaccinated are 1.7 times more likely (2.9% vs. 1.7%) to be hospitalized than the unvaccinated.

Image Source: RioTimes


As with new cases, the data show that in countries across the world death rates rise after mass vaccinations begin.


Image Source: worldometers

According to the UK government’s Public Health England, as the percentage of fully vaccinated UK citizens gradually rose from 0% to 75% from 1 February to 12 September (2021), 1,820 of 2,542 deaths monitored by PHE were in the fully vaccinated.

Image Source: Public Health England

Singapore is an interesting case study in vaccine effectiveness with regard to death prevention. Last year Singapore endured only 2 deaths from 14 June to 27 November. That’s 2 deaths in about 165 days. Of course, the country was 0% vaccinated during this period.

Image Source: worldometers

Now, with 80% of the country fully vaccinated, deaths have exploded to 8, 10, 11 per day. About 65% of these recent deaths are in the vaccinated.

Image Source: Channel News Asia

Image Source: The Straits Times

Outbreaks occur even with 96% fully vaccinated and wearing N-95 masks

A new study (Shitrit et al., 2021) “challenges the assumption that high universal vaccination rates will lead to herd immunity.”

Recently a COVID outbreak occurred in an Israeli hospital that involved 248 N-95 mask-wearing people; 238 (96.2%) of them were fully vaccinated.

Of the 42 COVID infections, 38 were in the fully vaccinated. One was partially vaccinated. The 3 unvaccinated cases were “mild” or asymptomatic. All 8 of the severely ill and all 5 of the deaths occurred in the fully vaccinated.

The limitations of COVID vaccines in preventing infection, hospitalization, and death appears to be vastly underreported in the mainstream media.

Image Source: Shitrit et al., 2021

41 responses to “Counterintuitive: More Vaccinations Leads To More Infections, Hospitalizations, Deaths”

  1. Petit_Barde

    Data from Israel show that Pfizer’s vaccines do not prevent infection when the bias induced by the greenpass (which imposes more unvaccinated than vaccinated to be tested) is removed.

    There is no significant statistical difference between the % of fully vaccinated among the positive cases and the % of fully vaccinated among the population from June to mid July, when the greenpass was suspended in Israel (see line from 444 to 451 in the sreadsheet below) :

    (Hat tip to Pierre Chaillot, french statistician) :

    All the data come from the Israel database here :

    The conclusion is that greenpass are completely useless and may even put at risk the vulnerable who may be infected by not tested but infected fully vaccinated.

    I even suspect that the greenpass mandates (and the fact that fully vaccinated do not need to be tested negative to attend an event) are the cause of most of the current outbreaks.

    1. Yonason

      In one of his videos, J Couey, PhD (Biology) has shown data from an immunology paper indicating the same; no difference between vexed and not. And when one considers ADE, the inoculated may fare worse.

      This is a worry I have. Since I didn’t have the information available that I have now, I got the $&@“#* shot, and am now trying to stay home as much as possible to avoid catching the virus. I will not be getting the “booster.”

  2. Richard Greene

    This report includes some relevant data, but other data are worthless.

    The vaccines do NOT prevent infections, therefore will not reduce “case” rates. In fact, many people who are vaccinated feel they can stop social distancing and avoiding crowds, which should increase “cases”.

    I know some false promises were made at first, but it was later admitted vaccines only reduce symptoms, which should reduce the percentage of infected patients who need hospitalization and/or die.

    That is exactly what the mRNA vaccines did for a few months.

    A great example was in Israel.

    As the vaccine induced antibodies declined, by late August, infections rapidly accelerated in Israel, along with hi hospitalizations and deaths.

    A vaccinated person after six months has had a huge decline of vaccine induced antibodies, unlike the natural antibodies of people who have recovered from the disease.

    In addition to the declining antibody count, the virus continually mutates into slightly different forms.

    Yet the vaccine / booster formulas are not changed for each new variant, as far as i know.

    The Delta variant appears less deadly than the alpha variant was.

    That is typical of virus mutations.

    In fact, the science strongly suggests that having a vaccine actually accelerates virus mutations.

    Sorry about the long comment.
    I was at my doctor’s office a few hours ago, and we had a 10 minute peaceful debate on why I was NOT getting the COVID vaccine.

    In addition to what I’ve already typed here:
    — I said the vaccine was the most dangerous vaccine in US history
    — And the period of effectiveness was the shortest in US history
    — And I expected long term adverse effects to be worse than average, after carefully observing the short term adverse side effects in VAERS.

    And that adds up to three strikes for me.

    1. Yonason

      If you have to do that again, Richard, here’s a letter written by a biologist who’s been active in exposing the COVID fraud for over a year and a half.

      That covers most (all the important ones) of the bases in significant detail.

      It’s from his website here…

      1. tom0mason


        I would also add that —
        My natural immunity has manage to keep me alive and going, despite apparently having the COVID virus on at least 2 separate occasions. Thus my (and probably most people’s) immune response is all I (we) need to counter the COVID virus.
        Therefore I would humbly say that these injectables (aka government nominated vaccines) are NOT required by the vast majority of people with correctly functioning immune systems (and with good nutrition). For all the others use prophylactic medications primarily (Ivermectin, HCQ, Quercetin and their derivatives, etc.), and if all else fails try these untested and probably dangerous ‘vaccines’.

        P.S I note that the PCR test is profoundly broken in as much that it only tests for the ‘spike’ protein (or something like it) and not for the virus. Thus ‘cases’ are not necessarily an indication of virus infection! Thus far every PCR test I’ve had in the last 18 months comes back ‘positive’!
        After all this time it is about time that better diagnostic tools was found and utilized. Or is it that governments like the latitude that the PCR test offer? It does allow health services to tweak the number of reportable ‘cases’.

        1. Yonason

          Agreed, Tom0, with just one slight alteration, that our natural immunity is the best we have, though may need to be supplemented by various meds to assist it, but certainly the “clot-shot” that “bleaches” one’s natural immunity and even can make us more susceptible via ADE.

          Glad to hear you were able to fight off the virus! 😀

          1. David A

            The biggest flaw in natural immunity efficacy errors on the side of UNDERESTIMATING natural immunity. Why? Because many that tested positive at high PCR cycles very possibly never had Covid.

      2. Richard Greene

        Thank you.
        Interesting paper.
        My “debate” will continue in four months.
        It will be round 3 with my doctor.
        I haven’t had a vaccine in over 60 years,
        and won’t be breaking that streak with the
        most dangerous vaccine in US history.

        Of 12 people I know who had COVID in 2020
        (none in 2021 so far),
        none went to the hospital
        and only two were sicker than
        when they had influenza in the past.
        I’m not sure what they meant because
        I’ve never had the flu
        but they reported being
        “very sick” at home
        for about three weeks.

        One of those two was
        a retired emergency room
        doctor. Her son, also a doctor,
        said he wanted to treat her at home
        because he thought the
        ventilators used in his hospital
        were not the right treatment
        His mother was sick
        for three weeks and
        then was back to normal.
        Her son caught COVID from her
        But his symptoms were
        just like a cold —
        nothing serious.

        Two of the 12 people
        had very mild COVID

        All 12 people were from
        55 to 75 years old.

        I feet these anecdotes are more useful
        than the usual inaccurate information
        from the CDC, and from Grouch Fauci.

    2. col from OZ

      Good on you Richard. I have kept the uk stats however the last one ’24’ just has deaths with no distinction between vac.unvac.How convenient

      1. Richard Greene

        I’ve been retired for a long time so have no concern about losing a job for avoiding a vaccination. Would I, a libertarian since 1973, have allowed myself to be terminated from a job to avoid a vaccination? I would have, but I can’t imagine many others in a financial position to do that (I never liked “worK’, so I retired about one minute after I had saved enough money to live on without working, at age 51.)

        In the US, the “partially vaccinated” — people in the five week period between the first (of two) injections and two week after the last injection) — are unfortunately described as “unvaccinated”.

        So any adverse side effects within that five week period (or two weeks for one shot injections), such as deaths or hospitalizations, are binned to the unvaxxed category.

        In addition, a study at US Veteran’s Administration hospitals showed about 25% of the cases of COVID were detected (or they were false positives) AFTER the patient came into the hospital for something else. The COVID PCR test was mandatory at those hospitals.

        The VA hospital patients did not have COVID symptoms, or they were too mild to be noticed. That’s not why they were hospitalized. But they became COVID cases, and COVID hospitalizations, anyway.

    3. David A

      Richard, I think it is six weeks, with 28 days between one and two, and then 14 days post shot number two. Additionally two studies at least show a vaccine induced lowering of immunity between 40 to 100 percent. ( Not just to Covid, but to all conditions a person is primed for or vulnerable to)

      So, the numbers are double counted wrong. ( If two baseball teams have a 4 and 4 record and play each other one game, one 500 team goes to a 400 win percentage, and the other to a 600 win percentage.

      This is what should happen with all Covid case and hospitalizations record beyond for that six week period. ( That period is first removed out of ALL statistics, and the vaccinated vs unvaccinated are recalculated. Then All Covid cases in the recently vaccinated, beyond the separate general population rate of Covid cases in the unvaccinated are then properly reassigned to the vaccinated, correctly increasing the vaccinated cases due to reduced general immunity. Those cases, formerly counted to the unvaccinated, are removed, reducing the unvaccinated case count.
      Only the existing observed percentage of cases for that group is retained.

      The same is done for hospitalizations and deaths.

      And then, and this is critical as general immunity response was lowered fir the vaccinated, all cause morbidity and mortality for the vaccinated is compared to general all cause mortality and morbidity for respective demographics. And any observed increase in the plethora of adverse vaccine events for that demographic over the six week period is assigned to likely adverse events. And this graphic is kept separate fir the unvaccinated as well and extended for both groups into years for a good all cause mortality and morbidity study, vaccinated vs unvaccinated.

      I only know of one such study done and it demonstrates that overall morbidity and mortality increased in the vaccinated. Such studies are often done to demonstrate that some cancer treatments are not worth doing.

      All the Best

  3. Don B

    India’s Uttar Pradesh has demonstrated to the world that there is a remarkably effective treatment for Covid. That state, population 241 million, saw a surge in Delta variant cases in March, 2021, and proceeded to go all-in on a treatment featuring Ivermectin, giving a home medical kit to all positive cases and family members. At the time Ivermectin was conquering Covid, UP’s vaccination rate was 5%.

  4. Yonason

    Going deep into the swamp that COVID arose out of…

    Going deep into the biology of COVID…

    Going deep into the medicine…

    Going deep into the illegality…

    No matter how you cut it, both the release of the virus, the suppression of effective early treatments, and the ineffective and harmful “vaccine” that isn’t a vaccine are all elements of a vast criminal conspiracy spanning the entire globe.

    Even Alex Jones gets this one right…

    1. Richard Greene

      I’m going to read your links, but I do not believe the release of the virus was deliberate.

      The suppression of treatments that work is a disgrace.

      The vaccine is harmful but not ineffective.

      It appears to be quite effective at reducing hospitalizations and deaths for a few months.

      We still have no idea of long term side effects, but I will assume getting booster shots every six months is going to make long term adverse side effects worse than they would have otherwise been.

      What you call a vast criminal conspircay,
      in my opinion is a vast group of leftists,
      who think they are experts on every subject,
      from energy to medicine, and will never admit
      they are wrong.

      “Philisopher” Groucho Marx
      described the problem long ago:

      “Politics is the art of looking for trouble,
      finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly,
      and applying the wrong remedies.”

      1. AC Osborn

        Have you watched the video of the panel of experts discussing the need for a “flu pandemic out of China” to push through the mRNA vaccines to avoid 10 years of trials?

        Perhaps you won’t be quite so sure that it was not intentional after watching it.
        It could be the release was accidental and earlier than they wanted.

        1. Yonason

          “ It could be the release was accidental and earlier than they wanted.”

          I think that’s plausible. It’s like we were taught that the assassination of Arch Duke Ferdinand started WWII, as if the war wouldn’t have started if that hadn’t happened. But everyone in Europe knew a war was coming. It was just that events took an unexpected turn and caught the perps off guard, preventing them from executing it as planned. Funny how history has a habit of not playing ball with evil people.

          PS – The conference of “experts” (FauxXi and some yes-men) is what the “freedomworks” link I posted is about. I’ll have to bookmark yours as well. Hopefully it will show even more of the talk. One of them says they need to do it to “blow up” the system. I.e., you have to demolish what exists before you can “build back?” With clowns like those in charge, chances of what they “build back” being “better” are nil,

      2. David A

        Richard says, “ The vaccine is harmful but not ineffective”

        Very few all cause morbidity and mortality studies have been done. See my comments above to understand what I think needs to be done. One I read, although only covering a short period post vaccinated vs unvaccinated, showed that getting the jab was net negative, and this study only covered a short period.

        So on a net basis there are many more reasons to consider the vaccines net harmful. ( Before long term affects and despite jiggered numbers) Also, the suppression of treatments that work is far more then disgraceful. Words like criminal, murder, democide, etc, are not hyperbole.

        1. David A

          One should also study subjects like “The March Through the Institutions”
          to understand the statist mind set.

        2. Richard Greene

          I believe the IMPORTANT question is whether vaccinated people have a healthier life than unvaccinated people.

          We have to include vaccine adverse side effects in those numbers, which is not avoided when people are considered unvaxxed until two weeks after their second shot.

          Most vaccine side effects will then be binned to unvaxxed people.

          I wrote a short article on what we need to know to get a good understanding of vaccines.

          I came up with seven categories of people
          — not just two (fully vaxxed and unvaxxed):

          “(1) Unvaccinated people who have never been COVID infected (me!)

          (2) Unvaccinated people who have survived COVID infections

          (3) People who have had one of their two COVID shots

          (4) People in the two weeks after their second (of two) COVID shots

          (5) People more than two weeks after their second (of two) COVID shots

          (6) People more than six months after their last shot, who have taken a COVID vaccine booster shot

          (7) People more than six months after their last shot, who have NOT taken a COVID vaccine booster shot”

          My Conclusion:
          “Real science is complicated, uncertain, and never settled.”


          1. Yonason

            I went over to your blog, and found no option for comments, so here’s another link to add to your article on vaxed = “super spreaders.”

            “Mass infection prevention and mass vaccination with leaky Covid-19 vaccines in the midst of the pandemic can only breed highly infectious variants.”

            He’s one of the most outspoken on that, as best I can tell.

            (Mot sure what he means by “mass infection prevention,” since that’s not what these inoculations do.)

          2. David A

            Yes, mostly true IMV. However consider that while adverse events are not excluded from the six week period, they are very much undercounted in ALL periods post shot number one.

            Consider that the average American likely received their first shot, say 22 weeks ago. Now six weeks of jiggered numbers is about 30 percent of the total tracking time screwed up – buggered – jiggered- liars doing figures.

            So category two and three needs to be compared to like demographics from the general unvaccinated population before Covid. Now in that number of that demographic how many ALL CAUSE MORBIDITY events were expected, including Covid. How many happened?
            ( Well for every 100,000 in that demographic we expected X number to get Covid or heart attacks, or disparate cancers or other serious diseases. Now how many occurred? Oh crap! We had a 23 percent increase in serious disease, and a 8 percent increase in mortality, and a 14 percent increase in Covid. All verses the same demographic unvaccinated. And the CDC assigned those EXCESS Covid positive cases to the unvaccinated, a double shift 14 percent of however many got Covid out of 200 million people that got a shot. That may be a lot of cases that should be considered vaccinated. Especially true when studies done indicate a 40 to 100 decrease in immunity in this six week period.

            Now we make some WAGS at all adverse morbidity events in the vaccinated that are above the same percentage events in the same demographic that is unvaccinated as now being a baseline dig here we have this many adverse events. Do the same with mortality.

            Now we start doing autopsies on the dead vaccinated. ( In any sane world). Our world is not currently sane. We have done effectively zero. One German study did about 12 autopsies. Something like 9 of the 12 had systemic spike protein damage to the organs that caused death.

            Another study from the original vaccine test subjects showed that their all cause mortality and morbidity was worse then expected for their demographic. ( net vaccine failure from the get)

            These studies are not being done by the CDC, WHO, or any government agencies. In fact they are actively suppressing autopsies and such studies. They know they should do them. Such studies are why doctors often don’t recommend chemo treatments to certain demographics. They are ignoring obvious studies that VARES indicate should happen. ( Actually VARES indicates that the vaccines should be stopped now.)

            BTW, We’re you tested for more then antibodies to determine you were not exposed to Covid? As a side note we now know Coywas NOT a novel disease, and a large percentage of the population had natural immunity from the get go.

  5. John F Hultquist

    About “vast criminal conspiracy”

    I don’t see this as either criminal or conspiracy.
    It does appear to be vast and evil.

    Your view may differ, and that’s okay.

    1. Yonason

      “… I do not believe the release of the virus was deliberate.” – Richard Greene

      Perhaps not, but the farther down the road we go, the more likely I think it becomes. But that’s immaterial since once it was out, they allowed it to spread and warned no one.

      “The suppression of treatments that work is a disgrace.”

      Worse. It’s criminal malfeasance. Every death resulting from withholding treatment is a homicide. Add to those all the excess deaths caused by the shots, and their guilt only compounds.

      “The vaccine is harmful but not ineffective.”

      It’s effectiveness is minimal, at best, only perhaps reducing symptoms in some of those infected only some of the time. It doesn’t prevent infection, but only applies selective pressure for mutants to evolve that are no longer suppressed by it. And as the antibodies wane, there is a window of time when, if infected, the victim will be worse off than had he not been inoculated – the cause being ADE (antibody dependent enhancement).

      “ What you call a vast criminal conspircay,…”

      No argument with any of that. The problem is that they are all filthy rich, and have only gotten richer at our expense as we suffer. They control the governments of the world, the media, and are able to block most information that would expose them. Most big business is on their side, as well. It doesn’t matter who is or how many are pushing the useless and harmful conspiracy, when the entire world is under their thumb.

      Dr Fuellmich, a lawyer trying to fight it, sums it up.

      1. Richard Greene

        “there is a window of time when, if infected, the victim will be worse off than had he not been inoculated – the cause being ADE (antibody dependent enhancement).”

        That’s speculation, and has not happened yet.
        It has happened in animal tests using mRNA vaccines for other diseases over the past decade. But there were no animal tests for COVID vaccines — so that prevented the “problem”, leftist style.

        1. Yonason

          “ That [ADE] is speculation, and has not happened yet.”

          It’s a well known phenomenon with a number of mechanisms of action. Here Dr. Cole tell of one that he’s seeing in his practice.

          Pretty good evidence that the shot is bleaching the immune system, destroying natural immunity not just to COVID, but to other serious health issues as well. He isn’t the only one seeing that, either.

          Much too early to acquit the shot of causing ADE.

          1. Richard Greene

            I’m the last person to acquit the shot.
            Guilty until proven innocent! (leftists style “justice”)

            It seems obvious that tricking your body into manufacturing spike proteins will challenge your immune system, for an unknown period of time. During that period, your immune system will be less effective fighting other problems, such as herpes, shingles and possibly even cancer that had been in remission.

            Whether at some date in the future vaxxed people will be less able to fight a new COVID infection (ADE), most likely a new COVID variant, with their post-vaccination immune system, remains unknown today.

    2. David A

      I agree with both!

  6. papillion

    Speaking of Israel, the Nuremberg Code, and Crimes Against Humanity:

    While in Germany:

    COVID19 “vaccines” are unnecessary for most people who do not belong to one or more risk groups. These products are quasi useless or totally useless for most people who do get treated with them, and they are harmful for many of them. In some cases, they kill the unsuspecting and uninformed “vaccinated” victim.
    And there is this, predicted by top experts, including prof Luc Montagnier, Nobel prize laureate in Medicine for co-discovering the HIV virus:
    Montagnier categorically states that all COVID19 “vaccination” must be stopped immediately, because mankind is facing a medical catastrophe.

  7. Yonason

    Hi. John.


    Evidence of criminality.

    The evidence of conspiracy is that the same lies and crimes are being committed globally. As you write, it is both “vast and evil.”

    Here hoping that those who are perpetrating it are soon held accountable.

  8. CK_

    If true, this is the most important news story of the century. A French billionaire whisteblower just claimed on the Stew Peters show that 38 people (Bill Gates is one of them) essentially run the planet and planned COVID-19. He also says the government owns Facebook and Zuckerberg is just a front-man (also, Michael Jackson- who was his friend was murdered!). He is working to set up a “parallel government” to take back power from the “shadow government”. He says 80% of what the government does is determined by “them”. He claims to have data-banks to prove this. MUST-SEE:


    Oh dear .. what O always dreaded. Why oh why can’t we wait for the data?

  10. Nial

    Singapore has a population of 5.6Million.

    “deaths have exploded to 8, 10, 11 per day”

    8-11 deaths a day is noise.

    1. Richard Greene

      There were a huge, unexpected
      increase in COVID deaths.
      This is not about
      deaths from all causes

      Singapore had an very low rate of COVID cases, hospitalizations and deaths until recently.

      The high percentage of vaccinations was supposed to lower the already very low number of COVID hospitalizations and deaths.

      Instead, there has been a huge spike of COVID cases, from few new cases to the October 8, 2021 seven day average of 3,003 new cases — an enormous, and unexpected, increase.

      Over 98% of the cases had mild symptoms, but the increase of COVID deaths from 2 per day to 8 per day, is a 400% increase, and that was definitely not supposed to happen with so many people in Singapore already vaccinated.

      1. Yonason

        “ Her son, also a doctor,
        said he wanted to treat her at home
        because he thought the
        ventilators used in his hospital
        were not the right treatment” – RG

        From what I’ve heard, the ventilators often make it worse.

        I know maybe a couple of dozen who got the virus. 2 died, but I don’t know the circumstances. One who got and survived it is 73. The story his son, who also had it, told me he was in hospital and seemingly getting worse, but before they could put him on a ventilator he took out the IV, went to the nursing station and told them he’d had enough of the nonsense and was going home.

        Anyway, thanks for your stories. Funny thing about anecdotes, if you collect enough of them, they can become data, and certainly more reliable than the stories made up by bureaucrats.

        Hope you stay well.

        1. Richard Greene

          Gather enough anecdotes and you have a field study.
          Thousands of anecdotes combined lead to a fairly accurate conclusion, much faster than a double blind study.

          I never asked the retired, formerly healthy, doctor what she thought about her son’s decision to keep her at home for three weeks in March 2020, where he caught COVID too. She had an awful three weeks with COVID and does not want to talk about it.

          Another friend, about 70 years old, in very good physical shape, got COVID and the ONLY symptoms he had was a loss of taste and smell, along with a positive PCR test.

          His 70-something female partner soon had serious symptoms of “COVID”, and a positive PCR test too. That ended up breaking up their five year relationship.

          She took two more PCR tests, after I advised the tests were not very accurate. The next two PCR tests were negative. Her doctor said she actually had bronchitis, not COVID, and the first PCR test was a false positive.

          1. Yonason

            Yup. Anecdotes are also the stuff of best selling non-fiction.

  11. Jim Mullen

    Why is nobody talking about the complement cascade?

  12. Thomas Sash

    One of the effects of all the government and business mandates on Covid vaccination – despite massive evidence of the harms done by the Covid vaccines– is the reenergizing of the anti-vax movement in general. It is proffered by the “establishment” that vaccinations in general-some 70 vaccines are now in the modern lineup-are a given in order to provide better health outcomes for a population, but no government, nor established medical body has demonstrated that is the case. I found this video compelling.

    1. Yonason

      Some are good. Some are not.

      And wouldn’t you know, big pharma wanto stop making the good ones! ….something about profit margin.

  13. John Alex Richard

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  14. Yonason

    This PhD biologist digs deep, finds information gold and shares it.

    That’s his latest, which doesn’t stay up for long – often replaced when he posts his next video.

    He’s always been very good, and getting better with time. Highly recommended!

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