The Lancet: German/US Treatment Of The Unvaccinated Risks Summoning Nazi/Racist Past

At a time (October, 2021) when 90% of the new COVID cases in UK residents 60 or older are fully vaccinated, a German physician publishing in The Lancet asserts it is “grossly negligent” to suggest the vaccinated are not a relevant source of viral infection and transmission as he pleads for privileged Western societies to refrain from treating their unvaccinated minorities as subhuman.

The Lancet is perhaps regarded as the world’s most prestigious medical journal. So the stakes must be sufficiently acute for the journal’s overseers to allow Dr. Günter Kampf, a German physician, to publish a clarion call imploring non-discriminatory and humane treatment of the unvaccinated.

Evoking images of past racial and religious prejudices, Kampf pleads with Western societies – scientists and government officials – to refrain from gratuitously stigmatizing the unvaccinated.

“Historically, both the USA and Germany have engendered negative experiences by stigmatising parts of the population for their skin colour or religion. I call on high-level officials and scientists to stop the inappropriate stigmatisation of unvaccinated people, who include our patients, colleagues, and other fellow citizens.”

Image Source: Kampf, 2021

Dr. Kampf published another article in The Lancet, alternatively in Elsevier, explaining that it is “grossly negligent” to pretend the fully vaccinated are not relevant sources of COVID transmission.

For example, 89,821 of 100,160 (89.7%) COVID cases (age 60+) were in UK residents who were fully vaccinated from weeks 39 to 42 (October). Just 3.4% (3,395) of the new cases were in the unvaccinated 60 and older.

In Germany, the gap between the unvaccinated and vaccinated has been rapidly closing. The percentage of new cases in 60-and-older, fully vaccinated residents rose from 16.9% in July to 58.9% in October.

Image Source: Kampf, 2021

Actually, the rates of new cases in the vaccinated has recently overtaken the rates in the unvaccinated. UK residents 30 and older are about 1.2 to 2.2 times more likely to be infected with COVID if they’re fully vaccinated.

Image Source:

In weeks 41-44, 367,347 of 394,455 (93.1%) of new cases in UK residents 40 and over were fully vaccinated. And, sadly, 2,767 of 3,103 (89.2%) deaths in residents 70 and over were fully vaccinated.

Image Source:

Has the world gone mad?

Imagine government bodies requiring adults 30 and up to be injected with a COVID vaccine that makes it twice as likely they will be infected with COVID…and then stigmatizing those who haven’t been injected yet because they have declined the opportunity to increase their odds to get infected.

That is what is happening.

20 responses to “The Lancet: German/US Treatment Of The Unvaccinated Risks Summoning Nazi/Racist Past”

  1. Edim

    The European Union’s highly misleading chart and message about vaccine effectiveness

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  3. bonbon

    A bit of homework, Greta, what?
    The Lancet retracted a Surgisphere report as totally fraudulent after 12 days, which defamed Trump.

    Editor Richard Horton took 12 YEARS to retract a paper on links to Autism with measles vaccination.

    Horton, Lancet Editor, adamantly defends China’s approach, while being a fanatic global warmer.

    The ¨leader” in Waghals – neck twisting, and you promote them?

    Ever hear of a Wacheldachel ? That toy dog with a nodding head on the auto dashboard?

  4. bonbon

    Previously it was clear what is here at stake –

    The Lancet might have a problem, as the author of MEDICAL TRIAGE, austerity at polite tea tables, was none other than Hjalmar Schlacht, Hi*tler’s economics minster who often said his buddy the Bank of England Chief Norman Montague founded the Bank of International Settlements, Basel, Switzerland.

    It is no surprise DAVOS proposes along with Prince Charles’ COP26, AUSTERITY, less, neglecting to mention MEDICAL TRIAGE for useless eaters.

    No modern government under ANY circumstances can allow TRIAGE – they know full well what will happen to them. Saxony is at the limit of TRIAGE right now.
    Just imagine what the fresh government is faced with?

  5. William Astley

    The vaccines are failing after 6 months. The general population is not going to accept New Zealand/Australia forced isolation which does not work. Also our countries will go broke.

    The general population is also not going to accept forced bi-yearly vaccinations and side effects which will increase each year.

    Indonesia, a country of 277 million people has reduced their covid daily case count from 56,000 in July to 450 today using Ivermectin.

    Logically/rationally the governments would approve the use of Ivermectin to treat early symptom covid patients. That action would stop the epidemic.

    When there is a solution to a problem and the government does not act…

    The failure to take action is criminal negligence resulting in death. Hiding a covid cure is not a left or right wing issue. There is absolutely not excuse for the governments not to have taken action.

    The general population will not accept forced vaccination and forced isolation, if there is a scientific/logical much better solution.

    Treat the covid sick, early with Ivermectin and correct the general population’s Vit D deficiency. All of the covid sick people are severely Vit D deficient. In a population, the elderly are the most Vit D deficient, as a cohort.

    The BIRD Recommendation on the Use of Ivermectin for Covid-19

  6. Adam Gallon

    The myth of Invermectin strikes again.
    Doubtless you believe in “Hopi ear candling” & “Himalayan rock salt” candles have health benefits too.

  7. bonbon

    I wonder what Lancet would make of this :
    Ekaterine Tikaradze, Georgia health chief, said there ¨is no country as special as Georgia in the world – we are unique, and based on that, we will have two green [Covid-19] passes.¨ , and ¨all probably comes from our genetics and character.¨ and ¨There is no surprise that the country will be an exception in terms of Covid certificates,¨.

    Reminiscent of someone saying in early 2020 COVID would never come to Germany.

  8. oebele bruinsma

    “Has the world gone mad?” Yes.

  9. bonbon

    The new variant means flights from South Africa to Germany will be limited. Only 5% of Africa has been vaccinated. The virus has therefore a petri-dish.

  10. bonbon

    Jocelyn Elders, former Surgeon General of the United States, issued an “Open Letter to Virologists and Medical Experts Around the World to Address the Covid-19 Pandemic.”
    ¨The world’s healers must step up now, to do the job that has not been done. We must educate the people so that Science may supersede superstition, hope may conquer despair, and concern for all humanity overturns a self-destructive concern for just a select few of humanity. ¨

    This is widely circulated.

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  12. bonbon

    The new NU variant is from Botswana, Africa, where less than 5% are vaccinated, is a wake up call. Pandemic means global, and can only be fought globally.
    A few celebrities with catchy short sound bites will not stop this. Catchy slogans about liberty, yellow stars, are mere smoke for the virus which does not give a whit for word-salad.

    1. Edim
  13. Richard Greene

    The vaccines do not prevent infections.
    In fact, they encourage infections by
    convincing people that social distancing
    is no longer necessary.
    That means chart 2 UK cases
    and Table 3 UK cases are not useful

    Table 3 UK deaths is incomplete
    and perhaps even less useful.
    Deaths within 60 days of a positive
    PCR test is NOT deaths FROM COVID.
    This would be most inaccurate for people over age 80.

    In addition, we are told the number of deaths in
    each age group, but NOT the entire population of
    that age group. So we get half
    of what we need to know.

  14. WAM

    Maybe too simplistic understanding.

    Say, data show 50%:50% infected (vaccinated:non-vaccinated) ratio
    Say, 80% of the adult population is vaccinated, 20% is unvaccinated

    1 person infected (VAC): 1 person infected (UNVAC)
    8 persons (VAC) : 2 persons (UNVAC)

    Probability of getting (detectable = symptoms) infected:
    1/8 (VAC) = 12.5%
    1/2 (UNVAC) = 50.0%

    1. AlexS

      What you talking about? The rates in the graphic above are number of cases per 100000. They are not % of total.

      1. WAM

        Same units, mano.
        500/100K is 500 or 10 in absolute numbers
        I just wrote about it – non-dimensional (50% is non dimensional, so 50k/100k)

        Just said, that CONDITIONAL probability, Alex, it s what matters

      2. WAM

        So, relax Alex
        Pierre gives non-dimensional data, and what matters is INTERPRETATION of the data.
        As for now, I see that in Europe VACC people have a lower chance to land in hospitals.
        And lower chance to die under respirators (it is anecdotical, but just talked to my sister in GE, Munich, hospital nurse, and most of patients with COVID are unvaccinated.

  15. Kelp

    The higher the vaccination rate, the higher the excess mortality

    “The correlation between the excess mortality in the [German] federal states and their vaccination rate when weighted with the relative number of inhabitants of the federal state is 0.31
    This number is surprisingly high and would be negative if vaccination were to reduce mortality.”

  16. V for Vendetta

    Widerstand jetzt! Resistance now!

    It’s a Telegram group trying to get together 10 million unvaccinated (and fed up vaccinated too) to fight back against the system.
    Austria is fighting against fascism, we are still sleeping.

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