Study: German Youths Not Willing To Make Climate Sacrifices, Want Policymakers To Fix Problems

By AR Göhring (EIKE)
(Translated/edited/condensed by P. Gosselin)

The German Tagesschau reports that the 14-29 age goup don’t take the Fridays-For-Future protests as seriously as journalists thought.

Afraid, but unwilling

A study by Simon Schnetzer and Klaus Hurrelmann called Jugend in Deutschland (Youth in Germany) reveals some unsurprising attitudes of the generation under 30. The young people are most afraid – at least as expressed to the respondents – of climate change and poverty pensions. This is nothing new: A doomsday mood has been already widespread since decades: explosive nuclear power plants, nuclear war, forest dieback – and the coming ice age caused by industrial emissions. But there was no real deep belief because most of the future Greens enjoyed their privileges and made a real career and cash.

Policymakers should eliminate the problems

That the majority of young people believe in the man-made ice age is not surprising, but what apparently surprised the authors of the study is the attitude of the under-30s that policymakers should eliminate the problems, and that the youths themselves are not very willing to make sacrifices for climate protection. Quote:

Only a minority are willing muster the strength to face up to the great challenge and actively change their own lifestyle, although they themselves are strongly in favor of doing so. The vast majority are not yet ready to give up their cherished habits in the areas of consumption, mobility and nutrition and are waiting for politicians to help them make decisions.“

Love of travel

Specifically: 60% of the respondents regularly travel by car, whereby it should be noted that those under 18 were also asked. Only 19% and 27% respectively are “still” prepared to do without cars or air travel in the long term. I would question the “still”, since it is precisely the children of the upper income half who cultivate an anti-national cosmopolitan attitude, which is expressed in extensive air travel.

One example is the young photographer from the FFF report on ARD – we reported. The team of reporters stood with him in his room and filmed the world map behind him, which was partly peppered with photographs that the young man had probably taken himself. At the end of the film, he also said without any shyness that he would no longer demonstrate with FFF, but would start a world tour.

“Lazy children”…prerequisite for totalitarian, planned economic policies

Co-study director Hurrelmann noted something highly interesting:

The biggest obstacle to change is the comfort zone of the welfare state, in which the younger generation have comfortably settled after the example of their parents.“

He also writes that the lazy children of affluence can only be moved by “clear rules and guidelines through politics”, in other words: dictatorship. His diagnosis is correct: the welfare state, which takes care of everything, has turned the youngest into narcissistic, dependent citizens – the perfect prerequisite for totalitarian, planned economic policies.

It is doubtful that the green state will actually condemn its elitist fans to harsh cuts. On the one hand, Corona politics has also made life hell for many leftist academics. On the other hand, Annalena Baerbock once condemned the plans of a Green member of the Bundestag who wanted to allocate a flight quota to every German citizen. This would not affect the average worker, but it would affect the cosmopolitan children who are not as rich as millionaire’s daughter Luisa Neubauer. In fact, many of the respondents probably expect “the others”, i.e. the working low-income earners, to fulfil their wishes.

The only thing the respondents already do voluntarily is eat and drink vegetarian, vegan or flexitarian food, 44%! That is already a self-restraint that is something to be proud of. In addition, besides the 56% who are worried about climate, 48% and 46% respectively are worried about the collapse of the pension system and the consequences of inflation. This is astonishingly realistic, although the quantity media say little about it. No wonder, their milieu is causing the problems by redistributing wealth away from care homes to the NGOs and mansions.

What do respondents expect from the future socialist-green-liberal government? 59% to secure the pension systems (working people?), 54% a climate-friendly future (elitists?), 49% want the digitalization of the education system – presumably a consequence of the Corona policy.

Less than 20% fear COVID

Speaking of which, what about the consequences of the botched Corona protection measures? 40% of the respondents are still mentally distressed, and almost 70% are transfused/vaccinated – with less than 20% fearing Sars2 infection.

One fifth were vaccine refusers or critics, which corresponds quite closely to the rate of nonconformists that has been found time and again (for example, Asch’s experiment on obedience).

Who actually conducted the study? Chief advisor Prof. Hurrelmann belongs to the Hertie School, Respondi AG conducted the on-site interviews, and the statistics were compiled by the Allensbach Institute.

10 responses to “Study: German Youths Not Willing To Make Climate Sacrifices, Want Policymakers To Fix Problems”

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  2. Graeme No.3

    A slight typo?

    “That the majority of young people believe in the man-made ice age is not surprising”.
    OR has the ‘Greta scam’ been a complete flop?

  3. bonbon

    Wake up call – the new traffic light (Ampel) coalition, a homogenized vegan green lukewarm drink, will legalize hash. Will these try to smoke their way out?
    And now the test arrives – will they go for war against Russia over US/London propaganda and Ukraine. Do any remember Operation Barbarossa (I’m sure grandparents do) ?
    These policymakers have stated their position quite clearly.
    Never again?
    Polls are trash.

  4. luigi

    So what a surprise: young people do not have the slightest idea of what responsibility is.
    They should go to work, sweat some years and then, when they have a bit of understanding about how life is, decide if they want to protest or have other more important concerns.

    1. amike

      Or : Let them go and vote, for their own sake. Like their elders did. And the planet did not fare any worse for it.

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  7. bonbon

    Very interesting finding – how could young Germans worry about future pension poverty? They cannot even understand current affairs.

    Easy – they see their parents and grandparents already in poverty!

    So can the geniuses at Hertie Foundation explain that?

    No – they do not go there in US Berkeley tradition!.

    The youth see it is already here even if the idiots do not go there!

  8. Cabbagehead

    Major blow to medical fascism:
    Senate Passes Republican Bill to Overturn Biden Vaccine Mandate –

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