Sweden Mean Autumn Temperatures Show Nothing Alarming Is Happening Climatewise…Extreme Cold Still Normal

Charts by Kirye
Text by Pierre

In terms of temperature, nothing alarming is happening in Sweden in the season of autumn. 

The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) has released the Sweden mean temperature data for November, which also means we are able to look at the fall seasonal trends as well.

Lately we’ve heard news of extreme cold temperatures hitting northern Scandinavia recently, but those cold readings are going to flow into the December statistics.

First we look at the November trends from 6 stations in Sweden, for which the JMA has enough data to allow adequate plotting. since 1999:

Data: JMA

Interestingly November mean temperatures have risen at the three stations located in southern Sweden. But those further north show a cooling trend. Overall, November in Sweden probably has warmed modestly. That of course doesn’t mean it’s been due to man.

Little fall temperature change 

Next we look at the fall (Sep-Oct-Nov) seasonal mean temperature trends for Sweden since 1999 using the (unaltered) JMA data.

Unfortunately the JMA data over the past decade have been incomplete, and so really robust conclusions on autumn trends since 1999 are not possible using the dataset. But it can give us an idea of what’s going on:

Data: JMA

Three of six stations in Sweden have seen a modest cooling fall trend. The other three have seen warming.

All in all, there’s nothing dramatic happening in this Scandinavian country climatewise in the fall. There’s nothing that would indicate a catastrophic warming of the sort the alarmists like to holler about.

4 responses to “Sweden Mean Autumn Temperatures Show Nothing Alarming Is Happening Climatewise…Extreme Cold Still Normal”

  1. Richard Greene

    Can someone please tell Kirye
    to put no more than three
    weather stations on one chart.
    The first chart is a mess.

  2. toorightmate

    Agree Richard.

  3. drumphish


    It is minus 60 degrees F in Siberia today and minus 48 F in northern Canada. Once it gets that cold, it is tough to warm up anything.

    Probably won’t start warming until late March.

    Plenty of sea ice over the Arctic Ocean. Just never really goes away.

    It is -9 F today at my locale.

    No matter if it is warming via anthropogenic causes or not, the cold weather across the top of the northern hemisphere is more than enough proof that there is very little global warming today.

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    […] omväxling till SMHIs siffror så presenterar P. Gosselin en sammanställning av The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) över hösttemperaturer i Sverige […]

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