Spate Of High Performance Athletes Collapse With Heart Ailments…1200 Germans Seek Compensation

We’ve been hearing about it: dozens of high performance athletes collapsing on playing fields, some dying, after suffering heart problems. This is has led to concerns about mRNA vaccine safety and the spike proteins they render.

Just recently there’s been a fresh spate of reports of athletes having suffered heart-related ailments and as a result have been sidelíned. For some, it may mean the end of their careers.

Alphonso Davies

Today it was announced that Bavaria Munich Bundesliga star player Alphonso Davies has temporarily stopped training after being diagnosed with “mild myocarditis”, an inflammation of the heart muscle.

Davies, as is the case with most of the squad, had been immunized and boostered, but then tested positive for COVID 19. Though Davies and his teammates did not get sick with Covid, they have to be quarantined as healthy people because of positive tests.

Bavaria Munich manager Julian Nagelsmann told a news conference Friday that “the problem was detected in the follow-up examination that all players who have had COVID undergo.” Davies will be sidelined indefinitely.

Marathon runner Fabienne Schlumpf

In Switzerland, world class marathon runner Fabienne Schlumpf also has been sidelined for several weeks “due to heart muscle inflammation”, reports

Shortly before Christmas, she was diagnosed with myocarditis, “for no known reason,” Fabienne Schlumpf posted.

It is unclear if she will be able to do sports again, reports.

According to the “Tages-Anzeiger”, she had been vaccinated and boosted.

Three players with “chest pains”

Online site Free West Media reported three players had dropped out of the Australian Open with “chest issues.” The Australian Open has been swirling with controversy as authorities hindered no. 1 ranked player Novak Djokovic over concerns about his vaccination status. But now it appears that three vaccinated players have been impacted.

Heart attack

And just recently Germany’s here revealed: “During a match in Qatar, Ousmane Coulibaly (32) suddenly collapses on his own goal line. The central defender had suffered a heart attack.” Thanks to the rapid application of first aid, his life was saved. But his career is likely ended.

Time to admit failure

The Rio Times reports that Professor Ehud Qimron, head of the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at Tel Aviv University –a leading  leading Israeli immunologists — has written an open letter sharply criticizing the Israeli – and indeed global – management of the coronavirus pandemic. “It is time to admit failure.”

1200 Germans seeking compensation for health damages

Finally, German ZDF public television reported that 1200 Germany are now seeking compensation for damages they believe resulted from vaccines.

“Since the start of the vaccination campaign against the coronavirus, at least 1,200 applications have been made nationwide for state care benefits following possible vaccination damage,” writes the ZDF.

That figure, compared to the number of vaccines administered so far, may appear small, but it is likely just the tip of an iceberg.

11 responses to “Spate Of High Performance Athletes Collapse With Heart Ailments…1200 Germans Seek Compensation”

  1. Robert Folkerts

    Some months ago I requested from New Zealand Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC), how many adverse vaccine reaction claims they were paying out on. At that stage they were paying more than 300 claims with several hundred more pending. I think it is reasonable to assume these claims relate to serious injuries. I doubt they would pay out for a week of nausea. Since then there has been a big push to get more people jabbed, and now they begin the six month booster, which has been changed to a four month booster!
    Here vaccine passes expired after six months after jab. Maybe that will change as well when the politicians think they can get away with it. Any discussion as to the safety, or more accurately the harm caused by the jabs, is not allowed in the public sphere.

  2. Richard Greene

    When athletes collapsing on the field
    doubles in one year, the out of shape
    “armchair athletes” should think carefully
    about getting any shots, or getting a booster
    shot, if they’ve already been vaxxed.

    Children will be hurt more
    by the vax, than by Covid

    Everyone is vulnerable to Omicron,
    whether vaxxed or not.
    That’s not a problem
    Because Omicron is
    a new coronona virus common cold.
    It is NOT a new Covid variant,
    based on it’s structure
    and symptoms.

    If Omicron crowds out Delta Covid,
    the pandemic will end.

    I predict it will end before mid-2022.

    There is no such thing
    as a common cold pandemic.
    So Omicron can’t be spun
    into being called a “pandemic”.

    This is how all
    viral pandemics ended
    in the past 100 years

  3. Yonason

    German journalist gives context for the present pandemic, with a very interesting finale.

    As to the “vaccines,” most of the shots are, surprisingly, harmless, at least in the short term. Also surprising is that there appears to be a dose response curve by lot numbers, concealed among the harmless lots. See last half of this video.

    Before running a study it is normal to run a dose response curve in cell culture and in animals. But to run one in himans, especially under the guise of the product being safe, is criminal.

  4. Jeremy Poynton
    1. Richard Greene

      I admire someone who compiled such a list
      and would reproduce the list on one of my blogs
      but it does not meet my standards:

      I would want to see a list of professional
      and amateur athletes only, under age 40 only.
      “Young” people I can assume are all in good physical condition.

      No former professionals.
      No ordinary people jogging in their neighborhood.
      No coaches.
      No athletes over 40 years old.

      Just a list of young (under age 40) athletes
      who collapsed and/or died on the playing field,
      compared with prior years.

      And a secondary list of those who collapsed
      and/or died off the field, or in their sleep.

      1. Richard Greene

        We have no proof any of these athletes had been Covid vaccinated.
        I assume almost all of them were, because that’s the norm among athletes,but that’s not proof.

        1. Analitik

          You can check the sourcing articles linked in the list – some (not all) state that the athlete involved was vaccinated

      2. Yonason

        “…does not meet my standards.” – R Green

        So post it with that disclaimer. Regardless of the cause, that many athletes dying of heart attacks in such close succession is highly unusual, and with investigation.

        Given that cardiovascular issues already strongly correlate with the shots, that would seem to be the number one suspect.

  5. harnaś
  6. Fran

    It will be interesting to see how performance of atheletes at the Winter Olympics looks (iff they happen). If there are subtle cardiac effects in those not dropping, lower levels would be expected.

  7. hollywog

    There is no such thing as Mild myocarditis.

    Call this mild?
    “The Myocarditis Treatment Trial reported mortality rates for biopsy-verified myocarditis of 20% and 56% at 1 year and 4.3 years, respectively.6”

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