Tony Heller Exposes How The Earth’s Climate Was Riddled With Extremes 100 Years Ago

In the following video, Tony Heller exposes what a fraud the “climate crisis” of today really is.

Those demanding we completely overhaul our liberal socio-economic system and play risky socialist experiments on it because of the “man-made climate crisis” are political snake-oil salespeople.

As Tony shows, extremely devastating weather events are nothing new and were common also in the past.

The only thing that has gotten worse is how people are behaving nowadays.

Interesting is how one French scientist was able to make predictions of natural disasters using what he knew about solar activity over 100 years ago.

Enjoy his latest video.

3 responses to “Tony Heller Exposes How The Earth’s Climate Was Riddled With Extremes 100 Years Ago”

  1. Richard Greene

    This is about extreme weather events.
    Why does the title say “climate”?

    In addition,
    for the US there have been
    fewer extreme weather events

    Major hurricanes making US landfall
    = downtrend since the late 1800s

    Major US tornadoes
    = downtrend since 1954

    Hear waves and wildfire acres burned
    = downtrend since the 1930s

  2. John Lobert

    Because the warmists are claiming that extreme weather events are on the rise due to climate change.

  3. peter jones

    I was VERY surprised and pleased to see my home town of Broken Hill getting an honorable mention.
    I am unaware of ANY change to either normal temperature variation out there OR climate.

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