Ireland, Sweden Show No January Warming Since 1988. Antarctic Sea Ice Extent Now More Than 40 Years Stable!

Charts by Kirye
Text by Pierre

The January mean temperature data from the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA )are now available for Sweden and Ireland. Also below we look at Antarctic sea ice extent.

We begin by looking at the trends from 5 stations in Sweden, for which the JMA has enough data to allow adequate plotting. since 1988:

Data: JMA

All five stations show a cooling trend for the month of January, thus contradicting earlier claims that winters would be getting increasingly milder. Next month we’ll be looking at the February data, which means we will have the opportunity to look at the D-J-F winter trends.

Little temperature change in Ireland

What follows are the mean January temperature trends for Ireland since 1999 using the (unaltered) JMA data:

Data source: JMA

The six stations plotted going back to 1988 taken together show no significant warming taking place, with some stations in fact showing a modest cooling trend for January.

Antarctic sea ice extent

Finally, Klaus-Eckart Puls of the European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE) brought my attention to a plot of Antarctic sea ice extent, from Climate4you.

Chart: Climate4you

There’s been no sea ice extent trend change since 1978, when satellite measurement began.

5 responses to “Ireland, Sweden Show No January Warming Since 1988. Antarctic Sea Ice Extent Now More Than 40 Years Stable!”

  1. Scissor

    Satellite measurements actually began in the early 1970’s. Inconveniently, data earlier than 1979 doesn’t fully support the narrative. For example, maximum extents for several recent years were greater than in 1974.

    Here is a link to early data for the arctic.

  2. Harry Davidson

    It is notable that two Irish stations that show an increase are right on the west coast with their weather and temperature very much controlled by the Atlantic ocean.

    BTW, I have long thought that the only scientific way to look at temperature changes through ground based observation is to do it this way. Look at the record for individual weather stations that remain and have remained unaffected by UHI. So that’s a tick for this article and similar ones.

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