Leaked EU Document: Citizens, Industry May See Severe Gas Rationing Coming Autumn, Potential Economic Collapse

Leaked EU document on gas supply

By Blackout News

Russia has already suspended gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria because they refused to pay roubles. The same threatens all European countries. The EU is therefore asking countries to share gas if Russia stops supplying it. The Spanish newspaper El País has now published the contents of a leaked document.

EU wants to shut down industry first in case of gas shortage

The European Commission plans to approve an energy-saving plan on 18 May to deal with a possible sudden disruption of Russian gas supplies. Brussels warns that in an emergency the measures will affect almost all EU partners. Even countries with other sources of supply than Russia would have to share their gas with the countries affected by the cut. In addition, Brussels is calling for energy rationing to start with industry. Companies in a country with full supply should not have a competitive advantage over countries affected by a limitation by Moscow.

States can introduce their own gas supply contingency plans

Brussels will use the Security of Supply Regulation, in place since 2017, to enforce measures to ensure the supply of sufficient gas to protected customers, such as private households and social institutions in all countries. Each affected country can declare a state of emergency and introduce its own rationing rules at national level, according to the regulations. In addition, countries with supply problems can invoke the solidarity clause provided for in the Community regulation. This could force their neighbours to meet their needs.

Other key points:

In the event of a full Russian gas cut:

  • Containment measures would be taken in almost all EU countries.
  • .Consumption would first be reduced in the industrial sector.
  • In an emergency, the states can impose rationing or suspension of supplies.
  • EU believes it can replace two thirds of Russian gas
  • EU calling on private households to turn down thermostat coming winter

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3 responses to “Leaked EU Document: Citizens, Industry May See Severe Gas Rationing Coming Autumn, Potential Economic Collapse”

  1. Cristi Neagu

    Turn down our thermostats? I thought global warming was coming and the planet would burn up. Are they saying it’s going to be cold during the winter? Strange, that.

  2. John Hultquist

    Taylor Swift Quote: “Just because you make a good plan, doesn’t mean that’s what’s gonna happen.”

    Good luck.

  3. Tom Gibbons

    Just make the wind turbines spin faster.

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