Germany’s Fridays For Future Spokesperson: “We’re Planning How To Blow Up” African Oil Pipeline!

Rich, privileged (white) eco-fanatic says her group is thinking about “how to ” blow up huge African oil pipeline!

Most of Europe’s climate activists come from rich families, who lavish in all the amenities the fossil fuel economy offers. No exception to this are Sweden’s Greta Thunberg, and Luisa “Longhaul” Neubauer of Germany.

Hat-tip: Junge Freiheit

Not only are they spoiled rich, leading pampered lives, but they’re also becoming dangerously fanatic it appears and even feel entitled to tell poor countries what they can and cannot have.

Recently Longhaul Luisa, spokesperson for Fridays for Future Germany, posted Sunday on Instagram with her Fridays for Future mates joking how right now they are planning on how to blow up” an African oil pipeline that will immensely improve the lives of among the world’s most needy.

“Of course we are thinking about how to blow up” the longest crude oil pipeline in the world, she professed on Instagram on Sunday.

Much needed Uganda-Tanzania pipeline

In the posted video, Neubauer is referring to the East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP). The EACOP is currently under construction and, once completed, will transport crude oil from Uganda to Tanzania. It will be around 1,400 kilometers long and deliver around 216,000 barrels of oil per day.

White activists kicking Africans in the face?

We assume that Luisa and her crazed FFF radical group would be content to see poor Africans be denied even just a tiny fraction of the pampered life she herself is privileged to follow. She tells of the pipeline in the video: We’re going to stop that one.”

7 responses to “Germany’s Fridays For Future Spokesperson: “We’re Planning How To Blow Up” African Oil Pipeline!”

  1. ColA

    Meanwhile in the land of energy crash test dummies everyone was stunned!!
    The only disappointment was that most of the new ‘Teal’ seats missed out on bumbling around in the dark.

  2. drumphish

    Blowing up pipelines is dark activity, pure evil. The karmic effect will eventually pay a visit.

    Spoiled rich brats abuse Africans via indulgences granted through too much money, not accumulated wealth.

    Schadenfreude is more fun, though. What goes around comes around is what they say.

    He who laughs last, laughs best, or something.

    Keelhaul the spoiled rich idiots!

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  6. Yonason

    Cause local ecological disasters and bring economic hardship to multitudes least able to deal with it, in order to save the planet? What could possibly be wrong with that? //s//


    The horrible threat to blow up pipelines in Africa is just a more dramatic version of the recent G7 attack to discriminate in financing Africa electricity development. We have started a PETITION to lobby for reversal. See

    Everything has changed after Russia’s aggressive war against Ukraine.The dilemma for the West: energy independence is the new priority and – 

    You can’t have energy security with an economy powered intermittently by wind and solar.

    “Many countries now see coal as the most practical and speedy solution to energy independence.

    “We will need it [coal] until we find alternative sources. Until that time, even the greenest government will not phase out coal,” Václav Bartuška, the Czech Republic’s energy security commissioner, told news outlet Seznam Zprávy.

    Coal makes a come back as best response to war.

    The plan is to advance the petition findings in public discourse and hopefully embarass G7 leaders to reverse policy on financing hydrocarbon energy. See also –  RURAL ELECTRIFICATION SOCIETY .

    The East Slams the West’s Climate ‘Colonialism’  discriminating in financing much needed power plants using reliable fossil fuels, especially coal. The G7 handicaps rural electrification in Africa and developing nations by denying coal power yet continues to  depend 5 times more on coal than renewables at home.  It is immoral climate colonialism and devastating for millions living without reliable electricity from fossil fuels in Africa, India and Asia “The colonial mindset hasn’t gone,”.  “Attempts are made to shut the path of resources for  developing nations to which developed nations reached where they are today.” Modi – Indian PM. India depends on cheap, plentiful coal power for electricity and US also gains from major coal power plants.Bloomberg reported on April 25: “The world’s addiction to coal, a fuel many thought would soon be on the way out, is now stronger than ever. In 2021 the world generated more electricity from coal than ever before, with an increase of 9 percent.”

      Denying coal power to Africa is hypocrisy Mothers do manual work for hours, children lack electricity to do their homework, industries suffer breakdowns in production and lose millions of dollars from unreliable power. Cooking outdoors with solid fuels is the most devastating environmental problem today killing millions annually according to the WHO. It is time to stop the hypocrisy of the West and G7 denying the most valuable contribution to their economic well being – reliable electricity.  America’s Secret Energy Source: Coal   

    China and India are given a pass under the Paris Accord GGH targets and they take advantage to push massive increase in coal power development.  Yet, Africa has a stronger case and is denied international financing? G7 action is inhuman and immoral whatever you think about the validity of climate change fears and UN predictions.  

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