Clashing Climate Kiddies: Internal Strife Erupts, FFF Organizers Bicker Over Who Gets Spotlight

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One highly visible person often seen at Greta Thunberg’s side at public Fridays For Future appearances is German 23-year old climate activist Luisa Neubauer of Hamburg.

Climate activist Luisa Neubauer at the center of infighting between FFF organizers. Image: Andol – own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

The Green Party member was a driving force behind the launch of the Fridays For Future movement in Germany and Europe. However, it appears other FFF organizers have had enough of Neubauer constantly hogging the spotlight amid signs of growing discord and infighting among FFF organizers. here reports how Neubauer has been “disqualified as permanent speaker” by FFF organizers and “will also not speak at the controversial citizens’ meeting in Berlin in June.”

Moreover, according to MOPO: “Neubauer already was replaced” by 17-year-old schoolgirl Helena Marshall at the Siemens Annual Shareholders’ Meeting on February 5.

Jet-setting Greenie “Longhaul Luisa”

The problem, MOPO writes, is that “Neubauer is too much in the public eye” and that she may not be “suitable as a representative” because it was reported how she had flown often. Neubauer was recently dubbed “Longhaul Luisa” after having posted images of herself on foreign trips in social media.

Over the last years, climate activist Luisa made it around the world by plane several times, via Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden, Poland, England, Scotland, France, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Nepal, Morocco, Namibia, Tanzania, Indonesia, etc.

Once in a talk show, Luisa was asked what she personally would do to protect the climate. She answered: “Fly as little as possible”.

Open discord between Greta and Luisa

Evidence of open discord among the FFF movement organizers also surfaced in a video showing Greta Thunberg expressing her displeasure at comments made by Neubauer during the World Economic Forum earlier this year.

Strife is undeniable as Greta openly shakes her head as Neubauer speaks.

MOPO reports the “first trouble” began “already at the beginning of spring 2019” when co-organizers felt “the distribution of speeches and appearances was too one-sided.”

Greta skips France

Today Greta tweeted she was skipping appearances in the marches in Grenoble and Paris this Friday, citing “family reasons”.

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8 responses to “Clashing Climate Kiddies: Internal Strife Erupts, FFF Organizers Bicker Over Who Gets Spotlight”

  1. oebele bruinsma

    It gives no pleasure watching zombies.

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  3. The Indomitable Snowman, Ph.D.

    This is further proof that Europe (with the exception of Albania) no longer produces any men…

  4. John Culhane

    Remember MTV – this makes me laugh.

    It gets harder to pass a 23 year olds off as a school kid so the marketing folks in FFF substituted a 17 year instead.

  5. drumphish

    Fridays For Fighting

    Action figure toy Greta in a knock down drag out fight with action figure toy Luisa. lol

    Isn’t there a virus out there? The rallies can’t be being attended by that many Friday Futurists.

    1. John F. Hultquist

      The young are least likely to become ill.

  6. BobW in NC

    Hysterical! The photo of Greta says it all!

  7. Christopher Hicks

    I absolutely love watching the loonie left eating their own.

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