Former Pfizer Executive Warns: Spike Protein Shot A “Diabolical Mistake”, “Toxic” And “Mutates Rapidly”

A new paper appearing in the prestigious New England Journal of medicine titles: “Effects of Previous Infection and Vaccination on Symptomatic Omicron Infections” by Altarawneh et al find that vaccines are worse than what they are claimed to be and that natural immunity is better.

The study, investigated  vaccination rates and immunity among more than 100,000 Omicron infected and non-infected individuals.

“The authors found that those who had a prior infection but no vaccination had a 46.1 and 50 percent immunity against the two subvariants of the Omicron variant, even at an interval of more than 300 days since the previous infection,” reports the Epoch Times here. “However, individuals who received two doses of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine but had no previous infection, were found with negative immunity against both BA.1 and BA.2 Omicron subvariants, indicating an increased risk of contracting COVID-19 than an average person without prior infection and vaccination.”

The Epoch Times continues:

Six months after getting two doses of the Pfizer vaccine, immunity against any Omicron infection gradually dropped to -3.4 percent, below an average person without infection and vaccination (control) which would be set at 0.

For two doses of the Moderna vaccine, immunity against any Omicron infection dropped to -10.3 percent after more than six months since the last injection.

The authors reported that three doses of the Pfizer vaccine increased immunity to over 50 percent. However, considering that immunity was measured at only 42 days after the third vaccination, this is a very rapid immune decline over a short time period.

In comparison, previous infection gave 50 percent immunity, even over 300 days after the infection, which is a far longer period of protection.”

Toxic diabolical mistake

Meanwhile, Michael Yeadon, Ph.D., a former vice-president and chief scientific adviser for the drug company Pfizer, warns that the use of the spike protein in the shot is “a diabolical mistake” and that the spike protein is also “toxic and mutates rapidly”. Read more here.

26 responses to “Former Pfizer Executive Warns: Spike Protein Shot A “Diabolical Mistake”, “Toxic” And “Mutates Rapidly””

  1. Richard Greene

    I had not seen the new Dr. Mercola article until now.
    I do not trust Yeadon or anyone else who uses over the top language
    such as “diabolical”. He does that too much.

    There is no evidence with US all cause deaths in 2021 that the Covid vaccines saved lives in 2021, versus 2020.

    There is strong evidence serious Covid vaccine adverse side effects were the worst in vaccine history, by far.

    Details here:

    There is strong evidence Omicron is a low-risk coronavirus common cold rather than a high risk Covid variant, so vaccins won’t work on Omicron.

    There is strong evidence that Covid /spike proteins are dangerous for the elderly with other medical problems. The same people should have the highest risk from spike proteins generated by vaccines too.

    There is evidence that repeated vaccines (including booster shots) harm the immune system.

    But there is also evidence that vaccinated people reduce or eliminate social distancing, making it more likely to get an Omicron infection, not that Omicron is a big deal.

    The wife and I decided in late 2020 that we would never take a vaccine rushed to market in only 9 months. We have never regretted that decision.
    We decided on a natural “vaccine”:
    Vitamin C, Vitamin D and zinc (I’d been taking all three supplements for over 50 years). In January 2021 I discovered quercetin, that helps the body absorb zinc, so we added that supplement. I also tried to help my immune system by remaining calm under excessive Covid scaremongering. The wife, unfortunately, could not remain calm. Nevertheless, we have not been infected with Covid, Omicron, influenza, or even a common cold, for the past two years.

    1. Yonason

      “ I do not trust Yeadon or anyone else who uses over the top language such as “diabolical”. He does that too much.”

      See the links in my comment to John Hultquist, below. Under the circumstances, Dr Yeadon’s assessment is more than appropriate.

      Note that in the 3rd link, Dr Burkhardt shows histological proof, from autopsies, that deaths were likely caused by autoimmune reaction in critical organs, as evidenced by the many lymphocytes present where they don’t belong. Deaths were from within about a week to 6 months post “vaccination.” They never had Covid-19. They died from the shot.

      Here’s Dr Burkhardt again, this time showing that the destroyed organs are loaded with the spike protein that we were told stayed only in the muscle the mRNA for it was injected into. Obviously that assertion was/is false. Also obvious is that the shots are not safe.

      As Dr. McCullough testified, the death of more than 40,000 people worldwide can be attributed to the shot. Sounds pretty “diabolical” to me.

      1. Richard Greene

        Everything I’ve read from Yaadon has a conspiracy theory angle as if a dangerous vaccine was planned. I don’t believe that I have read all the other authorities you mentioned. There have been far from enough autopsies to determine how many people died from the vaccines. My own guess is triple the number reported in VAERS, which is horrible. My estimate is here:

        1. Yonason

          “ Everything I’ve read from Yaadon(sic) has a conspiracy theory angle as if a dangerous vaccine was planned.” – R.G.

          I hate to tell ya, but this patent lawyer can substantiate the “conspiracy,” because he can cite over 70 patents going back TWO DECADES. Every “novel” aspect of the spike has been patented! And it hoes back to 2002!!!!

          Since you CANNOT patent any naturally occurring organism or any portion thereof, the spike was NOT novel, and has been under careful construction for roughly 2 decades. Or, as Luc Montagnier said, “this is somebody’s baby.” What then was it’s purpose?

          I do have to agree that that in itself doesn’t make it a conspiracy, but the explicitly stated intent of those who want to impose a totalitarian world govt via the vehicle of imposition of restrictions based on a worldwide pandemic are way too consistent with it being an actual conspiracy. What else could it be?

          Some info on Lic Motagnier

    2. Yonason

      Listen yo what Yeadon say in this video about pandemic preparedness plans, how none of what we did was a part of them, and everything we should have done was thrown out. It’s a plan designed by a ignoramus, totally insane. How they got everyone on board with it is what should disturb us.

      Good yhat you’re taking Quercetin with vitamin C, because without it the Zn doesn’t get to where it needs to be. (Don’t overdo the Zn. Too much for too long can be a problem, I’ve heard,)

    3. Scissor

      For all practical purposes, omicron no longer exists having been displaced by newly escaped variants. Yet, Pfizer, et al., have new government campaigns planned to go after it.

  2. Former Pfizer Executive Warns: Spike Protein Shot A “Diabolical Mistake”, “Toxic” And “Mutates Rapidly” - Climate-

    […] Former Pfizer Executive Warns: Spike Protein Shot A “Diabolical Mistake”, “Toxic&#… […]

  3. Dave Burton

    Here’s what the paper ACTUALLY reported:

    No discernable differences in protection against symptomatic BA.1 and BA.2 infection were seen with previous infection, vaccination, and hybrid immunity. Vaccination enhanced protection among persons who had had a previous infection. Hybrid immunity resulting from previous infection and recent booster vaccination conferred the strongest protection.

    (Not: BA.1 and BA.2 are Omicron variants.)

    They did not find that “natural immunity is better.” Natural immunity is longer-lasting than a two-dose mRNA regimen, but far more dangerous to acquire. They found that natural immunity is no more effective than three vaccine jabs (i.e., one booster).

    The Epoch Times headline, “Vaccination Increases Risk of COVID-19 Infection,” is a plain lie. The study reported no such thing.

    They found that there was no statistically significant difference in risk of symptomatic disease between being unvaccinated with no previous infection and having been vaccinated >6 months earlier with no booster (median interval 270 days). However, vaccination with a recent booster reduced risk of symptomatic disease by about 50% (roughly the same as having had a prior infection).

    More importantly, the study authors also reported:

    Previous infection, vaccination, and hybrid immunity all showed strong effectiveness (>90%) against severe, critical, or fatal Covid-19 due to BA.1 infection, but some of the 95% confidence intervals were wide because of small case numbers.


    Previous infection alone, BNT162b2 vaccination alone, and hybrid immunity all showed strong effectiveness (>70%) against severe, critical, or fatal Covid-19 due to BA.2 infection.

    As for Yeadon, it’s been over ten years since he worked at Pfizer, and when he did work there he had nothing to do with vaccines. Calling him a former Pfizer executive is a attempt to mislead people into thinking that he’s some sort of whistleblower, with insider knowledge.

    There was no circumstance under which vaccination conferred a detectable disadvantage. The ONLY metric by which vaccination conferred no advantage was:

    1. When comparing total (mostly mild) symptomatic infection rates between people with neither previous infection nor vaccination against people who had gotten vaccinated >6 months earlier (median time 9 months). Those rates were statistically indistinguishable.

    Vaccination conferred an advantage in all of these cases:

    2. Among people who had a prior Covid-19 infection, when comparing total symptomatic infection rates. Vaccination reduced their risk of another infection.

    3. Among people had not had a prior Covid-19 infection, when comparing total symptomatic infection rates, 3 jabs (initial vax + booster) reduced risk by about 50% compared to people who were unvaccinated.

    4. Among people had not had a prior Covid-19 infection, vaccination reduced risk of severe, critical or fatal disease by >90%.

    From my quick skim it appears that they did not report by how much vaccination reduced risk of severe, critical or fatal disease among unvaccinated people who had natural immunity from having survived a previous infection (probably because of insufficient sample size).

    There is no evidence of widespread, serious side-effects from the Covid-19 vaccines. In this study, age-adjusted all-cause mortality risk for an unvaccinated person was a whopping 3.2× all-cause mortality risk for someone (like me) vaccinated with Moderna:

    Do not believe the lies from the likes of Mercola, Yeadon, RFK Jr, and Alex Jones. You are far safer getting vaccinated than going unvaccinated, and vaccination is modestly helpful even if you have survived a previous Covid-19 infection.

    1. Kenneth Richard

      “You are far safer getting vaccinated than going unvaccinated”

      If you are 18 to 24 you have a 44x to 41x (male, female) greater risk of being afflicted with myocarditis within 7 days after vaccination than the unvaccinated do. Considering teenagers and early 20-somethings have close to zero risk from COVID-19 (and that they can and do get COVID-19 anyway even if they’ve been vaccinated), the risk associated with being vaccinated is far higher than if these young people had never been vaccinated.
      “The risk of myocarditis was substantially increased within the first week post vaccination in both males and females (Fig. 1 and Table S2). Odds-ratios associated with the second dose of the mRNA-1273 vaccine were consistently the highest, with values up to 44 (95% CI, 22–88) and 41 (95% CI, 12–140), respectively in males and females aged 18 to 24 years but remaining high in older age groups.”

    2. Yonason

      I’ll refer you, as I did Richard Greene, to the links I posted in response to John Hultquist, especially to the testimonies of Drs McCullough and Malone as to the alleged safety and efficacy of the shots.

      You may not like Mercola, but in this interview of Dr Zelenko (ז״ל), who saved many lives by doing what the “experts” said not to do, he’s much closer to the truth than your “experts.”

      NOTE – for those like myself who were fooled into taking any of the shots, they discuss what to take to try to mitigate the damage. Watch the Arne Burkhardt videos addressed to J. Hultquist and R. Greene to see why detox may be important.

    3. Richard Greene

      Thamks for your irrelevant baloney

      Covid vaccines can not have any effect on Omicron because Omicron is a coronavirus common cold with ab0ut 30 spike protein mutations versus Delta Covid. Omicron has symptoms identical to a common cold. A true Covid variant would have one or two mutations of the spike protein and similar symptoms to Delta Covid.

      The Covid vaccines had no effect on all cause US deaths in 2021, versus 2020.
      They failed to save lives.

      In nation after nation, vaccinated people, particularly the triple vaccinated, have had more Omicron infections than the unvaccinated. A small difference could be explained by less social distancing after vaccinations. But there is often a large difference that can not be explained by behaviors or age. That suggests three vaccinations has weakened the immune system

    4. Richard Greene

      “You are far safer getting vaccinated than going unvaccinated, and vaccination is modestly helpful even if you have survived a previous Covid-19 infection.”

      That is a data free personal opinion.
      We could not care less about opinions.

      If lives were saved by the vaccines, then prove it !
      All cause US deaths did not decrease in 2021 versus 2020

      Although I do not consider deaths with Covid to be a useful statistic, deaths with Covid in 2021 with vaccines, were much higher than deaths with Covid in 2020 with no vaccines, in the US.

  4. John Hultquist

    I think there is a problem with all such statements. I tend to think like the Reuters’ writer:
    “Due to the sheer scale of the vaccination program, it is accepted that some people will naturally experience a new illness after receiving the vaccine.”
    Over 12 billion doses have been given. I’ll add that some will die that day, or the next, or a month later.

    Somewhat like Mr. Greene, I have upped my intake of supplements, especially Vitamin D3, Zinc, and Iron. I’ve used red onions and other foods for plant flavonols such as quercetin. I was about 10 months ahead of Richard with this plan.
    (full disclosure): I talked early with others that had various vaccinations — some with reactions, some not. I have had many shots and have never had anything more than a tiny “ouch” where the needle went in. Thus, I decide to get the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine (& booster; 8 months ago). Again, I did not have any reaction.
    Information — such as in this post — about new vaccines and treatments is in flux and/or confusing.
    I do expect to get a flu shot (maybe in September; I am in the NH) because I have had flu and don’t want a repeat.
    Because everyone is different and reacts in different ways, it is important to get and stay informed.

    1. Yonason
    2. Richard Greene

      “Due to the sheer scale of the vaccination program, it is accepted that some people will naturally experience a new illness after receiving the vaccine.”
      Over 12 billion doses have been given. I’ll add that some will die that day, or the next, or a month later:

      That statement is baloney:
      The serious injuries for Covid vaccines are about 50x higher than the average year for all vaccines, in every year from 1990 though 2019, in the VAERS database. Anyone who says the Covid vaccines are safe and effective is a liar, or a fool.

  5. Sally

    Ill be really honest here.

    I’ve had three pfizer and one moderna.

    Given the state of the world: the lies of anthropogenic climate change, the bullshit feminazi agenda, the wankery of “woke”, the legally enforced adoption of gender bullshit, the Muslim invasion of the western world, gender pronoun enforcement in UK and AU, the $$$ driven green agenda, forced use of electric cars, wind turbine instead of genuine power generation, lies of ice loss, lies of increased fires/hurricane/rain of frog, and more…

    I REALLY don’t give a rodents rectum if 4 shots means I die, it’ll be welcome, life sucks arse, life is shit.

    Humanity need to die off of this planet, give some other species a chance to maybe be better than we were (won’t be hard!)

    1. Richard Greene

      All those shots sure put you in a bad mood !

      1. John Hultquist

        You didn’t encounter Sally before?
        She is now much calmer and more reasonable!

  6. Jeremy Poynton

    This is the testimony of a GP in the UK to whatever medical council, regarding his concerns over the death jabs. Perhaps as good a summary as you will find anywhere of the number of ways these shots can change your life for ever.

    Or end it. It’s embedded in an article about the too too close between regulators and Big Pharma.

    1. Yonason

      Re – 6) “The pathologist determined that the vaccine caused 14 out of 15 of the deaths.”

      That would be Arne Burkhardt:

      The other video, third to John H., is the same, but without the staining for the spike protein that he’s done in this one. Seeing it still there after many months proves they lied about it going away quickly. Very disturbing.

      Thanks for your link, Jeremy.

  7. mwhite
  8. Richard Saumarez

    I agree with Dave Burton above. I’ve read Altarawneh et al in detail and it doesn’t say anything like what is implied here. I conclude that 3 RNA vaccines are largely protective and combined with prior infection, very highly protective. the wide variability is simply because the numbers are small – the vaccinated didn’t get seriously ill.

    1. Richard Greene

      Data show vaccines have no effect on Omicron
      There is no logical reason to expect them to.
      Omicron and Covid are very different diseases.

      The Covid vaccinated usually have
      higher rates of Omicron infections.

    2. Richard Greene

      Except the vaccinated did get seriously ill.
      Their Covid-related hospitalizations and deaths in Australia, Israel, UK and elsewhere (nations not censoring data) showed no obvious advantage over the unvaccinated.

      Any advantage from vaccines disappeared after a few months.

      But remember that vaccines never claimed to prevent infections and spread of Covid. The EUS documents say that. I read them. They were only claimed to reduce hospitalizations and deaths.

      For Omicron, which is a common cold,
      the vaccines can not work.
      Vaccines were not designed for Omicron.
      Omicron rarely sends people to the hospital,
      and deaths are even more rare.
      Just like any common cold.
      There are rarely the serious symptoms
      that a vaccine is supposed to prevent,
      and even if the vaccine was designed for Omicron,
      it would not prevent omicron infections and spread.

      In general, respiratory viruses mutate faster
      than vaccine formulas can be changed and implemented.
      There has never been a successful vaccine
      for a respiratory virus.

  9. mwhite
  10. Yonason

    B and D vitamins. It’s complicated.

    Just taking them, w/o being aware of how they work, isn’t the best plan. It may have been, before we knew anything about them. But now that we are beginning to learn, the more informed we are, the better we can correct important deficiencies.

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