Activist Scientists Have Now Officially Changed A -0.5°C Global Cooling Trend Into A Warming Trend

Back in the days when data manipulation was still strictly forbidden, scientists reported the globe cooled significantly for decades even as CO₂ concentrations increased.

The global cooling amplitude was -0.5°C from 1960-1965, and 1976 was reported to be the coldest year of any year measured since 1958 (Angell and Korshover, 1978).

Image Source: Angell and Korshover, 1978

The Northern Hemisphere cooling trend reached an amplitude of -0.6°C from 1958 to 1963 according to 150,000 to 200,000 measurements per month for 92% of the atmosphere (Starr and Oort, 1973).

Image Source: Starr and Oort, 1973

Today these recorded 1960-1965 and 1958-1963 cooling trends have been fully erased and replaced with a slight warming or pause.

Image Source: NASA

12 responses to “Activist Scientists Have Now Officially Changed A -0.5°C Global Cooling Trend Into A Warming Trend”

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    […] Activist Scientists Have Now Officially Changed A -0.5°C Global Cooling Trend Into A Warming Trend […]

  2. Joao Martins

    “Activists” have done that, NOT “scientists”!
    An “activist scientist” is an oxymoron.

    1. Yonason

      True, Joao, but as it gets easier for activists to obtain fraudulent credentials, it becomes ever harder for people in general to make the distinction. With the corruption of education by activist propaganda, the proportion of those able to spot the problems decreases precipitously.

      Otherwise, yes, of course you are 100% correct.

    2. dm

      exactly right, mate

  3. RoHa

    That’s a relief. I was getting cold.

  4. Richard Greene

    Global cooling from about 1940 to 1975, as reported in 1975 by NCAR, was inconvenient data. Global cooling while CO2 levels rose? Can’t have that — contradicts the CO2 is the temperature control knob (false) theory.

    So the global cooling was “disappeared”.

    Mr. Richard reports on a current very important subject involving real time measurements, and how they can be changed at will.

    Good temperature data requires two attributes: Accurate measurement with minimal infilling and arbitrary adjustments, and data compilations by people who can be trusted. These after the fact arbitrary changes to the global cooling period show that government bureaucrat scientists can not be trusted.

  5. Orde Solomons

    Who are the ‘activist scientists’? Name names.

    1. Yonason

      Michael Mann, just to name one…
      Add to him all who support him and his activism (there are many).

      There is also James Hanson…
      Whole lot of loopy there.

      And let’s not forget John Holdren, Obama’s “science advisor”…

      There’s your starter pack. Please don’t tell me you couldn’t find any of those yourself, Orde.

  6. CraigM350

    Hubert Lamb noted the effect it had upon researchers:

    “Money to fund research may be more or less readily forthcoming according to what the results appear (or are expected) to indicate. This irrelevant influence—to which all countries seem liable in only varying degrees—may be backed by powerful interests and threatens to cloud the possibilities of scientific understanding.

    Observation further suggests that personalities sometimes have a good deal to do with the incidence and removal of this kind of barrier to scientific advance and that, even within one country, the difficulties may differ from one branch of science to another and from one generation to another. But neither political ulterior motives nor the abuse of power by individuals is the whole story. There are also fashions in scientific work, whereby some theory catches on and gains a wide following, and while that situation reigns, most workers aim their efforts to following the logic of the theory and its applications, and tend to be oblivious to things that do not quite fit.

    The swings of fashion among meteorological and climatic research leaders over the carbon dioxide effect provide an extreme example. The suggested carbon dioxide effect of an inevitable warming of world climate was more or less strongly held between 1938, when it was clearly argued by Callendar, and 1960, after further contributions by Plass (1956), only to lose ground in the years when it was obvious that the climate in the northern hemisphere was getting colder (despite greater output of synthetic carbon dioxide than ever before) from the late 1950s till about 1974.”


    “…even within our own times, the suggestion that the increasing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere should be presumed to be the cause of the warming does not fit at all well with the sequence of observed values. The great period of warming, at least in the northern hemisphere, was during the first 40 years of the 20th century (especially the first and fourth decades), but in the 1950s and 1960s when the CO2 was increasing more rapidly than ever before the prevailing temperatures were falling. Callendar himself was worried by this discrepancy and contacted both me and Professor Gordon Manley about it. There seem, in fact, to have been a number of shorter runs of sometimes up to 50 years with either rising or falling temperatures often setting in suddenly, and with no clear correspondence to changes in the atmospheric CO2 content.

    We also see that account must be taken of psychological reactions—even in the influential research community—to the variations towards greater or less warmth as and when they occur. In the 1880s and 1890s, as a recent American meteorological investigator was the first to be able to show, world temperatures were lower than they had been since around 1850. That was just when Arrhenius came out with his suggestion that the man-made increase of carbon dioxide should be warming the Earth. And at that time the suggestion made little impact. When Callendar promoted the same idea 40 years later, however, it was in a warmer world, though very soon the bitter war winters came and implanted themselves in folk’s memories. And when G N Plass again put forward the CO2 warming theory in papers published in 1954 and 1956, world climate was once more entering a colder phase, particularly in the northern hemisphere. Interest in the theory soon waned.”


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